November: I Might Be A Superhero

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November: I Might Be A Superhero

By: Wordsmith-H CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021, put the entire city of Indianapolis in an alteration. Loss of lives and properties were involved because it was believed aliens invaded earth, although the government strongly rebuked this. However, Fifty percent of kids around the age of sixteen gained infection-induced powers through the freak ambush. Parts of the government outside the law, known as the 'Shadow Government, did their best to confiscate and put most of these teens under control. Some were ambushed by politicians and crazed scientists, as they were contained and imprisoned. Experiments were carried out to figure out what ticks them  to be used for selfish purposes. November Calhoun finds himself in the categorized teens with infection-induced powers. While these teens have one quirk to themselves, he has numerous of them which he seems to be discovering when challenges are set up for him. He does his best to not fall into the traps set by these scientists after discovering he can use his quirks to help people and fight crime. And his friends customize him a super-suit with the nametag 'N' to hide his identity. However, the flip-side gets shoved in his face when trained supervillains start attacking him.

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001: The Alien Invasion
The heavy fans on the ceiling swung lazily, reducing the smell of several dishes radiating in the atmosphere, but that of a baking pizza bagel was powerful enough to not wither away.November Calhoun knew the evening wouldn't end well for him when he stood in front of the boys' table."I'll like a strawberry smoothie," Ivar Johansson told him, trying so hard to suppress laughter that seemed to be bubbling inside his chest."Same, shitface," Chase added, with a sick grin on his face as he folded his arms across his chest. While November just gave them a nod, deciding he wouldn't let their behavior get through him because they were his bullies from school. If they weren't slamming him against his locker or forcing him to do their assignment, they made fun of his outfit.November turned around to go get their order when Ivar called him back."Anything else?" November whirled his head around to face the Asian-American boy."Just a little piece of advice, dingle-dick. Stop wearing such awf
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002: Weird quirks?
November's heavy eyelids fluttered open at the buzz of the alarm. He fully opened his eyes and then gazed right at the ceiling. It seemed as though he was having a nightmare after all. But his brain felt like it got smashed and patched up. Like doctors did a craniotomy on himIt was morning and he was meant to prepare himself for school. Another day of surviving in the hellhole with a bunch of bullies. He thought and then puffed out a distressed breath, and then flinched when he felt his body floating from the bed."Holy Dumbledore, this must be some sort of illusion!" He shrieked when he noticed that he was a foot away from the ceiling. "Jesus H. Christ!" He scream, shuddering violently just as the duvet slipped from my body and fell back on the bed. "This isn't happening! Shit! Shit! Shit!""November!" His ears went on full alert when his mom's voice boomed through the thin walls.That means last night wasn't a dream? The alien ships and their missiles, ground breaking, buildings
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003: A new beginning
He stopped his bike at its usual spot and then merged into the crowd of students who were pouring into the hallway.School seemed normal, but the kids weren't. Some were exhibiting different kinds of powers like superheroes while a few walked around like zombies. The hallway was noisier than November lowered his head down because he didn't want anyone to know he was infected. All he had to do was to act surprised like every other non-infected teen."Watch out!" Someone yelled when he accidentally bumped into him and the boy detached his arm from his body and threw it at November. But November's quirk made him dodge and the arm went colliding with another person's jaw."Who hit me?" Yelled the boy who got a smack on his jaw. His face was seething in red as he turned around, surveying the face of everyone.But there was no response.The hand on the floor floated up and connected its owner's body. "I did. Watcha gonna do, pudding face?" He challenged, folding his arms across his chest
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004: Vivid explorer
