Tales Of Eronsvale

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Tales Of Eronsvale

By: D. Marvel OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Political unrest, terrorism, coup d'état, and mysteries behind its origin. The cybernetic city of Dutan has its own share of trouble. Tales of a young boy, uncovering mysteries behind his birth, his purpose and the undercity Eronsvale. Orphaned by a vehicle accident, Leonardo, a son of a wealthy political aspirant is fostered by his father's younger brother; but is eventually betrayed by his best friend, and forced into a life of seclusion. Leonardo must take the wheel and reins of his life, as he uncover mysteries surrounding the death of his, the goals they hope to achieve, or risk the death of a family legacy.

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Dark Alley
Vrooooom... The engine of a grey Cyber bike roared in the twilight of the evening, as it came into view zooming past with a gush of wind, raising dust and debris in the process.The rider, obscured and fully apparelled in black motorcycling gear. The vehicle screeched, as it came to a halt at a pub, with a neon sign "Tarry's". The rider gently clicked on the side of the helmet, dismantling the cybernetic gear as he highlighted from the parked bike. He aggressively yanked the twin glass doors open, as he gracefully stepped into the pub, groove music suave the building. "I'll be taking that..", he said as he lifted a glass of drink from the waiter's tray, as he hurriedly gulped down it's content, with a distorted expression. "Leo!!""Kate!" he responded, gesturing towards a very attractive young lady behind the counter. He gently walked towards the counter, as bright lights revealed a charming smile from a handsome yet well structured face, with nice cheekbones and cherry pink lip
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TARRY'S PUB Bzz.. The "Tarry's" sign buzzed into the night, as moths hovered around the luminous neon sign. Creak!! The pub's twin doors creaked open; a figure clad in black coat, and a white shirt with a tie tucked in black trousers; walked in silently. "A glass of cocktail, and get me Tarry", he ordered at the counter. ..... "Hey dude..""That rave was super" "Yeah! It was a blast!" Boom!!A loud blast resounded, interrupting the happy conversation of the passersby. "What was that?""I don't know mate""We better get out of here" ..... TARRY'S PUB "Hey buddy!", Tarry beamed coming out of the office."Come on in", he added, signalling for the figure at the bar to come into the office. The figure guzzled his drink, and walked towards the office. "Have a seat", Tarry said, as soon as the figure entered the office. Grrrr.... The whole pub shook from its foundations, as the figure prepared to sit. "What was that!", Tarry queried, with an anxious look. "Looks like it's a
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Last Straw
Leo! Leo!! Leo!!! "He's not here Gunther", Tarry said with an anxious voice, running his hands through his hair, as he stood looking around the site of the explosion, as the day broke, with streaks of the morning sun stroking his face. "He's not HERE!!", he screamed, grabbing Gunther by the jacket. "He's not here..", he said softly, sobbing as he placed his head on his friend's chest, showing the little difference in height between them. .... Bleurgh! khoff! khak!! cough!!! "You hear that?", Tarry said, raising his head from his friend's chest. "Yeah, it came from around that corner", Gunther said, pushing his friend away softly. Khoff!! Help! A weak voice cried out. Tarry and Gunther immediately rushed towards the source of the voice. "It came from around here", Tarry said, looking lost at sight of the debris caused by the explosion. Help! A voice rang out, as a hand tried to wiggle out of the debris on the left. "There Tarry!", Gunther said, as they both hurried tow
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Old Friend
WARD 257 Beep..Beep..Beep... The ECMO machine beeped in silence, before a voice interrupted it. "This must be Leo..", a male apparelled in white spoke, referring to a male laying on the bed, with little tubes from the ECMO machine attached to him, an oxygen mask, and an IV drip attached to his arm through the IV line, as a holographic screen materialized out of thin air. "This is Leo", Tarry pushed, as a sad, concerned look flushed his face. "Yeah, that's him", another voice added. "Ah..", the doctor responded, looking back at Tarry briefly, before focusing on the hologram before him. Tik Tik Beep... The doctor made various clicks on the hologram, and what somewhat seemed like a battered, bruised male appeared in holographic view. "This was Leo before being given medical attention", the doctor continued, as he spun the holographic figure around for emphasis. "As you can see here, there's a bash in the head, which definitely left a mark, and that was definitely before the expl
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Old Friend 2
"You sure you don't want to go there", Gunther asked, as they drove past the site of explosion where Leo was found, while decelerating the vehicle. "No Gunther, over to Sean's turf", Tarry said with a straight face. "You sure? He's right there...like right now", Gunther pressed, practically killing the movement of the vehicle. "No Gunther!! I said no!! Jeez!!", Tarry screamed at his friend, while hitting the dashboard. "Just drive Gunther..", he added in a lower tone, ending his speech with a sigh. Brrr... Gunther restarted the vehicle, as they resumed their journey, travelling in silence. ... TARRY'S PUB Clink.. The sound of glass smacking each other rang out, as cleaning and preparation in the pub took place; along with Casper's coordination, in anticipation for today's sale. Whirr.. The bar doors opened, in which a woman strolled in a grey buttoned blouse and a grey palazzo, alongside light brown tinted feminine goggles to complete the fashion. She had an air of elegance
