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"You forgot about your past life as a god because someone wanted you to. It's a long story." She added "What's your name," He said "Am Vonera Derar she said as she starts to leave " I have to go now can't let your family see me," Vonera said "wait can I at least have your number," Richard said handling his phone to her "Alright' She said as she dropped her number in his phone. "Bye Denig Sherr" She said as she left the scene. "Wait Denig who?" He said confused as he checked for her but didn't see her. Richard went back into the house with his phone in his hands determined to strategize how he would contact Vonera through her number. Denig Sherr who was from planet Thera was to be the King of Thera but discovers his true identity as he was living on earth as Richard (with William and Alison who he discovered that he loves her more than a friend) after loosing his memories of who he truly was. With the help of his Vonera his ex wife on Planet Thera, he discovers that he lost his memories because as powerful as he was with his blue flames of Idahocles he was defeated by his evil half brother Terig possessing the red flames of Idahocles and he was without most of his powers. Vonera and Theora who escaped from Thera when Terig defeated Denig and took his throne and had been monitoring him on earth introduces helps him regain his memories and they face gods from sent from Terig at the end can Denig reclaim his throne defeating Terig and saving the world from Terig destruction.

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BOOK ONE: Chapter One(Denig Sherr)
Richard flew across Eon road in New York City, United States of America His blue cape danced around his back due to the breeze and velocity of his flight. He landed in Free Way street. " Bring all the money from the sales of the store!" A man with torn shirt and trousers with a gun said. He pointed at the woman, the owner of the store who was shivering with severe fear. "Leave her and leave here it's a warning first and last" Richard said standing tall and facing the man. The man hissed and fired his gun at Richard. Richard saw the bullet coming to him in slow motion because he had super speed. He was tired of waiting and went close to meet the bullet with his chest. The bullet bounced on his chest and fell. The man was shocked. He moved with super speed and held the man by his shirt turning him upside down while the man kept shaking with fear. " I warned you didn't I," He said as he dropped the man with the police officers that came to handcuff the man and thanked him. "Richard" a
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Chapter Two(Vondyke)
William picked up the remote to switch on the television in the parlour. "Good morning viewers at home I am Joshua Bernard and am here to bring you the news at Seven AM. We will start with the headlines. The god or superhero we like to call Powerman is very much around, Market goods price gets Increased, and The next election date is suspended for important reasons. Now the news about Powerman. We have evidence of the old superhero named the Power Man who hasn't been seen for the past five years. He finally returned to save a man from a wrecked car accident. The photos shown are evidence he is very much around. Now about the market goods..." William switched off the tv and sat down on the couch. "This is hilarious, Powerman is back really?" William said facing Richard who was shocked. " But who is this Powerman," He said pretending not to show any suspicious emotions. "He is a god and superhero, he claims to be living since over two hundred and fifty years ago,
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Chapter Three(Vondyke II)
Two Hundred And Twenty Thousand Years Ago (Planet Thera) Denig entered the palace with Vonera by his side. In the palace, Sheg Sherr sat on his golden throne alongside Ameol by his side on her throne. "My lord, I pay homage." Denig and Vonera said in unison bowing before Sheg. "Ooh, my son it's good to know that you are preparing to finally get married. I just can't wait," Sheg said facing his son. "Vonera Derar am so glad to see you hope you are getting everything sought out?" Sheg said facing Vonera. "Yes my lord Denig has been such a great help to me in getting things. The other day we went shopping for the wedding gown we were to wear for the wedding," Vonera said as Denig blushed. "Well that's great news I mean you are to be the woman of your home soon," Ameol said. "Yes my queen," Vonera said as she bowed. "I would like to take my leave now my lord," Vonera said. "Well you are free Vonera take care," Sheg said waving his royal staff. "Bye Denig," Vonera
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Chapter Four(Vondyke (Conclusion))
Two Hundred And Twenty Thousand Years Ago Planet Thera Vonera paced around the house at noon most times peeping into Theora room to check if she was asleep. "Why am I peeping after all I won't answer his call and still decide on reporting the issue," Vonera thought. "I mean what does he have to say really, let me just hear him out," Vonera said as she picked up the ringing telephone as Terig pictured showed as a hologram. "Well well, I thought you would never pick, you never cease to amaze me," Terig said laughing. "If you think am not planning on exposing this only line you have connected to Terig you are joking," Vonera said. "Well you wouldn't consider that anymore after am done showing you my surprise package," Terig said as he held a short old woman on her neck who was whimpering in pain. "Mother!" Vonera said surprised. "Vonera, my dear don't give him anything he wants or do what he wants," The old woman said. "Well you see you thought Valar Derar, your mother was dead but y
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Chapter Five(Saitora)
