Strange : Anna's Pov
I temporarily stayed at the orphanage and served in the church as my gratitude for the nuns who helped me and took me to the hospital that day. I stayed there for a week, and I had no intention of staying in that place for a long time. Furthermore, I thought of going back to the city of my origin and I thought that the people who were chasing me that day would not find me anymore, but I met them again. At that time, I could do nothing but run away from them and escape. I entered a crowded alley and expected to escape from them, but was suddenly stopped when I heard a loud gunshot. I tried to avoid every bullet they fired at me, but there was one bullet I couldn't avoid, and it hit my side causing it to bleed and leave a deep wound. Furthermore, I stopped and looked at the hit I had got. My eyes widened in shock when I saw the blood on my hand coming out from my wound. However, I tried to run fast and get away from them before I ran out of blood from it. After I exited the alley, I was
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