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Clip Clop.. Dusk fell, as a pair of stilettos strike the floor with a loud tap; a feminine figure strode elegantly out of Olive Hospital. "You ready to move?", a masculine voice spoke for a cyber jeep fashioned like a lambo truck, parked at the lot. "Yeah" Dud.. She entered the vehicle slamming the door. "This is dangerous y'know", the male warned, looking her directly into the eyes. "Are you ready?", he asked, seeking assurance. "Ready or not, we're doing this; so start the car", she replied, averting her gaze as she looked forward. "Alright, let's do this", he said, half smiling. Vrr.. The vehicle roared at ignition, as he pulled into the road; with night fast approaching. .... "They're moving out boss", a voice anonymously reported. "It's time to clear out the farm..", a voice spoke through the comms. "Yes boss", came the reply. Crack!! "Boss orders; eliminate the targets", he said, cocking a carbine rifle; while dishing orders to the rest, at the rear of a van. "
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A Game Of Chess
SEAN'S HOUSE "How have you been Sean", Tarry said, initiating a conversation, as the room was once more illuminated again. "You know..alive and well, away from the city and noise", he said, with a hint of humor. "And the family?", Tarry asked further. "Ah—away on vacation", he answered. "Beer?", Sean asked Tarry, as they settled down at the dining table. "No, a hot coffee would do", he requested. "Seems you've taken a liking to this weather", Sean said, as they both chuckled at his remark. The drizzles continued to platter the roof of the building. "I would like a glass of beer", Gunther said, raising his hands, interrupting the jolly duo. "Or not..", he cowered under the cold gazes shot at him. "So, how have you been?", Sean asked Tarry, as he got the coffee machine working. "Well y'know, it's just the bar and Ol' me..", he said, with a faint chuckle. "And Leo?", Sean asked, pouring the hot coffee into mugs, adding honey to sweeten. "Well, the kid's always been a trouble
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Guys Hangout
"Where is my new arrival?", a feminine voice questioned. "If they left on schedule, they should be here by now, ma'am", a frail masculine voice responded. "Well, where are they now?", she asked, trolling down a hall. "Hey, don't put that there...", she said, admonishing a worker, as she walked past. "Get me Falcone..", she ordered. "And track Flint's phone", she added. "Unlike him to be late.." "Looks like she beat me to it", she said to herself, chuckling weakly. "Hey.. Verner told me you called", a tall young man said, walking towards her. She squinted her eyes in disgust, at his demeanor. "Honestly, you're helpless Falcone..", she exasperated, with a sigh. "They're in Beyleed", a voice reported. "Listen..", she said, cutting to the chase. "My new parcel is on the road, but it's being delayed by some idiots", she explained. "Could you please get it for me?", she requested. "And tell them I said hi", she added with a grin. "Of course", he replied with a smile, as he le
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The Search
SEAN'S HOUSE "Y'know Tarry, I'm not into recon anymore; it's part of the reason I left the city", Sean said. "I'm retired..", he added, as the atmosphere stilled at his speech. "I'm sorry Tarry, I can't help you", he apologized. "Hey Sean, you're joking right?", Gunther asked, getting up from his seat, as Sean looked away from his direction. "Sean, this is Leo we're talking about..", he continued, grabbing him by the shirt. "I'm sorry Gunther, I can't help", he refused, gently removing Gunther's hand from his shirt. "Hey Sean, you seem to have forgotten four years ago..", a voice said, as Tarry raised his head. "No Tarry! That was a different case, Sean retorted, moving towards him. "How about eleven years ago? Huh? Was that different too?!", He asked, standing up to meet him. "Have you forgotten the code?" "No, I've—" "It's Leo we're talking about..", Tarry said, as his voice turned sober. "Have you forgotten our promise?", he asked, almost on the verge of tears. "Did yo
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Vrooooom! The jeep jerked to a halt; the engines coming to a rest. "Where are we?", Christine asked, as a big yawn escaped her mouth. "Welcome to Tender Rose", Palmer said with a smile. "We're here already?", Christine asked. "Well, you slept all the way here", Palmer said, revealing a grin. "You'd love it here", she assured, as the doors of the vehicle swung open. "I really hope so", Christine said smiling, exiting the jeep. "Woah", she exclaimed, as the full glamour of the estate came into her view. "Told you you'll love it", Palmer said grinning, as she dismounted the vehicle. "Heard you slept all the way through", Falcone said with a cheeky smile. "Shouldn't have told you", Palmer said with facepalm, as Christine's face grew red with embarrassment. "You look....", a male voice remarked, drawing attention to Christine's asymmetrical short black spandex gown, with a black peep toe ankle strap platform, which complimented the dress. "Just say stunning Flint, and making t
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