The Extreme War Of Darkomega

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The Extreme War Of Darkomega

By: Wyatt_Jaymes OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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When a six year old autistic boy named Skyrid is enrolled in Haystead Academy, one day a piece of armor appears on his arm and he starts going to class with other kids who have also had happenings revealing that they have warrior powers. Then 4 years later he shoots a beam of light at another student during the same day that two cithians attack his hometown of the village of Siraka and it rewakens the memories of the strikers a group of people who are being paid to huntdown people with warrior powers (or cithians). So for his safety he is enrolled at Gailems school for warrior power mastery. Will Skyrid master his powers? Or will they take over him before he gets the chance?

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Chapter 1 first day of school
My uncle Kodyack told me that story. I always asked him who Shirak was although he never told me. He always said that I was too young to know. He is kind of right. I was only 6 after all. My alarm went off at 6am. “Skylar Ridian Crop, get down here or you’ll be late for school!” I jumped out of bed and got into my uniform. I grabbed my backpack and raced outside as I raced downstairs. He looked at me . “Go get in the truck, I’m taking you to school today.” I ran outside and got in the truck. He walked outside as walked up to the truck and got in.. He started it as he looked at me. “Please don’t tell anyone about your dad.” “Uncle Kody, what do you mean?” “I mean, don’t tell them that he’s the famous singer, Alex Crop.” “Why?” “Just don’t.” “Why?” “Don’t argue. You’ll already enough of a freak because of your height.” “I’m not that tall.” “I’m not arguing with you.” We pulled up onto the highway as Kodyack turned on the radio. “Bloodbringer Brian Henderson started his s
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Chapter 3 Kodyack's Explanation
When my uncle picked me up that day, I glared at him. “Don’t look at me that way!” “What way?” “Like I’m guilty of something.” “Oh but you are. You never told me that I would one day gain magical powers or that I’m going to go through six years of power malfunctions that can decide whether or not I’ll grow power rings when I’m 12. Plus I have to wear purple shirts to school every day that dye my armor malfunctions to the color of my skin. So yes I’m unhappy okay!” “Skylar, I understand your frustration. But, I never told because I didn’t think you would understand.” “Understand? Understand what? That I’m a freak?” “You’re not a freak.” “Then how come I had to be in a separate room when you were enrolling me?” “Sky, you don’t understand your disorder do you?” “So what if I’m autistic? I’m different, so what? Normal is overrated!” “Because of your disability the rules are different for you everywhere. You wouldn't believe how many hoops your father had to jump through
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Chapter 4 My first day of Cithian power class
The next day I overslept. I basically slept past my alarm. My uncle also slept his alarm. My alarm was set for 6am. When I woke up though, it was 10 in the morning. I woke up to him being super mad at himself because he would be late for his college classes and I was way past the time school would start. My school starts at 8pm So I would be over two hours late depending on the traffic. My uncle was swearing all over the place. He walked into my room. He glared at me. “The head mistress called me.” “What did she say?” “She has to enroll you for your cithian power class. So you have 15 mins to get ready. I also need to get ready.” “Meet you downstairs then?” “Yes, Sky.” I got dressed in my purple shirt and blue jeans. I headed downstairs. Just like I thought, my uncle was not waiting for me and walked up the stairs and over to Uncle’s bedroom . I knocked on his door. “Unkie, are you comin’? We’re gonna be late!” “Go wait in the living room for me. I’ll be down in a minut
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Chapter 2 Meeting My Sister
The next day was a weird one. I woke up in fear because of a nightmare. I’ve always had nightmares but this was a frightful one. I even woke up screaming. My uncle Kodyack was right there beside me when I woke up. “What did you see?” “I dreamt that I was in a field and a spacecraft appeared above me. A beam shot down from the ship and I saw an alien with big black eyes and he opened his mouth to speak to me and...” “So what did the alien say?” “I don’t know. I woke up before he could spat out the words.” “Well, you need to get ready for school.” “More like history about cithians academy!” “Stop mocking the school and just get ready!” “Fine! I will!” I got ready and headed downstairs with my backpack and we got my uncle’s truck. When I got to school I sat down as Miss Meghan stood at the blackboard. “Today our lesson will be on what made the Sayis Council wipe the Hiton’s memory of us. But before we do, let me welcome the fifth graders.” The fifth graders sat down.
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Chapter 5 Meeting My Childhood Nemesis
I will say that I didn’t expect what happened surrounding meeting my childhood nemesis. It was definitely not a normal day. When I got to school that day, I heard this on the radio: “Bloodbringer Gunderson has become even more crazy. He is now predicting that in 2050 the cithians will definitely invade Siraka and start the next war against them. Some people say he’s going beyond crazy. The war of 2024 was what started this whole thing some experts say because that was the last time Cithians were talked about and eventually outlawed. Ever since then it's like our minds have been erased of memory of all cithians and terror that surround them.” “Uncle, how come Bloodbringer Gunderson still remembers our people?” “It is said that he is not truly a hiton so the rule does not apply to him.” “What do you mean? Is there something you aren’t telling me?” “It is said that after the hitons' minds were erased, The human embodiment of Shirak made Bloodbringer Gunderson touch the Maroon He
