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This is the story of how a powerless boy like him strives until he reaches his goals. Vincent Miles, a boy who only wanted to become a hero despite having no powers at all. He believes that if he's strong, people will acknowledge him as a hero, but that is not the case. One day, a terrible incident happened that made his grandfather decide to take him to the mountain and train him for ten long years. Training is over and Vincent went back down from the mountain to face every adversity just to save and protect lives. Now that he's strong, will he get the acknowledgement from the people for being a hero that he has been longing for? " May the power within you awaken only for heroism."



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                                                               “Living in a world that Heroes are the ones responsible on protecting the weak and serving rightful justice, you can say that it is quite reassuring. Since villains are not your typical understanding of one. Monsters and criminals are lurking out there somewhere. So of course, Heroes are there to save the day! Day or night, they’ll come and save you no matter what. That is why the Hero Academy is here! We are here to breed and raise young and future heroes so that they will someday be the one to save and defend the innocent from those evil villains! And now, welcome first-year students of the Central Hero Academy! I’m Levels! One of your teachers! Pleased to meet you all!” announced the teacher.And that’s how the borin
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Other classes went by as the bell for lunch has finally rang. They all went down in groups so meaning Vincent would go down by himself when Champ approached him. “Want company?” he asked Vincent grinned. “Yeah, I guess” he answered. Then both went down to the cafeteria. As they go down, they talked a little. Vincent asked Champ about his wind element power if it’s for long range or close combat. Champ answered that it is only for long range since he has good eyes, and he is not that good at self-defense. The cafeteria is filled with noisy, laughing students which annoyed Vincent quickly. Both lined up on the food counter while still talking. The counter is filled with foods that Vincent hasn’t ate for ten years. He quickly grabbed five grilled cheese sandwiches and stacked it together, he then took some steak that has a mini flag that says “HOT” and tha
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Vincent brought his injured classmate to the school clinic. Once he lay her on the bed, he immediately went outside to leave the girl alone with the school nurse. He then started to walk back to his next class hoping that Champ has brought his bag with him so he wouldn’t have to climb ten floors just to get his bag in an occupied room. The bell rang and Vincent is still at the second floor of the Queen’s building and his class is supposed to be at the Bravery building’s fifth floor. Despite hearing the bell ring, Vincent just relaxed and kept on walking until he took a right and suddenly a panting girl bumped into him. The girl fell on the ground, and she struggled to stand up, maybe because of exhaustion or maybe there’s another group of bullies chasing her. Vincent balled his fists, getting ready to attack. He casually faced the hallway that the girl came from and no one was there, he looked at the girl again and noticed that she is his classmate, he doesn&
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Meanwhile, in the school clinic. Vincent is now laid on the bed and was resting. Next to him is the Philips twins, and the girl he saved is still unconscious. The nurse asked Champ to leave since he still has a class to attend to, Champ agreed and left the room. The nurse then grabbed a clean wet cloth to clean Vincent’s wound. And when she was about to dab it on him, she realized that there are no wounds. It’s just blood. She put her hand on his chest and closed her eyes.“Weird… He received a hundred and fifty blows from Norman, and yet no broken bones nor no wounds, just blood. “ says the nurse.Jamie who is sitting besides her sister stood up and looked at Vincent.The nurse and Jamie exchanged confused looks. The nurse continued on cleaning the blood. She put the bloody cloth on the sink and sat besides Vincent to check if there really was no injuries.“Exhaustion. Norman knocked him out cold so it is normal he is
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The first year tenth-class is as energetic and chatty as always. As all of the students in this class are all standing and talking to fellow students, in others words, newly found friends. However, their conversations are stopped as Mr. Brown entered the classroom. All sat down and took out their notebooks.He then clapped his hands and signaling the start of class. Vincent sat on his chair at the last row and end of the room near the window, he feels comfortable there since it reminds him of the mountain views that he always encounter every day during his training. He smiled a little as he looked out the window, the campus is also beautiful. He was smiling like nothing horrible happened last night. His eyes were puffy but not that much, he managed to cover it with his glasses. Mr. Brown asked the whole class questions regarding of their lessons yesterday. They all looked confused since it has only been a day but their teacher wrote a different lesson on the board, and it says there,
