That night : Hunter's Pov
I waited for a few minutes, but I didn't hear any noise from around me. Until I slowly opened my eyes, but I was surprised to notice that she was no longer in front of me. She just put my gun on the table, and suddenly, she disappeared like a bubble. I looked around and realized that the doors were open. I didn't realize that the police had arrived, as well as my personal bodyguard. Instantly, she suddenly disappeared and didn't even say goodbye to me. She didn't leave anything with me, not even her cellphone number. I rushed out of the house to look for her, but she was not there, nor did I see her shadow. Will she come back, or will she accept what I offer to her? I whispered to myself as my personal bodyguard followed behind me and kept asking me if I was okay. I just nodded my head and went back inside my house.

From that night, I was never seen her again. I hope that she will come back to me and agree to make a deal with me in exchange for the large amount she is asking me for. I
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