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After having a terrible accident, Clover somehow transferred to the body of a man named Aston. However, who would have thought that Aston was the husband of the woman Clover loved so much in the past. The woman who managed to make Clover devastated and regretful. Getting a second chance, should Clover play the role of Aston, or should he still be Clover? "As the richest and most famous mafia in this country, of course I will take the second option! I have high self-esteem, Damn it! Why do I have to pretend to be a stupid and weak husband like Aston?!"



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Chapter 1: Very Confusing
UGH! This headache! Really... this headache is really terrible!Clover remembered that one second before, he had been in such a bad accident that he hit his head on the steering wheel really hard. It was so hard, it was like falling from the 10th floor and the head was the first to hit the ground.That's not counting the many aftershocks that followed. He felt like his body was a tomato being violently stirred in a small glass. Note that he crashed into a stopped truck.Ah, he remembered! They were changing a punctured truck tire and he hit them at 170KM/H.Of course, it wasn't entirely their fault for stopping where they shouldn't.Clover was very drunk at that time. He was in a state of frustration and stress.How is it not? The lover with whom he had been in a relationship for eight years chose to marry another man. Clover at first only gave a nonchalant response about that.Keep in mind that he is the richest and most famous mafia in this country! He has everything. Then, is an or
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Chapter 2: A Shocking Information!
"You are the me in the future?! W-what do you mean?!"It was a statement that had never even crossed Clover's mind.[This is indeed quite complicated and long, but let me explain briefly. You are currently in an Aston Bernard body!After that horrible accident, you or I decided to retire. You should know that I lost both my legs because of that!I then chose to live alone on a small island. I decided to live peacefully without getting any interference from my enemies!Yeah, of course the memories of Elora are still firmly embedded in my mind. I sometimes cry all day, regretting things that happened.However, three years later, I heard the news that Elora had passed away. It really surprised me!I find out about what happened to her. And, you know what information I got?Elora passed away due to deep depression! Her family apparently hates her!You need to know that Elora's husband; Aston Bernard, died after having an accident. I'm not going to explain this any further because you'll f
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Chapter 3: Good News
Once out the door, Elora immediately headed for the kitchen. While waiting for Aston to get his composure, it would be better for her to prepare a special breakfast first, right?Moreover, it had been one week since Aston was unconscious. He must be really hungry by now.After making her decision, Elora started cooking. Rice porridge seems to be a good breakfast menu.Elora added some additional ingredients to it. Like small pieces of chicken, chopped green onions, and sliced ​​carrots. Not to forget, Elora added heart-shaped nuggets on top.After that, Elora stared at the results of her cooking with a smile. She hoped Aston would like this.However, at this time, Aston's scream suddenly sounded, so Elora immediately took long steps towards the room and ignored the special rice porridge."What's wrong, Aston?!" asked Elora with a panicked expression after opening the door."Oh, no problem, Elora. I'm just having a bad headache. Don't worry about me," Clover replied while holding his h
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Chapter 4: You Want To Find Trouble With Me?
"Do we need to go to the hospital, Aston?" asked Elora with a worried expression."Ah, no need, Elora. My condition has improved quite a bit," Clover replied, smiling warmly. The pain that had arisen in his head gradually subsided. Is it due to the effect of the system? May be. Hence, going to the hospital was a bad choice! It would be dangerous if the doctor found something strange in his head."Ah, alright then. By the way, are you hungry now, Aston?""To be honest, I'm really hungry.""Okay, wait here! I will bring special dish for you," said Elora before taking long strides towards the kitchen. She was in a hurry. She was worried if the rice porridge she made was no longer warm.Less than ten seconds later, Elora returned with a bowl of warm rice porridge. Clover could see steam rising over the bowl."I brought a special rice porridge. I hope you like this, Aston. To be honest, this is the first time I've made this dish for you. You usually like chicken in mushroom sauce. But, you
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Chapter 5: A Challenge From Father-in-law
Isn't that the first rice porridge Elora made for me?!Isn't that filled with fond memories of my first day as an Aston?!Isn't that a silent witness where me and Elora got back together?!Clover then looked at Sean with an expression full of anger and hatred. With a cold tone, Clover asked, "What did you just do, Bastard?!"Hearing those words from Clover, Sean showed a surprised expression. Since when did this bastard become so bold?!At this point, Sean raised his hand. He was ready to give Clover one punch of warning. Is he finally trying to rebel after receiving so many attacks from me?! Let's see how long you can last!However, before his hand could reach Clover's face, it was immediately stopped by Elora, "Stop, Father! Aston has lost his memory. He probably wasn't aware of what he was saying. Forgive him, Father!"Elora pleaded with her father. She knew how her father reacted when his person was insulted.Moreover, by someone he really hates like Aston? This is obviously going
