I thought that was the end of me, but luckily, I was able to hold on to the railings before I completely fell to the first floor. While he was busy with his eye injury, I slowly climbed up myself until I successfully returned safely. I turned to him and saw him covering one of his eyes while half of his face was full of blood. I didn't miss that opportunity to push him down, so I immediately ran towards him, but I was suddenly stopped when he suddenly stabbed me in my stomach, which surprised me. Furthermore, I didn't expect him to do that, and it didn't occur to me that he might just be pretending. I slowly looked up at his face and I saw the terrifying smile on his lips, apart from that, nothing changed in his eyes, it seemed that the development of the wound he had suffered was fast, and it just became normal again. At that moment, my mind suddenly went blank, and I didn't know what to do until he pushed me while he buried the knife in my stomach at the same time he laughed loudly.
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