Chapter 19

Rona's [P.O.V]

I walked out of my room after I had taken my bath and headed downstairs as I admired the witches who were all wearing white clothes and showing off their magic to themselves.

I walked closer to where they were only for a shield to obstruct me from getting closer to them.

"Hi, I am over here! Your truest royalty!" I said out loud after embarrassing myself by hitting my head on the shield in front of them with them laughing secretly that I could hear, under the weak light of the evening moon.

"Welcome, truest royalty Rona! I am Allison" A matured lady with mild shades of stretch mark says to me as she speaks in a different language, with the shields wearing away into shining dust powder.

I smiled as I ordered everyone to stand on their feet as well and they all did as I asked them to.

I called Allison and dismissed the rest just how my mum does and they left.

"Allison, tell me more about the alpha cave, the
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