Magic God: Techno-Dystopia

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Magic God: Techno-Dystopia

By: Photosphere OngoingSci-Fi

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The Magic God Morpheus.Through his sacred veil and his ten elemental wings, he held his staff... Morpheus regarded the mortals that thrived, suffered, enjoyed, loved."My son... you have reached the peak, but your soul might have perished along the way. Allow me to imbue your existence with joy and purpose."After reaching the peak, Morpheus felt devoided of amusement and life, forsaking all of his secular needs and desires... for his family, his clan, his country, his continent... always a sacrifice.He was fated to go through the path of solitude and power."Father... I don't want to go."Those were the words he said to the god that insisted to push him away from this world, after everything he sacrificed to reach the peak, he is to be sent away?!For what reason?!Magic is the peak of nature, the peak of human evolution, but in the vast existence there are worlds that don't believe such, worldsthat believe in the path of machines."My son, there are several worlds that might do with a touch of your grace, a touch of your knowledge... I shall now send you there as the saviour that will take those worlds back to the righteous path, you that dominate magic and life, who could possibly be better?""But father... I... I worked so hard to reach here, how can you do this to me?!""You don't understand this yet, but this is for your own sake... go there and live, conquer, form, thrive, fight... follow the desires of your heart, my son."And just like that, with a living body but a dying soul, Morpheus was sent on his way with a lot of reluctance.Enjoy the story of a traditional magic protagonist, journeying through a dark cyberpunk world.

