Liz Tragedy

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Liz Tragedy

By: Bryan Hennig OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Within my Story "The Drifter Era" A girl named Liz has a far more complex tale than one could ever realize! Liz's story starts in a Time Travel Regulation Government school where she was placed because of her survival skills on her birth planet 1.5. Now on their TTRG Moon School, she embarks on a new journey she hopes will lead to an easier, wealthier life. Unfortunately, the school she was dropped into forced her to collide with the MC from my main story, "The Drifter Era" The downward spiral of her encounter will expose the many mysteries of TTRG & their secret rivals. The nature of the hidden world will start to be revealed.

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Blood Thirsty Savage?
OH my god, Liz, did you hear that we got a Chailo Hum's that apply last-minute in our TTRG School." Liz smiled, nodding. "Yes, I heard it; a boy… is a Hum's Chailo Mix, yes. It is rare to see a Mix like that, even rare than a tiny kitten slave. I wonder why they would want to join the Ranks of TTRG. It shocks me.   "I know, right is it amazing.' Reena shouted, clapping her hands "Well, yes, but everyone will be after them. I mean, come on, he like one of the only Chailo's Mixes that even got dragged to come to a place like this. Let alone our chances to mate with him. Reena, how dumb are you to think you can win their heart?"   "OH, well, that may be true for someone like you that has no nobility to think about, but luckily for me. I have power behind my family" Reena stuck her finger in her nose and flicked her bugger at Liz. Before bolted out the dorm room door laughing, "I let you be my maid if you can't become a TTRG memb
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Crazy Fine Print Legal BS
Liz After sitting down tapping at her head, she gazed down at Reena, who was glaring at her waiting for a response.  "Well, I can't say it's not uncommon for people to be that way. Although The people I grew up around were too afraid of TTRG to do something like what you just told me inside a place like this, so no, it's also not common. What I'm trying to say, Reena, yes, the world would generally be like what you just saw; however, if what you said did actually happen, There are a lot of possibilities, but my biggest concern would what would you rank his fighting ability, because if he is not good at fighting, then the person is just foolish, however good at fighting then their good reason why TTRG would take them in even if tits reckless on their part and that there would be something to be scared of indeed Because cut off some kids arm on the first day of on a moon that is built exclusively decided for TTRG training and see if we qualify to become a mem
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Accepting The Friend Invite
Liz scratching at her head, feeling unsure about the Market, now nodded her head "thanks for the warring. Yeah, please, if you would come with me, that would be great. You make it sound like I was about to commit suicide." Reena smiled. "Yeah, you were a bit, but more like committing yourself into slavery. So, yeah, don't go there alone or else there a high chance of losing my sweety loving friend, and that will make me sad." "Oh, so I'm your loving friend now what happened to you calling me your Maid before. Never mind, sorry, I would love to be your friend, but for real, if the Underground mark is so dangerous. Then why does this school have a door to it?" Reena sighed " the Underground Market was built for the rich people in this world to have a place to go to complete their lusting greed. But, honestly, schools were allowed access to the Underground Market because for many years, those rich people kids were the
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Lovely Maid
"No, please don't. Its fine" Reena shivered as she grabbed Liz's hand as though she was scared of losing her best friend. Liz blush bright red, as she bit her lower lip thinking about "Oh, come on, he's probably not that dangerous; I love to get revenge for you and also see for myself about if the hype is real, and what this wrong With this Deep Lick why hasn't it left the yet" As Liz said that the Deep Lick began starting as if it was waiting for someone to talk about it. Reena blushed hearing Liz words, nodding her head, " Liz, you know this DL goes 100 miles in 10 minutes; it has to have time to cold down. Otherwise, it would overheat. But on the matter, you were your talking about getting revenge for me. I think that is kind and all. Although I told you how he was." "Oh, but seriously, I do want to get revenge for you. Look at how scared you are because of that jerk. I feel like he is pickin
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Forbidden Language