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Chapter 6: A Challenge From Father-in-law (2)
"Stop it, Aston! What do you want to do?!"Elora, of course, knew her father. A maniac trading in the stock market who has been in this business for more than 20 years. He belongs to one of the local elites!Then, for someone who didn't even deserve to be called a beginner to want to go head-to-head against an expert? It's nothing more than suicide!Hence, Elora wanted to stop Aston. She didn't know what was in Aston's head. Was his memory actually not just lost, but corrupted?!It should be noted that two days after their wedding, Aston tried his luck by trading the stock market. He devotes 30% of his remaining savings to it. However, in just three days time, it was gone without a trace!And now, he wants to fight my father?! He must have suffered damage to his brain tissue so he thought he was an expert at this! Of course, the right choice for this is to stop Aston!However, how could Sean let go of the opportunities that opened before his eyes? This would probably be the perfect mo
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Chapter 7: Advice From a Beginner
On the other hand, Elora was confused whether to feel happy or depressed. For the first time since their marriage and news of Aston's father's bankruptcy, her father and Aston returned to having a long and serious conversation.However, it seemed that for this one she should feel more depressed!The two of them were not discussing family matters, instead of betting!And, what was even worse than that was the fact that she had become their betting tool!How could they make such a cruel bet without asking my approval first?At this point, Elora wanted to convey a refusal. She had to stop both of them. However, she wasn't given that opportunity because Sean had already taken out his laptop and opened the stock market.In the end, Elora could only stare at Clover with an angry face. What should she do after this?Of course, She didn't want to leave Aston! Moreover, she was sure that she would be remarried to a man she didn't love!She's not a tool her father can take advantage of, right?
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Chapter 8: A Surprise For Elora
Sean firmly believes that Clover's current victory is just luck. Then, did he now think that he was an expert just by sheer luck?The way the stock market works is very complicated. One must have mature technical and fundamental analysis. This is not like gambling where guessing the direction of the market by relying solely on their instincts. This is something that requires talent, time, hard work, and knowledge!On the other hand, seeing the doubt on Sean's face, Clover became impatient, "If you don't believe me, can I borrow your money back for 10 million dollars? I promise to return them all today."Clover's way of speaking seemed to indicate that his analysis would be 100% correct! His confidence in that was extremely high, as if it pierced the sky!Sean became curious as to where his confidence came from. Does after the accident he has the ability to see the future?!Damn it! That conclusion seems too far-fetched.There's no such thing!However, it wouldn't hurt to give him that
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Chapter 9: Sentences That Can Affect
"What really happened?!"Great surprise filled Sean's face. In just a few minutes, Aston managed to get a profit of 500 thousand dollars?!What is this?! Since when did earning money become this easy?!Sean wanted so badly to tell himself that what happened this time was still a stroke of luck. However, when Sean saw the expression on Aston's face, he looked very calm, as if he had guessed that this would happen.Was he trying to hold back his happy expression?But... 500 thousand dollars is a very large value, especially for Aston who has gone bankrupt. Hold back his happy expression from that is as difficult as resisting temptation when a naked woman with a perfect body is standing right in front of you! It's nearly impossible to resist that!Was his guess really right? Aston can see the future?!Hasn't he been unconscious for the last one week?Of course, it's impossible for normal people to guess the direction of the market without prior analysis. He had to look far back; view pa
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Chapter 10: Market Sentiment Analysis
At three o'clock in the afternoon, according to Clover's prediction, the market price of WIT's stock increased very rapidly. That's up to 200% of the previous price.Therefore, in just a few hours, Clover and Sean made a total profit of about 40 million dollars. This was beyond expectation!At this point, Sean asked Clover with a blissful expression, "We've made a huge profit, Aston. Are you sure you want to withdraw all your money and sell it back?"This time, Sean completely trusted Clover. The question was only intended to reconfirm Clover's previous statement. He was afraid that his hearing would be wrong in capturing the information conveyed.Of course, Clover asked the system first before answering, "That's right, Father-in-law. Sell ​​it for 30 million dollars over the next 40 minutes! Immediately withdraw your money afterwards, because at 3:41 pm, WIT's stock price will be unstable. It was the right time to stop trading."Sean immediately did what Clover explained without hesi
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