Max Thorne: Rise Of A Vampire-Cyborg In A Cultivation World

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Max Thorne: Rise Of A Vampire-Cyborg In A Cultivation World

By: Venerable Soul CompletedSci-Fi

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Earth in the year 30134 AD was nearing the brink of a total collapse because of the rapid depletion of minerals and metals that could be found at it core.Humans who were exceedingly frantic on how to stop this from happening, became terribly shocked when a rare mineral dropped out of a massive wormhole that unexpectedly appeared somewhere on Earth, simply signifying that another universe which they never knew about existed.Then very quickly, humans started mobilizing themselves to enter a simulated portal that would lead them to that parallel universe where the mineral fell out from.But in the end, only a boy called Max, a half-human and half-vampire hybrid was selected to go, mainly because of his astonishing, exceptional capabilities which were; countless numbers of Kron Particles endlessly supplying him with immense amounts of a catastrophic energy, a powerful reactive physiology that would enable him to easily adapt to the conditions of almost any world, then Vlessaract energy that continuously modified his body's make-up, giving him near-infinite, vast superhuman powers. Then armed with highly-destructive futuristic weapons, and equipped with high-speed bikes, vehicles and jets to cross really massive distances very quickly, Max will try to subdue every opposition that he will come across in this unprecedented world.But, would he be able to really accomplish his mission there in time? Since he was sent to a boundlessly vast world that possessed shocking numbers of mighty, ancient beings who were seen by their people as godly phenomenal entities that could unleash fearsome, seemingly magical powers that were totally capable of reducing entire massive islands, continents and even small, minor worlds to dusts.So, accompany Max as he tries to overcome all odds and obstacles that lay in his path to take astronomical quantities of that mineral back to Earth before it could implode.

