IV.I Virtual Fighting
Time moves forward...



Athena shuddered in her seat as a slight chill suddenly raced down her spine, her back tingling ominously while she was busy working on another chapter on her laptop. Cold? Unlikely, seeing as the novelist was always ready for cold weather; always wearing thick, concealing clothing even indoors. Maybe she cranked up the air conditioning then, she thought as she reached over to the remote to check on the set temperature: still twenty-three degrees Celsius. By this point, the befuddled writer was about to just shrug and continue her work..

Only to experience yet another bout of chills travel down her spine.

It was stronger this time as Athena tried her best to stop herself from shivering but to no avail; her back recoiling from the uncanny sensation. It was as if a chilling cold finger traced the whole length of her spine. Like someone was trying to creep on her.


Maybe someone's thinking about you~

Cracking her fingers, the novelist s
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