Chapter 18

Rona's [P.O.V]

His hot breath rushed through my cold body and I stared at him waiting for him to continue with the story he was about to tell me with my excited self-happy to listen.

"Okay… it all started like this... A thousand years ago in the heavens which is just yesterday for the gods. My mum the Moon God had me as His only son but then after some time he brought in a new person which he called His son.

He had out of sympathy, saved a breed of His kind that wasn't exactly the werewolf other gods would like since they tried to kill it.

Rather he gave him flesh and he was very appreciative of the grace the Moon God had given to him because he became like His own son with so many powers.

Other years had passed and the senior child, who was the werewolf gone wrong in nature, started feeling threatened as he knew that soon his junior brother would become the supreme alpha of all werewolves.

He liked the power of being a supreme a
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