Planet Thera Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Years Ago "My Lord, I believe there is something you should know about the flames of idahocles," Drough said standing before Sheg and Ameol on their throne. "And what is that Drough," Sheg said. "The flames of idahocles was so great that when Denig was born with it it created several planets with both gods and aliens inhabiting it, then it created universes, Drough said. unlocking the code to multiverses," Drough said. Sheg rose up from his throne surprisingly. "I can't believe this," Sheg said facing Ameol. "I can't believe it either," Ameol said as Sheg sat on his royal throne. "Thanks for the information Drough," Sheg said. "May you live long your majesty," Drough said bowing before Sheg and Ameol and exiting the palace......... Present Day Chicago City, Illinois State Saitora entered his small apartment and went towards the empty room. A table was at the center with some pieces of iron on it. He broke the iron into pieces with his rig
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Chapter Six(Saitora II)
Two Hundred And Twenty Years Ago Planet Thera Denig stood in his first godly appearance beside Sheg who was sitting on his throne beside Ameol. Drough was at the centre of the palace with his son a tall god in his godly appearance. "My lord please forgive me, I didn't mean to," Saitora said begging on his knees while Theranian officers surrounded him at his back waiting to lock him up in the drorer. "Do you have an idea what you did?" Denig said angrily with his eyes glowing with the blue flames of idahocles. "Be careful son," Sheg said and Denig controlled the flames. "So you were used to aiding Vonera to break my trust, by Terig," Denig said. "Take it easy my lord, I understand how you feel," the tall god said. "Thanks, Barlur, make sure he rots in the drorer," Denig said. "My lord, please forgive me, Terig promised me a godly arm to support me since I lost my right hand because of war and he changed it to a sword hand, I had no choice it was a very temp
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Chapter Seven (Saitora III)
Two Hundred And Twenty Years Ago Planet Thera Saitora paced up and down within his confinement inside the drorer with the frerar binding his two hands at his back cogitating about what had happened in the past and how he had lost his right arm due to the past battles between Planet Thera and planet Vagaria. "No need to ponder much Saitora for help has just arrived for you," Terig said entering Saitora's confinement through a portal and using his red flame of idahocles to unbind the frera "My lord, but how?" Saitora said stunned at the sight of Terig in his godly appearance and fell to his knees. "It's part of my powers, I guess I and Denig's powers are more than just super strength, flight and speed but also teleportation," Terig said. "I know by now Denig would have discovered his teleportation abilities," Terig added. "Yes my lord he used it to defeat me while I tried to fight both he and Barlur at the same time," Saitora said. "That's good, so s
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Chapter Eight (Gardorah)
Two Hundred And Twenty Years Ago Planet Thera Vonera walked towards Denig at the public training area. "Hello Denig," Vonera said facing Vonera. "Hello Vonera," Denig said. "Am sorry I wish I could do better if time was different," Vonera said. "It's possible with the flame of Idahocles but the deed has been done," Denig said. "Well the truth is that I have forgiven you so we are still childhood friends," Denig said. "Thanks a lot," Vonera said as a stream of tears flowed from her eyes as she drew close to him when he hugged her. "You remember when we use to train here together? You, Barlur, me and Theora," Denig said. "Yes I do," Vonera said. "So for now I just want the both of us to train for now next time it would be with the others," Denig said. "Give me your best shot," Vonera said facing Denig who smiled and charged toward her..... Present Day New York City "So this is a small place since it's underground, a place where we could work
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Chapter Nine (Gardorah II)
Two Hundred And Twenty Years Ago Planet Thera Denig in his godly form charged toward Vonera in the training ground who was also in her godly form but was blocked by Barlur in his godly form also who punched Denig with his super strength but Denig blocked it also punching them both sending them backwards. "Just like old times," Denig said smiling. "But where is Theora?" Barlur said curiously. "She is coming very soon she had to attend to Valar," Vonera said. "Ooh that's true, how is your Mother's health?" Denig asked curiously. "It's getting better," Vonera said upon sighting Theora who just entered the training ground in her godly appearance. "It seems you all have been waiting for me," Theora said. "For now let's do a combo using the royal simulator then we fight as a team," Barlur said. "Okay I support Barlur on that but when next we would be practising we would be fighting each other," Denig said as he switched on the simulator. Present Day New York C
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Chapter Ten(Gardorah (Conclusion))
Two Hundred And Twenty Years Ago Planet Thera Denig blocked both Barlur and Vonera's super punch with super speed and they blocked him also. Theora came from behind with a sneak attack but Denig hit her punch and pushed her lightly backwards. "Am having fun," Denig said smiling. "Nope you aren't supposed to go soft on any of us because we won't be soft with you," Barlur said. "I support that," Vonera said charging toward Denig who weaved her punches and punched her sending her flying in mid-air. .... Present Day New York City "There is only one way she can be treated it's through a Theranian medical treatment system," Theora said trying to stop the golden blood oozing out of Vonera's arm. "Please tell me that is available on earth currently," Richard said in desperation. "Yes, at our place in a room, we have to get there fast," Theora said while Denig opened a portal and they all entered with him carrying Vonera's unconscious body with him. The port
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