Simon immediately stood up, and we slowly backed away from the door as we saw the hands and faces of the zombies from the glass door. I'm not certain how many of them are out there, but it looks like at any moment they will be able to destroy and break down the door.

“What are we going to do now? What if they completely break the door, and they all get in here? What about us? Are we just going to die from those monsters?” Rita said, confused as she hid behind us. Simon then frowned and turned to her and said, “It's your fault. If you hadn't shouted loudly earlier, you wouldn't have disturbed them. It's like you called them here to kill us all, it's all your fault.” He said while Rita's head was bowed and did not speak.

“That's enough, Simon. It's better that we get out of here right now before they completely break the door.” I said that they turned to me.

“What? Are we leaving here? Are you going crazy? Why are we leaving here when everything we need is already here, food, things,
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