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By: Connor Hall OngoingSci-Fi

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Cody is one of the 100M left alive due to a viral outbreak that cause the world to end. Humanity crumbled in a blink of an eye. In 2012 Japanese astronauts got sent into space to study the Moon more and in an act to find extraterrestrial life. In the process they found a weird looking shell in a meteor shaped hole, once the shell opened the world went to hell; millions were killed within a few days, then it went up to the billions within weeks; now the rest are left to defend theirselves. 5 years later Cody and his sister Aya were on their own, Aya got hit with a sickness and he went out on a supply run to get some medicine. When he came back he returned to a burning building. Now he seeks revenge for his sister who was ‘murdered’ by someone. Cody found a group of people, who he would eventually refer to his family, Cody and his group will stumble across conflict, love and death; not to mention Demis, they face worse than death. They are hunted for being a human/animal hybrid, they are also blamed for the apocalypse due to the growth of their population months prior to the apocalypse, which builds the hatred for demis. Only one question remains… who lives… and who dies? Will everyone get their happy ending? Alternate Series (does not effect the actual story): The End Of Our Time (Aria_br0_k3n) Chapter length: 1,400+ words Discord: in construction

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Pilot (1)
The cloudy sky, the ruins of the city. Oh, so painful it must be. You don't need to only worry about the ruins crumbling down upon you; you also must worry about the dead. Yes, I said the dead, please take George Romero as a great example to what I just said.   Not to mention I am on top of a skyscraper, something that could collapse at any minute; though I kind of like the thrill but that's besides the point. The view was kind of beautiful, the vines growing on the sides of buildings, the sun shining through the clouds. "Shame I can't share this with Aya…" I muttered, taking a bite of a stale granola bar. The granola bar tasted nasty, but I want to survive.   If you don't know what happened to my sister, she died in a fire. I'm going to kill whoever caused it. At least that was my hope, my sister's death recently occurred, meaning I
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Pilot (2)
The way to the campsite was very sketchy, cars were covered in vines; plus the vines were now growing through the pavement with a few thorn bushes here and there. It's only been 5 years since the apocalypse began, I'm surprised at how much the plants have grown and all that stuff.   There was a biter, let's introduce you guys to the first biter kill. The biter was decayed, decayed. Not one decayed but two of them. I looked at the biter, vines were wrapped around it. It was very hard to tell if they were a female or a male. But they were oddly familiar, I couldn’t click my memories.   I pulled out my sick ass blades. I recently taped the handles of the blades with red tape to add to the badass effect. The blades were curved outwards, so in an easier description it looks like a boomerang.   Read more
Pilot (3)
Andrew fired his rifle, the bullet swerved past the tall guy and hit one of the hunters in the chest, the hunter fell to the ground. Andrew reloaded and fired again which killed another.   The guy punched one of the hunters, which caused them to spin around like a fidget spinner; they then collided into a car. The demi was cowering in an alleyway now, it was obvious that she was scared.   Stalker slid behind a car, vines were wrapped around the windshield, some entered through the broken glass. The hunters tried their best to defend themselves from both attacks.   Stalker flicked the safety off and turned around, aiming his gun. He shot the rest of the hunters. The tall guy looked at Stalker and Andrew. "Oh hello!" He smiled, he was oddly friendly for a guy who just kicked t
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Pilot (4)
I opened my eyes, I wasn't cold from what it seems, oddly enough I felt warmth in the fall where the whole group were freezing their asses off. My vision was setting in and my eyes widened, I wasn't at the campsite. Where was I?   I was in a bedroom, moving the covers off of me. I scanned the place and tried to reach for my blade. I patted my side again. I didn't have my blades. "God dammit… who stole my shit…" I spoke in an angry tone.   I looked around, I tried to get a closer look but it was dark in the room. I went over to the mirror and what I saw shocked me; I looked younger than before.   I touched my cheek, I tried to figure out if this was real or not. I felt it, but how? I turned around and went over to my clock. It was 10:34 PM. This couldn't be… &n
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Pilot (5)