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Chapter 6 My Birthday
My uncle opened my bedroom door. “Skylar get your ass out of bed! It’s your birthday! Time for birthday breakfast!” “Uncle, just let me sleep! It’s the weekend after all!” “Skylar, get up we’re going to go to Quffle cookery for your birthday breakfast!” “Oh, yeah I forgot!” I got up and out of bed and got dressed. I raced downstairs and my uncle followed me outside. My uncle turned on the radio and smiled. “Today isn’t just your birthday! Today is our 2 year anniversary of you living with me!” “Oh, you’re right! Two holidays at once!” The radio buzzed and we heard Bloodbringer Gunderson speak. “As you all know this has been my 21st year of serving this great country of Jasper. But it has also been the weirdest! People have been saying that I'm going crazy because i’m talking about the cithians all the time and no even remembers their existence!” My uncle chuckled “Of course they don’t remember us! The Sayis Council wiped their memories! Remember what I told you about
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Chapter 7 My Awakening
I awoke from a weird dream. In the dream, I was standing in front of a Shadow. The Shadow was standing in a beam of light. It looked at me. “Skylar Ridian Crop, it is the day of your awakening...” was what I heard from the shadow before I woke up. I knew what this meant. Today is the day I might get my powers. We talked about this day all the time in my warrior powers class at Haystead Academy. Miss Bloom was always the teacher who talked about it. She always talked about how it will be different for everyone. She said if we weren’t supposed to get our powers that we would get our power rings taken away from our bodies in a way that would be a different experience for everyone. But if we were supposed to get our powers, then something spectacular and special would happen to us. For me at least, I also hoped that it would be something special and spectacular and not the other one. It was also my twelfth birthday. I will admit that I didn’t think that both my awakening and my bir
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Chapter 8 Hunted during An Invasion
I was enjoying a nice day outside with my class for class out on the lawn. We were rushed inside as sirens went off continuously. Ms.Bloom turned on the tv as we all sat down. She turned the channel to the local news. The newswoman was standing in front of a skyscraper. Behind her a portal opened and out stepped a man with a blue face. Two families screamed as their cars crashed into the skyscraper. One family was in a mustang. The other was in a Prius. The blue-faced man shot beams of darkness at the skyscraper as it fell to the ground in rubble. Another portal opened beside him. A man in armor stepped out of it. Kandriths were seen shouting praises to the devil and his servant Shirak. Ganthiras were out protesting the event. Rangrates joined them. My nemesis Jaren rolled his eyes. “It seems that the Strikers' memories have been returned to them and the Kandriths are all to blame!” Yellow orbs went into my wrists as he stood up and threw his desk at the wall. I got up from m
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Chapter 9 Striker Concentration camp
The strikers’ truck arrived in front of a white dome. They dragged me inside as a woman with black hair walked up to us. “You must be the person to thank.” “For what?” “For giving us our memories back.” “Why is that a good thing?” “Because your kind don’t deserve to live. Plus, I have a job again now.” “That may be good for you but, it means my kind is no longer safe from harm.” “True. But I'm just glad that no one can say that the Bloodbringer is crazy anymore.” “True. But I can’t ever guess what you people plan to do with me.” “Oh believe me you’ll find out soon.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” The lady whistled loudly as two strikers appeared. “Men take him to the initiation room.” The strikers dragged me to a small tent. They locked me down to a chair as an old tv was put in front of me. I looked at and a small black man appeared on the screen. “My name is General Ellison. All cithians are jerks and assholes. They say their lives are hard from the minute t
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Chapter 10 Escaping the prison
“So what are the chances that my mom is here among us.?” “Very slim. Not all the people caught are in the same concentration camp.” “ “Yeah. I knew that . Doesn’t mean the spies who are caught aren't in the same one though.” Maybe. But that wouldn’t make sense because there are only about 50 prisoners of war in this camp.” “My uncle told me that only 250 Cithians were killed.” “Yes, that's true. But there have probably been about 1000 or more who have been caught not counting the number of SPS members who were caught.” “So you took down the death toll of all the cihtians who were caught versus killed but you didn't write down an estimate of how many spies were caught versus killed?” “We know how many people were caught versus killed that were spies. We just don’t know how many of them lost their memories.” “Wait , does that mean that it’s possible that there are spies who didn’t lose their memories?” “I wouldn’t get your hopes up .” “Why not ? There is a loophole to every
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