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272 chapters
The miraculous mineral from another world
World: Planet Earth   Year: 30134 A.D   ***   Location: Federal Space Research and Interstellar Travel Agency (FESRITA)    "Luke, only your son who is an hybrid will be able to go through that portal." A towering man called Elijah Stokes who looked forty and had a blue patch worn over his right eye said to a young man that was in front of him.   "But how do you know that sir? All the people that we carried out the simulated inter-dimensional travel test on all exploded into bits before they could even surface at the desired location."    "So how will my son be able to withstand the enormous pressure that he would face in that inter-dimensional portal?" The young man who was Luke Thorne by name, asked with strangeness and perplexity in his tone.   "See Luke, your son has thousands of Kron particles within his body and that Vlessl
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The T-612 Dominator Armor
Location: Federal Bionic and Weapon Research Facility, Nevada, USA. When the Jet Pod got to this location, Luke and Max came out of it and walked into a massive facility to an area in the facility where lots of tests and researches on exoskeletal and endoskeletal biomechanical limbs seemed to be endlessly taking place. Max's father, Luke Thorne, who was the Chief Bionic Research and Test Supervisor in this place, was being humbly greeted by the other scientists who were junior in ranks to him. He simply politely nodded at them and then took Max to a place where something he and a lot of other scientists jointly worked on to create. When they got this place and he showed Max what he and many others jointly worked on, Max couldn't help but gape in extreme shock. "Dad, what's this?" He asked with widened eyes due to intense amazement. "This is the T-612 Dominator." Max's father, Luke, replied. Then he continued "It's an endoskelet
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Entering his ultra-powering Kron Form
Luke then called upon the other scientists and informed them of what lieutenant Stokes told him. They became deeply amazed by what he said and then offered him and his son their sincerest congratulatory greetings which were also full of concealed, great enviousness. When Max and his dad then went to a secluded Bionic Implementation area, Luke began the implementation process with Max first stepping fully naked into one of the large Implantation Pods in this place. Once Max got into this pod that contained chilling cold water, a breathing support system came out from a place in the pod and connected to Max's nostrils a moment after he entered the Implantation Pod. Then several robotic limbs that had electric circular blades, drills, injectors, and many other forms of electric-powered, surgical cutting instruments attached to them, descended towards Max who was in the Implantation Pod. The first process which was to thickly coat his skeleton wit
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Exhibiting great strength and tremendous speed
Seeing his son's powered-up form which he usually called the 'Kron Form', Luke said "I am going to run a speed test on you, son. Now, run!" Max nodded his head and then began to run round the enormously-sized, speed-test area that he and his dad came to on electronic floorgliders. And as he ran, he left numerous after-images of himself behind. Then with the speed-measuring monitors up, they started to scale the velocity at which he was moving at. So according to the monitor, Max could cover more than one hundred meters in a minute. Luke saw this from the floating monitor before him and shouted "Max, you can go much more faster than this! Pump more energy into that T-612 dominator!" Max who was entirely focused on running acutely heard what his dad shouted and then tried to channel more energy into the T-612 denominator. And as soon as he tried to do so, massive amount of a blue-colored energy suddenly erupted from his entire bo
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Equipped with Hi-Tech Gadgets & Specialized Weapons
Fully Equipping Max with Hi-Tech Gadgets & Weapons   When he and his son got to his office which was really large in size and was stately furnished, Luke pressed a button on his table and then a soft whirring sound began to ring out.   Whirrrr!    What caused the soft whirring sound to ring out was a large metallic shelf that was coming out from under the floor of his office.   And when the whirring sound stopped with the shelf reaching it maximum size in the office, the electronic doors of the shelf automatically unlocked themselves and then opened after a body-scanning camera sensor mounted on top of the shelf performed a full body scan on Luke with a scanning laser beam that projected out of it.    After the large electronic doors of the shelf fully swung open, what could be seen in them were hundreds of gadgets and then weapons that gave a beautiful and fearsome
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General Evans generosity
"So that means you don't have to bring out the shelf anytime you want to take a weapon or a gadget out of it."    "With the teleporter, you will be able to do do so. Therefore with a single thought from you, woosh!.. the weapon or device appears in your hand like magic" Luke said and grinned.   He then asked with glittering eyes for approval from his son "I am a peerless magician right?"   Max only rolled his eyes at his dad.    He then said with a radiant smile in his face "Dad, you are awesome. Your inventions are really cool!"   Haha!   Luke grinned.   Max then asked with a puzzled gaze in his eyes "Dad, have I been linked to it already? To the teleporter?"    "Yes son. A strong neural connection has been abruptly established between you and the teleporter when your hands touched it" Luke replied.&nb
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Entering the portal to the parallel world
Then in a very short time, he appeared high in the air above the Portal Generation machine from his jump towards it.He then upturned his body while in the air to take a dive into the portal that was revolving at a furious speed within the sphere-shaped, portal initiation chamber of the Portal Generation machine.Immediately he entered the portal, exceedingly bright and colorful lights struck his eyes and he could feel himself moving through space at an extreme speed to that parallel world.However, this caused him great pain and he felt like his entire skin will rip away from his body.That was why only he and no else could go. Since they won't be able to withstand the ripping of their bodies due to the tremendously high velocity that they will be moving at in that space.***Some minutes later, Max's body dropped out of the portal into a valley that had surfaced in the parallel world that he was sent to.The portal then vanished in
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Meeting Cultivators And Knowing About The Power Bestowed By Practicing Cultivation (I)
"Hello guys" He said with an amiable smile in his face. "Uhm.. Hi" One who seemed to be the leader of the group tried to stop his mind that was reeling in awe and utter astonishment to greet Alex. "I believe one of your colleague is bleeding away to his death. You guys should stop staring and go help him." Max said to the people who were still looking at him with astonished gazes in their eyes. As soon as Max said these, the people before him came out of their astonished states while two boys quickly left the group that they were in and hurried towards where the boy whose leg was ripped away from the thigh region to help stop the profuse bleeding.  After the two boys left the group, Max looked at the rest of the people in the group with a curious gaze in his eyes.  He then asked "What did you guys come to do here that you came across such a mighty beast?" <
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Meeting Cultivators And Knowing About The Power Bestowed By Practicing Cultivation (II)
"Hmm. So that is what cultivation is about in your world. It sounds cool. I like it."  "Well, from where I am from, cultivation is simply improvement of land for or by agriculture. My dad apart from being a scientist and an unparalleled inventor, has a large fertile land that he cultivates. So, we can be said to be agricultural cultivators. Haha" Max said and chortled. The boys and girls in the group looked at each other with surprise in their eyes.  Who is this guy?  Where exactly in their universe is he from?  "Okay. But that is different from the cultivation that we practice here. See ours as advancement or refinement in both physical and spiritual condition." "So, with what I mentioned earlier, we are basically advancing from being mortals to immortals who will hold immense and infinite power to be able to control the world and live in
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Members of the Rainsword sect
Members of the Rainsword Sect The boy heard what Max said and said with a smile "Sorcery? No, this is not sorcery. This is the power that we gain from cultivation of Qi." "Wow! Do you think I can cultivate Qi too?" Max asked.  "I don't think so. Since you aren't from around here, you might not have what it takes to be able to cultivate Qi." The boy said.  "Hmm. Alright" Max said dejectedly.  Anyways, he wasn't really bothered with not being able to cultivate Qi. He had thousands of Kron particles in his body, and these are inter-dimensional particles in which only the fission or splitting of one Kron particle into two similar Kron particles will yield the release of an astronomical amount of energy that will exceed in many folds, the amounts that will be gotten from nuclear fission reactions or in thermonuclear fusion reactions, like the one that continuously takes
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