Besieged (Book One): Rise of the Misfit

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Besieged (Book One): Rise of the Misfit

By: Chinjindu Ibeneme OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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After a strange event occurred in Ravenwood two years ago, many people awakened to abilities and were later referred to as 'Cyphs', by Centurion, a world-class scientific research organization responsible for separating them from the rest of the world . Among these Cyphs was an unassuming teenage boy who appears jagged and is branded the school misfit, but Ravenwood soon discovers that he could be their only hope as he later makes a shocking discovery about Centurion. Now he, alongside his friends have to push their new abilities to the limit......or a catastrophe would befall the world.

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  • Joshua Ibeneme


    I enjoyed the beginning and the way things have been playing out since. I hope the author will keep it up

    2022-08-31 23:23:01
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58 chapters
Grey Clouds
Ravenwood met an unprecedented change 2 years ago. Grey clouds, churning like that of a thunderstorm, suddenly filled every inch of the sky above the city. Everyone in the city was stunned to see this, as there weren’t any prior signs of a storm, but soon noticed that some people started to feel drowsy, and later drifted to sleep fell. The rest who were awake went into panic mode because no matter how hard they tried, they simply couldn’t do anything to wake those who were asleep. The clouds hovered in the sky for 4 hours and after, disappeared the same way they appeared. However, the real change came when afterward, the people who had passed out started to awaken to abilities. Under further study of this phenomenon, it was discovered that these people had their DNA’s altered granting them numerous abilities.The incident heralded the dawn of a new era for Ravenwood. However, though some people had these new abilities, a slightly bigger number of them didn’t. Now, the city had to adju
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"Will You Teach Me?"
“Who are you?” Finnian spoke in a low tone but soon figured out that it wasn’t as low as he thought it was. He quickly covered his mouth and stole a glance at the man beside him to see the latter’s reaction. But a soft chuckle was all the response the man gave him before moving closer to the statues. The man looked to be in his early thirties but he had a slender appearance for someone at that age and in addition to it, he had quite a tall yet sloppy posture even when standing. “Timid as you might seem, I’d always choose someone who speaks their mind to someone who keeps their intention hidden.” The man’s tone was lazy, as if not taking his words seriously in the slightest. Finnian didn’t know who this man was nor could he understand what he was trying to say or why he was saying it in the first place. While Finnian wondered this, the man snuck a peek at the former’s shoes and smiled faintly, “Nice shoes,” This might look like a compliment, but Finnian had gotten a lot of such ‘com
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Monthly Inspection
Fast-forward to the present, it has been 6 years since the incident at Ravenwood. Even though the incident garnered the attention of the World Government, Centurion succeeded in forming an alliance with them. And with Ravenwood being a little city, it didn’t take long before everything was handed over to the organization. However, this didn’t stop the government from carrying out their investigations, be it in secret or out in the open. Yet, the result remained out of their reach. Suffering setback after setback, the government finally eased up a little on their investigations, only watching from the side. A lot happened over the past years. A lot of advancements have been made, and Ravenwood was not just a small town anymore, but a town of Cyphs. … Ring, ring, ring- The school bell clamored to signify the end of the fifth period and the beginning of lunch break. In a matter of minutes, the cafeteria was already crowded, as if patiently waiting for this time of day. The first-yea
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"He Floats..."
Dr. Hani Jager was the head of the research team conducting the study in Ravenwood. As the head of research, he would usually move around to the various stations to observe how things were going there. Today was different because he wasn’t present, so the lady filled in for him. Her name was Dr. Imarri Easton. And after Finnian’s explanation, she remained silent, as if contemplating something. “I see…” She muttered under her breath. She knew the various due protocols and wouldn’t move against the wish of her superior. Though she was curious to know more about why Finnian would do something as unorthodox as wearing weighty clothes, she had to suppress it and carry on with the tests. “Since it’s that way, I’ll have to ask Dr. Hani himself,” She thought to herself, and afterward, turned to Finnian. “I didn’t know anything about this till now, so I apologize for my tone earlier. Since it’s something Dr. Hani told you to do, then I’ll have to ask him myself.” Finnian smiled faintly, “It
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The Boy Shrouded In A Haze
