The Runaway is a Politician's Daughter

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The Runaway is a Politician's Daughter

By: MokouFriedChicken CompletedRomance

Language: English

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Struggling novelist Athena Morrison once thought life had nothing left to offer her. Living a reclusive lifestyle and trying to make ends meet while trying to make a name for herself as an author, she certainly had it hard enough. Coupled with extreme bouts of depression and constant threats with running from her dark past however, one can only go so far before something snaps. So in one stormy evening, plagued by the demons of her own making, she planned on ending it all.Before she was stopped by some unsuspecting maintenance crew.A fateful encounter, if she were to describe it. Change was coming to her life. Perhaps it was time to stop running, to try and take hold of her own destiny. A lot of things were happening in this city, money changing hands, deals being made; politics were being played and power constantly in flux. And while change is something to be feared, it was also something to be excited about. Athena only hoped that it was for the better.Bug me on Discord: me on Twitter: @FriedMokou


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I.I The First of Many..
WARNING: This story has extensive usage of italics and bold. Until the app achieves parity with the web version, I heavily suggest that you read this in the web browser. Sorry for the inconvenience.Thus begins this tale...⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛"Hah... Hahaha..."A small chuckle escaped her shivering lips. Cold... It was freaking cold..."Hahahahaha..."What the hell was she thinking?! Of course, it's fucking cold. It's the middle of the night and she was standing in the middle of a thunderstorm."Hahaha... Hahahaha!!"Pained laughter echoed throughout the empty rooftop. She was utterly helpless.. alone. How did this even happen?"It- It's not even funny..."Averting her gaze away from the dim city lights below, hollow eyes found themselves looking up at the raining sky, staring straight through the clouds and onto whatever metaphorical god there was."Why... Why me..."Why her? Why curse her with this kind of existence? She felt her eyes water even more, her tears mixing with the acidic rain. Wa
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I.II The First of Many..
"We-Well.. Sorry for being worried about your well being then ma'am." He stammered, taken aback by the sudden dosage of snark that was being given to him. "I'm not exactly a trained professional. Er- I mean I'm trained but-""Yeah. I get it." The woman waved nonchalantly as she made her approach. "Though maybe next time, try cutting back on the cheese~"The man-made his way towards the attemptee, left hand shielding him against the wind. He already figured that he was talking to a girl the moment he heard her voice; it was soft, yet strained... almost as if it belonged to a small child."You should go back inside, you might catch a cold."The woman simply stood in front of him, wearing a baggy, gray sweater shirt and black shorts. Her posture was distraught, her back length hair fluttering to the howling winds. She looked really tired. He beckoned her to follow him back inside the hotel. Maybe he should-"I don't think I want to go inside just yet." What? "The rain's still pouring. Per
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I.III The First of Many..
Athena, hearing a sharp pop from the direction of the cabinet, glanced over to Eremes's direction. She heard him mutter an expletive and assumed that something must have gone wrong with the repairs. She cast an impatient look towards him as he rubbed his hands on his head in frustration. What's taking him so long? At this rate, she might not even wait for him to finish and just go jump off the ledge and be done with it.As if that would actually happen. We both know you won't go through with it.She won't be going back inside, it'll be tonight."Uhm... You should probably go back inside. My job just became a whole lot harder, and I don't think you can afford to wait for me in this rain."He was absolutely right. The agonizing hilarity of her existence gnawing in her chest would make her lose it before he was done.Wasn't she already?Nevertheless, she calmed herself down and strode towards Eremes and the offending cabinet. She stared at the contents intently before coming to an admitte
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I.IV The First of Many..
Eremes carefully made his way back to the base of the cell tower, making sure that the delicate parts wouldn't get hit by the droplets of rain currently slamming onto him. It was a good thing he had a forgotten raincoat inside the locker; what would he have done without it?Currently, he was shielding the bundled package like his life depended on it. In retrospect, it might as well be, his job was on the line after all. Power walking back to the cabinet, he paused as he saw her just standing there, staring at him. Her face looked strained, as if trying very hard to do the exact opposite of what her brain dictated. He would question her but he's going to let it slide for now. Time to get back to work, but first..."Can you uhhm... hold this for a while? I need to unlock the cover again.""Uhm, sure?"He handed over the moderately-sized package to his assistant and proceeded to unlock the door like cover with its corresponding key. He then opened it halfway to avoid another accidental sh
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I.V The First of Many..
