The siblings launched at each other and their elbows clashed. It’s a good thing that Sophia activated her skin hardening, because if she didn’t, her arm will be injured and it will take time to heal. Because unlike Vincent, she has no rapid healing abilities. Vincent on the other hand has his elbow dislocated. The bone shattered and he felt the tingling of pain but he it didn’t faze him. He was wearing his spare glasses but his eyes are all cold. Those cold eyes are looking directly at Sophia,

“Hey, this is just a match, don’t push it too hard.” Says Sophia as she separated herself from Vincent.

The amount of focus Vincent is doing is incredible. But the eyes, it isn’t Vincent. The eyes are too cold like he was literally tired of everything. He is only 17, and yet, those eyes says that he has enough of this shitty life and he wants to die and rest. However, his will to live is what drives him right now. Vincent has a lot of pro

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