"Let's come together for a tale."

      He had felt that moment. He had savored, but there it was. A reality! Botha was already a year old. Reagan, few months ahead. The sun made a gullible groan as the sky wretched in pain, commemorating the tale his thorax was about to let slope. He was really glad. It feels good to be around those who love you and you love. That's the best definition of an Utopia.

     He had then gotten to know more about the elevated ones. He had discovered, that their were shadows of the evil attributions he had once ascribed to them. When he had gotten to his motherland, and the door of the mini-house he was in was opened, he had ran to the cave but couldn't find his family. He had ran in raving rage to where he felt they would be. His fostered feelings didn't jilt him at arrival. They were chained,

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