Athena felt her eyes close as she mulled to herself. What a stupid answer! And he dared to ask a woman that question!? How infuriating!What did she expect? Snark begets snark~She adjusted herself once more, trying to alleviate some of the tension in her currently aching limbs. Still! It was a simple question, anyone can answer it.The fact that he thought you're a bitch is the exact same reason why you don't have friends anymore.Any kind of frustration that she was currently feeling vanished instantly. That infernal voice... Shut it. She still has friends!Really? Then where are they now?Her arms buckled.Th-they... They're busy with their own lives. She couldn't possibly let them shoulder her burdens.You're just in denial that you have no one to lean on.She almost lost her balance. That's... not true..Your attitude's too overbearing.Tears slowly pooled back into her eyes. Stop...You left the easy life for something as mercurial as dreams and morals~P-please..And even now th
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I.VI The First of Many..
"Just me and you now."Eremes reopened his unfinished work and carefully remade his previous setup albeit with Athena not being there. With the raincoat back in place, he then meticulously resumed his work, moving noticeably faster than before. The sooner he finished, the sooner he can get her back in her bed.Even as he worked, Eremes continued to monitor Athena's condition, occasionally glancing in her direction to make sure that she's still there. Her reactions disturbed him. No one can have that look of pure terror without a valid reason. Just, what happened to her that made her fear something about going back? He- Oh.His thoughts were interrupted by the smooth humming of the cell tower's mechanisms. The previously dead light now emitting a cool green signifying its status. Job well done."Finally!"He was finally done! The blasted thing was finally fixed. He closed the box for good and had begun to pack up when he saw Athena's sleeping form, her face still wet from the rain as sh
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II.I The Morning After
Time moves forward...⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛*Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt Bzzzzzzzzzzzt*"Ughhhhhhhh....."Eremes groaned as he tried in vain to reach for his phone. It's far too early for him to get up. He half-heartedly tried to reach out to his nightstand, still visibly groggy from the events of last night. Or was it just that morning? He chuckled to himself. After one more stretch of his arm, he finally felt the incessant buzzing of his phone.*Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt Bzzzzzzzzzzzt*The head of maintenance stared at the screen with annoyance. Who could be calling him that early in the morning anyway? 'Bossma- "Oh shit!"The repairman suddenly sat bolt upright on his bed as he hurriedly forced the traces of tiredness away from his voice. The Bossman only called him on the phone for two reasons; either he was in trouble or the Boss wanted something done urgently. Usually, he only left a voice mail or a job order in his office. He mentally steeled himself as he slid the 'answer call
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II.II The Morning After
Eremes strode with purpose as he made his way to the hotel's cafe lounge. It's breakfast time after all, and some of the cafe's most popular items would already be out of stock if he took his merry time to get there. Especially the Star Bagels..Those sweet, juicy bagels.Just the thought of them made his mouth water. The Green Star Cafe made them fresh every six in the morning and they only made fifty every day, making them a hot commodity for employees, guests, and tenants alike. He grimaced as he spared a glance at his wristwatch. It was almost seven in the morning. The hungry head just hoped he wasn't too late.He opened the cafe doors, dignity almost being forgotten as he made a beeline for the bar where an assortment of pastries and delectables can be seen through the lit glass cabinet. The repairman can barely stop himself from sprinting across the cafe to the line as he saw the handful of people queuing up to place their order. With only a few more people at the line.. He can m
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III.I Fine Dining
Time moves forward...⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛It's been a day since the events of the rooftop. Yesterday was spent just sleeping the afternoon away and to her surprise, life has been treating her well.Beyond the chapter that your editor needs to get before the 9th.Beyond the chapter that her editor needs this coming Friday.And thus here she was, staring blankly at the monitor. The blinking line at the start of the clearly empty word document taunting her as she tried to come up with story ideas."This shouldn't be this hard." Athena states as her fingers tapped on the desk. "I had the plot for this in my head weeks ago."Why aren't you writing anything then?"Aaahh!"She screamed at her ceiling as the frustration started getting into her. This wasn't working. She's getting antsy and her mind wasn't cooperating.I resent that statement. I do cooperate.Only sometimes. And usually to her detriment.I appreciate your gratitude~The novelist sighed as she stood up from her desk and prepared to get dr
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III.II Fine Dining
"You know? I didn't expect to spend my lunch break in an expensive cafe, eating a sandwich that probably costs more than my wallet-" Eremes paused as he took a bite out of a sizable sandwich. "-but here I am." Though granted, it was somewhat his fault that they're here in the first place."Well in my defense, you said you wanted to apologize by treating me out to lunch-" Athena retorted as she sipped on a small cup of coffee. "-and here we are." She smirked as she stared directly at her now eating companion. "And to your credit, at least you know about how great a place this is.""As well as how pricey the food here is." He muttered in resignation.Open for twenty-four hours a day, the Sun and Moon Bar and Cafe is one of Midas' more popular food destinations. Situated just across the University of Saint Midas - Medical Center, and within walking distance of the Green Star Hotel and Vanguard University, it boasts being the one-stop-shop for both the work-weary and the study weary custom
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