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Exiled for Being Too Excellent
Might. Within the world of Artroska, might is to be revered, the strong prey on the weak, such as the natural order of things. Tribulations wreck the Earth, the mortals wail in despair, yet there is purpose and life sourcing through, the natural order of things. For each tear, a smile shall pop up in the future. But... that's not the case for all existences. Within the endless expanse of the skies, several figures stood, seven individuals with exotic appearances floated, each of the seating on a throne. From their seats, they overlooked the endless stars and the life within them. They're the gods of this universe, all of them work together under a single banner. The God of Creation, Artorsh. From the beginning of times, he waited for those who the endless course of destiny deemed as the most quali
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A World of Neons and Sins
Sirens and panic permeated the district of Barnet in London as it had been several hundreds of years since this city experienced anything remotely close to a blackout. "H-HELP!! M-MY HEART!!" "W-WHAT IS GOING ON!?" "EMP?!" "I CAN'T BREATHE, I CAN'T BREATHE!!!" "S-SOMEONE, HELP! UGH!!" "SHUT UP AND GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU GOT!" *BOOOOOMMM!!* Dozens of flying vehicles plopped from the skies, having the people that rode on them get panicked as everything simply stopped working, this is without a doubt a terrorist attack. ... As chaos reigned over the lands, the individual that caused all this floated peacefully amidst the beautiful darkness that was only bright due to a moon in the skies, a moon that if one noticed closely, seemed to not be shining as much as it should.&nb
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Respect your Elders
Inside the alleyway, a scene taken out of an American movie took place, the Magic God stood with a bewildered gaze as two boys pointed at him with knives, weird knives that seemed to be shining. "Take out everything you got!!" "..." "Is this some sort of robbery?" He asked, truthfully, these looked more like toys than actual knives... he even touched the shining part and felt the heat coming from it, surprising the two boys who glance at one another, 'Is this guy for real?' "Are you fucking blind!? or course it is!?" "..." With no time for jokes, the Magic God lifted up his hand within this dark alleyway and cast a basic element spell. <Elemental Output: Fire> Within the next few seconds, the two knives started to heat up to the point they became red! *SSHH!!!!* "AHHH!!"
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A World of Robbery
"I'll be off, take care grams." "I told you to call me Rachel! *sigh* come back later alright?! and don't accept advice from strangers!" The exasperated grandma could only look as the handsome boy made his way through the shiny hallway, a little bit exasperated. The boy resulted to be sweeter than she could ever hope, but the lack of knowledge also suggested one thing, naivety. 'How come that boy is still doing well with such a massive lack of knowledge?!' She took the plates that he used and prepared to clean them. More than being curious about his background, she felt worried. In this dog-eat-dog world, anyone that doesn't have basic information such as who the group V2 is.. is bound to be eventually eaten amidst the barrage of wickedness in the streets. That's why she told him to come again, perhaps that would be her way of self-reassu
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A Headstrong God
The authorities personated themselves to the commotion, two hours later... There they checked the registries and noticed that the robbers were from the 'Red Blood' Gang... however, they were bewildered to find that all of them were dead in the scene... 'What the hell happened here...' One of the officers, Chief Richarson of the Barnet district walked through the crime scene with an expression more than a little confused. He gave those crooks the green light to steal this bank, what he never expected was to find the dead corpses in the scene with the money missing. They're supposed to give him 60% of the entire loot, who the hell is he going to take the money from now?! 'Those bastards didn't even pay for the logic bomb goddammit, now I have to confiscate it and use it as proof in the case.' He grits his teeth and awaited the moment he'd get the report from th
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Disciplining the Weak Willed I
"Do you have anywhere to sleep, Morpheous? Where have you been sleeping all this time?" With the god eating the last of his dish, she prepared to take the stall back to her house. "Hmn, you don't need to worry, Rachel, I'll sleep on top of some building or anything." In truth he wouldn't even sleep, he could if he wanted, but he didn't need to. "How can that be acceptable!? Come to my house, I have a room available!" If he had all that money surely he can go and pay for a hotel room... but... if he does that she won't be able to watch out for him... "But..." If she's so insistent, he won't be able to reject... his next objective is just to try and analyse those chips. "No buts! you're coming with me, come on, I can't allow you to sleep in the streets... don't worry, only I and my granddaughter live in the house, come come, help me take the stall... I won't accept a no for an answer!" She took the sta
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Peace of Mind
Rachel woke up the next day after having slept soundly, within her mind were not the thoughts of what happened yesterday, just that it had been a long time since she slept this nicely. Her chipset re-started and she opened her interface to look at the amount of digital cash she had, together with what she had in cash, would be enough to cover the expenses thanks to Morpheus. She didn't forget to give a single prayer of thanks before tidying up and departing her room. **** What she found at the other side of her room, wasn't so surprising. For one she saw Sarah sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and two swollen cheeks, the thing is... they looked recent. And humming in the kitchen with an apron was Morpheus, cooking something, and what he's cooking smells incredibly nice. "Good Morning, Rachel... excuse my modesty for using
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The Miracles of a God
After that, he helped her take her stall to the main road. "Why don't you stay with me today? I'll work just half of the day today as I have some things to do outside, then you can come with me and see the place, I will guide you!" She requested him as they prepared her stall, she really likes his company moreover... those guys... they should be coming today to take the 'fee' nothing has happened so far, but she'd rather have him close. The Magic God considered her words, he truly has nothing else to do aside from just studying that chip, apparently, everything in this world can be accessed through the 'internet' but in order to access the internet, one must have a chip and therefore, he can't extract information out of there unless it's relayed by someone else. He refused to get his body dirty with any of those things. "Okay, I'll accompany you, how about this? we can cook together..." He decided to
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Disciplining the Weak Willed II
The moment Rachel moved inside her room, it was immediate, both Sarah and the man lunged together at Morpheus, but it was just as hopeless. For a while, he just blocked her fist and his knife, the two of them weren't able to push him back at all. *CLAANG!* His palm clashed against the knife and much to the surprise of the two of them, it was the heat knife that was deteriorating! *BOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!------ That surprise caused a flaw that was more than enough for Morpheus to take advantage of... not that he needed to. He kicked the man's chest precisely when he was aligned between the open door and him, sending him flying straight out of the house and crashing on the streets. "Ashton!!" Sarah yelled to her boyfriend only to notice how a palm was straight in front of her face. *SLAAAPP!!!* This sla
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Late Dinner and Burning Witchcraft
Sarah hadn't expected that the dish he was going to prepare was cereal with milk, it's already 2:00 pm, she's not even supposed to be eating according to his standards. When he served that to her, she deadpanned but continued to eat, her cheeks still swollen and her stomach hurting from the earlier kick. "..." "..." For some time only the noise of her plate was revered as she had her gaze locked at him, his handsome and strong self. This attraction that she's feeling, she would deny it with her entire self... after living so long in the streets it's more than normal that a female would be attracted to strong men, but she firmly refused to get attracted to a man that just beat the shit out of her. Moreover, she has a boyfriend... or had a boyfriend, if he's still alive. "Why are you so strong? Where do your enhancements come from?" She sud
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