I can see you : Gabriel's Pov
They all started running and shouting. The rest of them dared to approach me and fight me with the dangerous tools they were holding. But before they could use their hands on me, I quickly choked them by the neck and drained their blood immediately. In less than five minutes they were falling to the floor lifeless and little by little I could feel my body getting lighter. I feel my power growing stronger and my energy increasing. So pursued every one of them, and I couldn't let them all get away from me. I will consume them all, and then I will eat the people who are on the first floor and the people who are here now in the shopping mall. Because of the loudness of their shouting, people on another floor heard them. They all peeked at the second floor, and I stopped when I looked up and realized how many people were there in that building. That made me smile, and I had more courage to consume them all. That's why I sped up my running and chasing after them.

“Your life is mine. All you
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