Rise of zombies

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Rise of zombies

By: Highpriest OngoingSci-Fi

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Jake sensed a problem as soon as he left the hallway.He had circumnavigated the complex's exterior by following the gate until he had gained some distance from the creatures he hoped were still attempting to enter the pool.He cut through one of the buildings to get back to the parking lot once he was comfortable doing so.Although it was almost as if he sensed the overturned SUV, he did not immediately notice it.One of the dumpster sites in the complex had two large city dumpsters enclosed by brick walls, preventing it from reaching his location.He only had to walk a few steps before he saw the clearly upside-down portion of the vehicle sticking out from the dumpster block.He took a few more steps, and he saw something strange and reflective lying on the ground. Another few steps revealed the object's identity. Sunglasses with aviators. Jake recognized Lucas 's aviator sunglasses right away.which meant Francis , and he started to run.Run wasn't even close to being sufficient.Jake probably had never moved faster in his entire life.He didn't even give it much thought.He had forgotten about his worn-out body and aching limbs.They were a thing of the past and had long since disappeared from history.He had no idea that there were undead creatures all around.They had also become non-entities.For him, the overturned SUV and its contents were the only things that mattered.


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Chapter 1
Ryan Lambert could feel his stomach churning as he watched the news unfold on the television screen.He convinced himself that he could feel it from his head to the tips of his toes, and it was an extremely unpleasant sensation.His StoLucash couldn't be the only thing churning.His entire body must have been shaking.Even though it appeared as though he was still, he was actually in a very rapid, very dangerous tailspin that threatened to spill his insides across the laboratory floor. It was as though the world was spinning in perfect time with his body.Normally, Daniel Shue, Ryan's boss and tall, bald, and irritable forty-something, would have been dissatisfied that there was any outside electronic in the room.He would have yelled at Ryan, "This is a research laboratory," "not a movie theater," or some other non-comparable comparison, in a weak, straining voice that sounded like it had been idle for too long.He would not, however, be enraged on this day.He was not going to be bothered a
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Chapter 2
That concludes it, Ryan thought, "He is a raving madman."Ryan straightened up and returned to the television table with a resigned sigh.Additionally, there was a pitiful first aid kit on the table that contained a thermometer, a packet of ibuprofen, a free trial tube of topical antibiotic, a cold pack, an elastic wrap, and some small adhesive bandages that were not suitable for more than the tiniest of cuts and scrapes.If Ryan had been merely an observer of the absurd situation rather than a participant, it might have been almost laughable.Even though this was a medical research lab with some of the most cutting-edge medical and scientific equipment in the known universe, all he had to use to try to help Daniel was this pathetic first aid kit.Ryan turned to look out the lab room's observation window after grabbing the thermometer.An emergency light flickered in a hallway leading to the next room, briefly illuminating what appeared to be an empty room.He might be able to access one of
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Chapter 3
He stopped abruptly, and as he looked out the window, his excitement dropped sharply.He was curious about the weather outside.In Texas, it was still late August, just before school started, so it was undoubtedly extremely hot.But was there any rain?Cloudy?Windy?If he still had access to the internet, he would look it up online.He knew in the back of his mind that he could just open the blinds and look out the window for a few seconds to get the basic idea, but doing so would let all that awful natural light into the apartment.The thought made him tremble.He could tell that it was daylight and probably not more than a little cloudy because there was already enough sunlight coming through.He decided that would suffice until he reached the outside.He could return to his vehicle after a short walk to his car, even in bad weather.He could always go back inside and wait for a while longer if that wasn't enough.He should be able to access the internet!He paused as a result of the entire cir
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Chapter 4
Jake straightened up, released his foot, and out of breath, he fell against a wall nearby.He had long since forgotten about the jar when it fell from his hand.He held back the urge to vomit as he stood motionless in his living room and stared at the remains of his neighbor.Despite how absurd everything seemed at the time, he couldn't stop worrying about what the police would think as his mind spun.How was he going to convey this to them, his neighbors, and his loved ones?Yes, she had clearly been agitated, and now that he had taken the time to notice it, her pale skin was covered in a disgusting shade of green. But how did that make it right to kill her?Jake felt a jolt of shock when he realized that someone else had entered his apartment.On stiff legs that didn't seem to want to work for him, this second person mostly walked.Jake had not been aware of the man's presence despite his soft, eerie moans as he moved.Jake didn't come out of the spiraling depression that his thoughts were p
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Chapter 5