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Champ and Vincent were together as they walk down the Bravery Building when Sophia suddenly appeared in front of them. Champ said goodbye to Vincent but he insisted him to stay but Champ left since their dorms is separated anyway.“What do you want, Sophia? “ Vincent asked.Her sister looks awful, her eyes are as puffy as his and her necktie is also untidy, so much for a person who is obsessed with proper manners and clothing.“Oh, I see. Your boyfriend just broke up with you. Sorry, sorry. Alright I’ll keep you company. “Sophia sighed. Vincent has no idea how much Sophia had cried last night, she felt his brother’s pain and suffering. She can’t bring up the topic since it would only make Vincent angry. But there is something about to happen, someone Vincent has to see that might make his feelings worse.“Come with me. Don’t ask questions just come. “ she says.Then he pulled Vince
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Vincent woke up the following morning due to someone banging on his door. He woke up still lying on the floor on his face. Standing up Vincent immediately felt his body weakening. Like he is exhausted. He scratched his head and opened the door. Outside revealed Champ with a very concerned expression in his face.“Do you know what time it is?” he asked.Vincent then looked at his watch, his eyes widened. It is already 7:40 in the morning, and their class starts at exactly 8. Without anymore questions, Vincent hurried to the bathroom, brush his teeth, washed his face then quickly wear his uniform. He then went outside after locking his door and both Champ and him ran to their classroom. Luckily, they made it early with 5 minutes left. After talking with Champ, Jamie and Faye, the bell rang and all of them sat on their respective seats. Mr. Brown went in and immediately started his lesson. Today’s lesson is all about“HERO SQUADS: ORIGINS&rd
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Vincent literally slept for 2 more days, trying to relax his body. However, once he woke up, tons of school works has been given to him. His father has stayed at a nearby hotel which their Household owned. After a thorough check up on Vincent, Margarita advised Vincent that he mustn’t engage in too much physical activities since his body won’t pretty much take it and collapse immediately. She also said that there’s definitely something wrong with Vincent’s body, she just can’t say what it is because she herself doesn’t know if her guesses are correct. Margarita then gave permission to Vincent to be discharged. Vincent and Jameson thanked her and exited outside with his two children. But before he could exit, Margarita called him. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” Margarita asked. Jameson nodded and asked Sophia and Vincent to go outside first. Margarita then brought Jameson into a corner and there she said something that made Jameson feel worried and proud at the sam
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A month has passed since Vincent started his life in the Academy. And the insults he’s been receiving never ends. The good thing for Vincent is that he isn’t involved in any fights in a month and that’s good since he can’t fight properly anymore in his current condition. He has been weakening with no reason at all. His body can’t take 3 punches and his stamina also depleted, he is easily exhausted. And another is that his body is releasing unexplained heat and sometimes steam. But at the mean time, Vincent is focused in his self-defense class. His opponent is obviously Norman. He can’t hit his teacher no matter how hard he tried. Vincent tried to use children’s tricks but all of those were just blocked and countered. When Vincent is about to make a plan inside his head to figure this thing out, a kick suddenly landed straight to his face and it made him lay down on the ground groaning.“Mr. Miles! We are in the middle of a self-
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As a small shockwave erupted, Vincent and Emanuel’s fight began. Tenth-class students were watching even though they’re scared to go out. Vincent’s classmates are now watching him fight the despicable noble. And as for the watchers, their fight is tremendous and to them, this time this fight is going to be called a fight now as they are both evenly matched. Vincent keeps on punching the body of Emanuel but it was no use since he is turning his body into steel. Emanuel has the advantage, but winning against Vincent has proved to be a challenge. Vincent is too fast and is a much better fighter than Emanuel, but that didn’t stop him on being overly determined that he can defeat Vincent. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall that the tenth-class students have created.“Shouldn’t we stop them?” asked one student.Champ smirked “Stop 2 nobles that are fighting? Hilarious! And besides, who can stop Vincent?&
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