Starship Hellbent

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Starship Hellbent

By: Marissa OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Captain Morgan Gaisler leads the Starship Hellbent Federation on a diplomatic mission. Ashu Vern is a wormhole hunter, earning a living scouring the galaxy. Prince Tzulin, a weirdo alien from a distant galaxy, trying to prove his worth for the throne. The path of these three characters converge as they pursue their own motives.

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7 chapters
"Hey, Jed!" Aaron leaned over in the driver's seat, but kept his eyes ahead "Tell them about your internship with the monkeys." Aaron wouldn't admit it, but he enjoyed these rides to work.The treaded mining vehicle shook and rumbled as it climbed towards the survey site. Aaron's crew didn't react to the jostling; they were used to it, and spent the trip in boisterous conversation.The pilot area of the vehicle was joined to a more spacious rear compartment that served as a mobile operations room. It was stocked with survey and mining equipment for the team, rations, medical tools, and other supplies. Four crew occupied the six seats in the back: Jed, Ryan, Iñigo and Cayden. They chattered noisily, raising their voices above the thumps and vibrations. Aaron and his co-pilot Jovel kept their eyes on the path ahead."Internship with the monkeys?" Ryan's interest was piqued."Yeah," Jed started, "when I was at the academy.""You went to the academy?""Don't act so surprised."Ryan had a
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Chapter 1
Nation/Alliance: Starship Hellbent FederationCaptain: Quinna SheldonClass: Defensive Flagship—MilitaryBuilt: Construction began 2994CEOperational: 3001CELength: 1729 metersMax. Population: 49, 000 humanoidNon-Humanoid Accomodation: noneFloor Area: 612,345 square metersDeck/floor count: 57 mixed use, 40 maintenance and restricted access, 13 docking and/or shuttle baysPlumbing: 1.7 million liters water circulated dailyTransportation: 112 podlifts"Several hours ago we intercepted a general distress call on long range comms." General Quinna Sheldon stood as she addressed the Starship Hellbent Federation Defense Assembly.Several dozen captains, advisers, and academics were gathered in the mission ready room of the Federation, the Hellbent Federation's defensive flagship. The assembly sat along five concentric circles of seats, ascending towards the outer edges of the room like a coliseum. Most seats were filled, a few occupied by holographic avatars of distant participants. A
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Chapter 2
The invading vessels patrolled the skies of Clarion after the initial attack. Ground crews scoured the colony for survivors, spreading like a swarm across the mountains, taking prisoners or killing those who put up a fight. Aaron and the others had holed up in a mine among a small group of colonists. It was a few days before they had been captured, and taken up to one of the invading ships.Aaron now found himself onboard one of the attack ships, pinned down by an energy field within a translucent tube, unable to move his limbs. He felt itchy in various spots where wires and tubes had been surgically implanted, most of them into his head. A large clear tube protruded from his abdomen. Red liquid flowed through another tube that penetrated into his chest on the left side. A tangle of metal wires extended from his skull to a panel on the inside of the tube enclosing his body.He was centered in a large, ornately decorated chamber. Unable to move his head, with his vision obstructed by t
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Chapter 3
Nation/Alliance: Starship Hellbent FederationCaptain: Morgan Gaisler Class: Sabre Class Long Range Defense—MilitaryOperational: 3013 CELength: 90 metersMax. Population: 35 humanoidNon-Humanoid Accomodation: 1 variable environment mixed use deckFloor Area: 1350 square metersDeck/floor count: 4 mixed use, 8 maintenance and restricted access, 1 docking/shuttle bays, 1 variable"Captain Gaisler," Levy Alhum stood and bowed slightly towards Morgan. "It will be a privilege to serve on board the Excalibur."Morgan's office on the Excalibur was sparse. There was a desk and command console, two chairs, and a single potted plant.Morgan nodded to Alhum. "I suppose you'd like to know why I requested your assignment?""I must admit I am a little surprised.""Your powers didn't give you a heads up?" Morgan grinned."It's just that I was under the impression that you didn't appreciate the value of my ability.""That's one way of putting it. To be frank, I don't believe you have any ability—
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Chapter 4
"Be advised you are approaching Alliance territory. Identify yourself." The voice spoke coldly and matter of factly over the comms. Morgan Gaisler sat in the Excalibur's operations room, flanked by command crew at their stations. He casually tapped at the control panel on the arm rest. A beep indicated the channel opening. "This is Captain Morgan Gaisler of the Starship Hellbent Federation Excalibur. We have been authorized to enter Alliance territory for a joint operation with Alliance Avalon." Another beep indicated the end of transmission. The crew waited patiently for a response. Jorge Rutan, the compliance officer on temporary posting, was fidgeting with his grey uniform. "What's taking so long?" Morgan looked back over his shoulder. "They're just confirming with the Avalon." "It shouldn't take this long." "Relax." Jorge seemed to be growing more nervous. "What if something's wrong? There's a reason we try to minimize contact outside the Federation." "You worry too much
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Chapter 5
Morgan finished off a bite of steak. "Delicious," he said aloud, mostly to himself, but audible to the the others at the table in the Avalon's dining hall.The room was spacious and classically designed, with wooden tables, carpetting, and chandeliers—unlike anything he had ever seen in Federation ships. There were four other seated at the table with Morgan: the ship's captain, Mariam, Emily, the Federation ambassador to the Catechumen, and two Avalon officers. "Someone could get used to this ship.""Well," Captain Mariam Lancaster smiled, "it's a long trip ahead of us... and you're always welcome aboard.""Thanks for the offer, but once we get moving I should really be on my ship." Morgan chuckled. "I am the Captain, after all.""It's your call to make.""Say," Morgan looked around the dining hall, "I can't help but notice this room. Isn't it a bit much. I mean, for a starship?"Captain Mariam laughed. "I can see why you would say that. But then again, you must be used to military ve
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Chapter 6
Levy Alhum stepped into the Excalibur's shuttle bay. It was a vast, mostly empty rectangular space that ran along the bottom of the Exaclibur, spanning most of the length of the ship. The far side opposite the entrance opened directly into a view of stars, only an invisible energy field separated the inside of the bay from the coldness of space. There were four shuttles, two scout ships, and one light combat fighter positioned around the room.Just beyond the upper lip of the bay, Irfan could make out the shape of the Avalon in the distance. Two crew members chatted near a maintenance terminal. Alhum walked towards them."Hello!""Sir." The shuttle attendants broke off their conversation, and faced him."Would one of you be available to take me over to the Avalon?""Absolutely. I assume you're authorized?""Yes—pursuant to my active orders.""Okay." He leaned to type into a nearby console, "Well, what's the purpose of the shuttle for the log.""Just put, meeting with expert on Avalon
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