Dr. Imarri was yet to understand if the explanation was so simple. “He… floats…?” “Weightless, to be more specific. Just like a man in space.” Back when the incident happened, the result was that quite a number of people had awakened to abilities, of which, Finnian was among. He had woken up to being suspended in mid-air, floating around like a feather, and even a feather had more weight than he did. With the help of his family, he was able to overcome that crisis by stuffing weights in his clothes, and even then, he would sometimes float away. Since that time, he had always felt embarrassed because of the weight he had to carry to stay steady on the ground, and most times, he had to reinforce the weights again and again to at least be able to walk like everyone else. This might have been difficult for him, but there was nothing else he could do for the time being. This went on until the monthly research inspection began. At the time, Dr. Hani found it bizarre that a kid wore so ma
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First Segment Simulation
This was one of those slow mornings in Ravenwood High. It was already the fourth period but to the students, time seemed to move at snail's speed, if not slower. Finnian held his jaw with his hand, trying so hard not to fall asleep, for if he did, that would be more than disastrous. This was because the teacher in class was one of the hardcore teachers in Ravenwood, Mrs. Ruth Morgan. She was one of Centurion’s Senior Commissioners, and also among those assigned as a teacher in Ravenwood High.After the incident happened that changed Ravenwood, a lot of changes had to be made. Under the World Government’s directive, Ravenwood was first quarantined, in case it was some sort of outbreak. But soon enough, it was discovered that a good number of people remained normal regardless, and they were then separated from the Cyphs. Out of those relocated from the city, 55% were normal, while the rest were Cyphs. As a result, it was only natural and random that some of the teachers were normal, and
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Rules Of The First Segment
Mrs. Ruth made her way through the crowd of students, feeling delighted as she saw the enthusiasm on their faces. She walked in with a helper carrying a little bowl and setting it on a table beside her. “Good day class F,” She greeted. “I’m impressed to see how eager you are about this exercise. But I wouldn’t want to keep you here longer than I have to, so we’ll just go straight to the point.” Her introduction made everyone feel even more delighted and eager. “I've divided the class into two; the first half and the second half. The first half consists of the first 18 according to the class list, while the second half is the second 18. In the bowl beside me are 18 names of the students in the second half of the class list. In other words, those whose names fall within 19-36 in the class list have their names written down here. But the ones choosing will be those of the first half of the class; the first 18 students according to the class records…” Although she said she would be goin
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A Chubby Opponent
The match between the girls went on with the two girls evenly matched in both strength and dexterity. They displayed their combat prowess to the limit but it was like they each could predict what their counterpart was going to do next. The match finally ended in a tie which was quite shocking for some of the spectators. Mrs. Ruth nodded her satisfactorily. It appeared she wasn’t interested in who won and who lost, but displaying your prowess to the limit was her aim. And if they both did so, then it didn’t matter to her if they tied.The next match was between two boys; one was shorter than the other. But the shorter one proved quite proficient as he overpowered his opponent after little time. The fourth and fifth matches went on the same way; there were no ties so far. However, the next person that picked from the bowl happened to pick Caesar Kroft. The boy who picked him was Clinton, a boy with a broad and hefty physique.Clinton was one of the few people who had exceptional records
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A Chubby Freakish Opponent
Finnian was at a loss for words and could feel the intensity of the fist heading towards his face. Nonetheless, in that split second before the fist could connect, Finnian ducked and swerved his body to the side, dodging the attack. Joel’s fist, though it hit nothing, still stirred quite some breeze. Just like one averting tragedy, Finnian felt that if he delayed a split second later, he would undoubtedly be thrown off the stage. And even if that didn’t happen, it would still be painful. Joel, on the other hand, had a serious expression on his face, but amid that was also a faint look of astonishment. Personal records belonging to a Cyph were a secret between the officials and the Cyph in question. And according to Joel’s record, he had agility that far outstripped the average margin despite his look. This made it ironic as well as unexpected that someone so plump and chubby could have such speed. Nonetheless, Joel was surprised for another reason altogether. Though he hadn’t used h
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"But I Didn't Win,"
Joel was so absorbed in blindly sending a wild flurry of punches, that he didn’t notice when Finnian had parried them all. For someone acquainted with speed, his only reaction to Finnian’s sudden change in momentum was his body’s instinctual method of telling him of impending danger. And before he could notice Finnian’s movement, the latter had already closed in on him. Unexpectedly so, Finnian tripped and stumbled past the dumbstruck Joel, falling with his face to the floor. The alarm beeped, signaling the end of the match. The whole class broke out into a burst of uproarious laughter seeing Finnian fall to the ground. They weren’t just being mean or anything like that; it was just that the way Finnian fell was indeed funny, stumbling head first into the ground. Mrs. Ruth stepped up to ease the laughter. Her expression was serious as she looked at Joel, who was still uncertain of what just happened, and Finnian who inordinately rubbed the bump on his forehead. “I pronounce Joel th
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