Liz gasped. "Wow, that door is overkill." "Oh my god, your so adorable Liz, I just want to eat you," she said, teasing her embarrassed roommate."Reena snickered out. "Not really. I have been to the underground Market before with my parents many times. It lives up to this door size. Reena summons a hologram card of her student ID, and the big doors open for them. She couldn't take it and turned away, coving her face. As she kneeled shy gasping Reena bends down, holding the girl's leash, patting her head. "It will be okay, and I don't expect you to wear a collar around me; I'm only doing this because the Underground market is hazardous, and I don't want anything bad happening to you, okay." Liz nodded. "Yeah, I. I know" she was a little disappointed deep down; she liked the feeling of the collar around her neck, but she wasn't going to let her roommate know that. Well, not until they got to kno
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You Two Are In Danger
"Hey, you're your Reena." Reena turns around, accidentally letting go of Liz's leash.She gasps… Liz was clueless that Reena had dropped her leash because she was too busy trying out the Sickle Ring Blade in her hand. After swinging the Sickled Ring Blade around a few times in her hand to feel for the weapon. Liz then looked at it more closely; she gazed at the curved blade to see if it had possible visible damage without using her U chip scanner to detect them. Yuna was standing behind her sales counter, playing with one of her pigtails, as she gazed at Liz, annoyed. Yuna didn't like people in general, but she especially hated those that didn't belong in the Underground market. At the same time, she played multiple games on her U chip while privately chatting with her friend on her U chip. About how there was a foolish, stupid girl in her shop at the moment who thought that she would be able to leave the U
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You Two Are In Danger part 2
While Liz was in the weapon shop"Hey, you're Reena."  Reena turns around, accidentally letting go of Liz's leash.As she gasped, "Who are you?" "I don't have time to tell you that you and whoever your friend is must leave with me now?" The Tall Man's body was shivering. He looked around him as if afraid someone was following or watching him. Reena tilted her head confused, "What are you talking about? Oh wait, are you saying someone out bided me. if so, here I bid more on it." The Tall Man grabbed Reena's hand as she screamed, "get your hands off me." "Look, I'm not here to hurt you; I'm here to try to get you out of here. So why can't you just believe me."Reena struggled herself out of the man. Hold on here, as she barked back, pulling out a Chainwingly eying the man, "You attack me, a person who is still under the rules of the sa
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The three of them mander around the market. Reena quickly messaged Dawn through her U Chip, "Dawn, what is going on? Did someone buy me?” Dawn replied, "Yes, they have bought you and your friend.” Reena felt as if a bullet had shot through her heart, but before she could say anything, Dawn Message back,  “Don’t worry though, the both of you are still under the safe pass exemption. As long as I get you out of the Underground market, It will be all good. Though you are lucky, I was the one that noticed your name Reena, another wise I wouldn’t have signed up to do this entrapment job; I hate them. So you need to understand what I am doing is breaking the rules by doing this, for I’m the one that is meant to keep you from leaving the underground market. However, because of what your father had done for me. I would never forgive myself if I let anything hor
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No Regrets
Rolling around on the spike table Liz, Cried out in pain. As the Slave Tracker ripped through her skin and into her heart. As she could feel the small tracker embedding itself into her heart. Like it had found a place to call home. Bossman covered the crying girl's mouth to damper the loud screams as they complained, "Wow Fuck you sure have some loud Lungs on you for such a quiet, quiet little mouse. Liz didn't bother to retort back, feeling the tracker penetrated like a drill into her beating heart as it built a home inside of her. If she didn't know any better, she would think what was shot into her heart was alive. It sure moved around more than just some object. The Bossman Smiled, seeing the looked on Liz's face. "Oh, so you just notice that tracker is more than just an object, your right. It will set up a system throughout your veins. SO your Reena will know your every movement. Liz's eyes
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Drunken Up Fools
Liz, Liz, Liz, What the hell are you doing?"   Liz slurred sleepily. "What, what happened?" Opening her eyes as the room spun around. Feeling the hot water around her body. Liz gasp laughing, "Oh shit, I fell asleep…." Weakly gazing up at the panicking Reena.   "I leave for 10 minutes, and you fell asleep in here. Are you crazy? You could have drowned."   Liz smiled, chuckling as she reached out, touching Reena's soft worry tear ridden face "why are you crying. I find, and if I did down in here, I don't think that would have been so bad." But the moment she said that she felt a fist smash her in the face.   "What the hell are you talking about, you dehydrated drunken-up fool. How dare you say that. There are many better things in this world than this school's bath." Reena shouted as Liz rubbed her face from the pain   "Awe, your right. I'm sorry… Your right: I shouldn't have said
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