And here we have it, a biter in campgrounds. What a horrible sight. The biter inches away from Dak's face. My eyes widened, was I just about to lose a new friend of mine? Numerous thoughts ran through my little mind. Yes, don't mind me roasting myself. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. The biters drool dripping down slowly. Dak's expression slowly widening. A bullet zoomed past my face and hit the biter in the shoulder. That caused the biter to stumble back. Dak fired his bow, the arrow entering the biter's left eye. The biter fell face first onto a rock, the impact caused the arrow to sink deeper. The black gooey blood seeping out, covering the arrow. I turned around and saw Stalker, who had his AK-47 aim
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How I Wonder What You Are (1)
He was alive?! But how? Many thoughts were racing back and forth in my mind. I remember shoving him into a group of biters during the school attack, I didn't tell Rose this either. She has no clue that I tried to kill him because he killed Mira. Emmy looked over at Rose and I. She was curious. "Who is Hayden?" I looked at her. "An old friend of ours… or was…" I looked back at Rose. "You have a lot of explaining to do, the both of you." Stalker went over and rested a hand on my shoulder. "It looks like you have enemies of your own now, welcome to the club." He grumbled and went over to Alice. "Hey, are you good?" He kneeled down. Alice turned around and nodded. "Yeah, is dad okay?" She hugged him tightly. "Yeah, Andrew is fine." He smiled, Andr
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How I Wonder What You Are (2)
Mr. Peterson stared at the person, their eyes were milky white. The neck of the intruder was torn. It snarled and banged on the door aggressively. Panic filled the classroom, tears filled Rose's eyes; she immediately turned her head towards me and hugged me as tight as she could. I looked at her, then at Aya. She also had the same reaction as Rose. "Aya, come here." I spoke. She hugged me. "I'm scared." Aya cried out. "I know." I was panicking as well, but if I panic… that would make Rose and Aya panic even more and I can't have that happen, especially since we are under lockdown because of those things. I looked at the rest of the class. Brick and Bruce were huddled close to Mr. Peterson. "It's okay kids, they will be gone soon." He tried his best to reassure us.Read more
They got in, the monsters. They got in, this wasn't good. Nor was the fact that Aryton and Bruce are both injured by them. Did we even stand a chance. I shouldn't even be thinking like this, but do we?I kept close watch on Aya and Rose as the group of monsters limped closer and closer within each passing second.Blood dribbled down a couple of their mouths, meaning they had their recent meal. Likely Aryton and Azima. Aryton stood up, wincing in pain. He looked at me. "You ready?" He picked up a chair.I looked at him. "Yeah, I guess so." I was lying, who would be ready for this? I mean, we're fighting against these people eating things. They reminded me of something from a movie I saw with my parents. Aya got scared when we were watching it. What was it called?Mr. Pete
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Promise Me
I looked back at the metal doors, they were shaking due to the zombies banging on the door aggressively, overwhelming the banging of the older ones. I was thinking how the newer ones were faster and the older ones were slower. I knew they were zombies.My eyes widened and I looked back at Aryton, Scowl and Bandy were looking at his wounds. "Who poorly bandaged this?" Bandy asked, looking at us. Mr. Peterson chuckled nervously. "My bad."Can people who were bitten really turn into one of them? They were yoga mats set on the floor, the capacity of the wounded were full. Groaning echoed throughout the cafeteria. "I need to call my mom." A girl whimpered, her clothes were covered in blood. A boy sat next to her, trying to comfort her in the best way possible. "We're going to be okay." He sighed.I frowned and looked bac
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Was this the end for Mr. Peterson? Was it the end of the world in general? Why did a student bring a gun in the first place? Those were the thoughts overflowing in his head right now.The bullet zoomed towards Mr. Peterson, it seemed like it was slow motion for him. Did time slow down? He doesn't know what's happening at this point, first the dead came back and now a student had a gun and fired it at him.The bullet inched closer till a shadow overlapped his vision by a bit, Rose was in the way. She closed her eyes, knowing she would get shot but another person ran in the way.Rose stared at the person in shock, he backed up into her, Rose caught him slightly, she was only 11. She can't fully catch another person. "Bruce! You idiot!" Mr. Peterson yelled as he ran towards the student, tackling him to the ground.Read more