There was only one choice left.He knew it was his best chance, no matter how ridiculous it seemed.He turned around and moved toward the gate of the pool.There was no lock on the iron gate; instead, a small flip catch prevented the gate from being blown open by the wind.He flipped it, rushed through, opened the gate, and then, just for fun, closed it behind him.The first of his attackers reached the gate just a few moments later and slammed it with a loud thud.It attempted to grab him through the bars after letting out what sounded like an angry grunt.He was astonished as he observed from just outside its range.He should have realized that the creatures couldn't open doors.They seemed to be driven solely by instinct, and their only motivation was their desire to eat his flesh.More of them spilled out of the hallway, and he didn't want to wait to see which combination of their combined weight and the likely shoddy fence would prevail.Jake smiled triumphantly as he turned and headed for
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Chapter 6
Francis awkwardly responded, "It's no thang."She was beginning to appear somewhat timid herself.Jake rolled his eyes in disapproval.He added, "I have my own vehicle."That will do, thank you.After a brief moment of surprise, the big man shrugged.Where is your vehicle?“Back in the direction they had come,” said Jake.In front of the entrance."The girl Francis had referred to as "Skylar" came around the side of one of the SUVs in the vicinity and was followed by the man who laughed.A look that was probably not threatening to anyone appeared as Jake's eyes narrowed.What?”he insisted.Skylar offered her explanation, shaking her head, "They're coming through in large numbers at the front gate."Your vehicle is doomed.Jake said indignantly, "Your mom is a lost cause," and he immediately regretted it.He quickly mumbled, "I-I'm sorry."In LoL, I grew too accustomed to saying that to stupid people. "Priorities, people!"Francis said, snapping her fingers in the space between Skylar and Jake, ca
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Chapter 7
Jake sneered as he snatched Lucas' arm and knelt down to check his time.They still needed to clear the path and get on the road, even though it was midday.Dark storm clouds rose in the sky above them, covering them in a dull grey mist and dimming the light.This indicated that night would arrive earlier than usual.“With a deeper scowl, Jake responded, "That's a little too far."Can you make that before it gets dark, are you positive?Muscles and Lucas exchanged uneasy glances.Lucas responded, "Well, we have to."Jake's eyes lit up with excitement, and he smiled.He had just had a thought that probably would not have been appreciated on any typical day.However, on this particular day, this crazy day, it was a thrilling thought.He pointed to a location on the map that was close to town.This location has a hotel.About two weeks ago, it had just shut down.He stopped and waved his hand in a circle, "I would venture a guess that they found themselves with more important matters to worry about
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Chapter 8
He was aware that he would need to ensure that the vast majority followed him in order for that to occur.He increased his stomping and shouting, jumping up and waving his hands as high as he could to get their full attention.He continued his display while beginning to take a step backwards as the creatures got very close.He was aware that his efforts would be pointless if he lost too many going down this hallway.However, he was also aware that he would die if he tripped and fell while walking backwards.He made an effort to ignore that aspect.Strangely dim was the hallway.The late-night feJakeng was brought on by the cloudy sky, and the hallway was dimly lit due to the lack of ambient light.Normally, a few small lights along the hallway walls dealt with this problem; however, when the power went out, those lights went out, leaving a portion of the path almost completely dark.Jake thought to himself that it was almost the perfect atmosphere for a horror movie.All that was required was
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Chapter 9
"It appears that we are free to leave,"Lucas looked out the window as he turned to the left.Richard Cotton, a massive man with a lot of muscle, had come up and parked his vehicle next to Lucas's.His eyes were still fixed on the faraway hallway and the creatures trying to force their way down it as he nodded in response to what he had just said.He smiled as he turned to face Lucas.What are your thoughts?Lucas concurred, "Well, I see no reason why we should wait around here."Which of us ought to wait for the child?Elaine inquired.She was sitting in Cotton's SUV's passenger seat, close enough to Lucas that he could touch her.He wanted to grab her by the neck when he heard the comment.Comments like that only served to increase the risk rather than reduce it.The kid had wanted to put his neck in danger.What ought to concern them?Richard agreed, "Elaine is correct."What if his vehicle isn't working?We shouldn't just abandon him here.Not after the way he assisted us.Lucas clenched his te
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Chapter 10
With a deep growl in her throat, she demanded, "Help the Others," as if to warn him against manipulating her.I won't bother you.Jake desired to express himself.He wanted to inform her that he was only concerned about her.He wanted to say that all of his efforts would have been pointless if she didn't survive.He was aware of how ridiculous he was being and wanted to say a lot of things.Instead, he shifted his position so that he could peer through the window on the passenger side and fought back the growing fear by biting his lip.Ryan's head was dangling and turned away.It bobbed up and down in response to the vehicle's smallest movements.As Lucas made a series of frantic movements, he bumped Lucas as his arms hung similarly loosely across the car.In an effort to see more clearly what Ryan was doing, Jake squinted, but Ryan's motionless body and cracked glass made it nearly impossible to see.Jake lifted the door to the open position by pulling on the handle, realizing that time was r
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