“However, we will still need to get out of here. I need equipment and medicines. Her life will only be put in more danger if we rush, so hold on as long as you can, do you understand?” Luigi said to us and Rita nodded her head, but it was obvious from her face how much pain she was feeling and how difficult she was in her situation.

Simon and I thought of another way how we could get out of there and how we could get down. So, surely when we came out of the door there would be zombies to meet us who were very thirsty and starving to eat the flesh and blood of human. The two of us peeked below where we saw the zombies looking up at us, and they were almost like sardines crowded there.

“What are we going to do? How are we going to get out if we are surrounded by zombies?” Simon asked me curiously as we observed our entire surroundings. I don't see any clear path we can take. “Look at that.” Luigi pointed, and we followed what he was referring to, where we saw an ambulance parked not fa
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