Simon and Rita almost backed away when we saw Luigi's friend Rafael vomit blood. Luigi immediately came to him and his face showed the utmost concern for him.

“What's wrong? Is something hurting you?” Luigi asked him, but he didn't answer, instead he kept vomiting. Luigi turned around for a moment and noticed that the three of us had distanced ourselves from them, while there was a trace of fear on our faces.

“What do you think you're doing, and why are you staring at us like that? wait, don't say that you think he might have been infected with a virus? Can you see this wound he has? It's not a zombie bite, but he got it when he was suddenly attacked by the zombie's earlier, and it's just a normal wound, so you don't have to worry about it. Then Rafael is a healthy person, he doesn't just get hit by-” he was cut off when Rafael suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness. Luigi immediately turned to him and tried to wake him up on his shoulder, but no matter how much he shakes him and
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