November managed to survive school for the whole day, although it was kind of devoid because seventeen students were confiscated.When school dismissed, he headed to Mrs. Thompson. The middle-aged woman helped in looking after his younger sister after she got picked up from the playground by his mom. Stacey was quiet the whole time he made her lunch but didn't call him a freak anymore. He let her watch SpongeBob SquarePants for two hours, then took her back to Mrs. Thompsons, after telling some lie about a project at school.Then he headed to Macey's. Through her window because her elder brother was mourning his girlfriend who died during last night's alien invasion. "How did you escape?" November asked Macey, referring to what happened earlier at school."Well, I was in class before their arrival, so I escaped through a window," Macey explained. "How many were caught?""Seventeen,""Woah, that's quite a lot."November nodded."We've been neighbors for two years and this is my first
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005: Superhero vibe
Fear was something he had dealt with ever since he relocated to Indiana. Being constantly bullied by the jocks at school tensed him and he repeatedly swiveled his head to cast a shoulder glance whenever he walked, because someone was always out to bully him. Hit him till he coughed up blood or grab his boxers through his pants trousers until he squealed like a girl and wet himself inside the male's locker room. The fear made him unable to think straight and controlled every part of his body because he had been traumatized by his bullies. There were times when he heard Chase's voice from afar, and he found himself struggling to open his unlocked locker. Because fear always crept in. The fear of what Chase might do to him.But the fear as of now was different from the usual he always had. Because four thieves were firing shots into the air with their guns.Screams filled up the atmosphere and people were running around, trying to hide."Everybody, on the floor!" One of the thieves aggr
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006: The disappearance of Stacey Calhoun
November was still trying to wrap his head around the whole news that his little sister, Stacey Calhoun whom he dropped off at Mrs. Thompson's had gone missing. No, not missing but kidnapped. Abducted by Mrs. Thompson herself. Good God.The jovial, seventy-two years old woman warmly took his sister off his hands and pulled her in, with a smile hanging on her lips.There he was, having quirks and his sister was missing on this same day.Why? He had been asking himself for over twenty minutes as he watched his mom throw a tantrum and the police officers repeating the same 'Calm down, Mrs. Calhoun' until they drove off in their car.Hands on his hips, November paced back and forth on the flattened grass area, pondering why Mrs. Thompson would kidnap a four-year-old. What exactly were her intentions? He figured he had to do something before it gets to the next day. And needed Macey Brightside right now, the girl he was trying to stay away from because of her assertiveness that might lead
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007: Pathway to a Disastrous Experiment (I)
10:25 pm, Atticus Lab.Doctor Hemmingway knew after the alien invasion on the previous night, Indianapolis would become unlivable because the aliens would attack again, and it might spread to every other part of Earth. It seemed something was buried under the depths of Indianapolis, a thing these aliens hungered for because the ground cracked upon their arrival. With a telescope, he watched from afar how a light-green scaled, velvet huge hand swallowed kids and took them down.Surprisingly these aliens passed down their viruses to kids around the age of sixteen, leaving them with superpowers. Doctor Hemmingway was still trying to wrap his head around the idea if these kids could be used in fighting aliens when they returned again. If he had a solution. Although he wasn't a good guy.He was the man in charge of Atticus' lab, a ruthless scientist who violated the principles of medical ethics. He denied patients the right to informed consent, using pseudoscientific frameworks such as race
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008: Pathway to a Disastrous Experiment (II)
Continuation…10: 50pm, Atticus Lab's conference Hall."Time to go see these kids," Prosecutor Adams said, rising to his feet as he stared at his wristwatch."If you can wait for a few minutes, we'll take a look at the footage captured by Styles," Doctor Hemmingway looked over at him. And waited until everyone sat down before he turned to Styles. "Put the lights out, my boy," and Styles did as he was told.There was a bit of murmuring at this because they were clearly uncomfortable with the lights turned off. Commander Rodney Brown was reaching for his pistol, prepared to kill if Doctor Hemmingway wanted to harm them. His paranoia towards everyone in the hall knew no bounds.Styles quickly picked up the large TV remote and popped the power button.And silence relapsed in the atmosphere.They watched as a boy hid behind a shelf as he observed thieves in the mall. How he grew angry when he saw a thief torturing an old woman and his anger caused a force from him to rip apart the thief's c
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009: Female Impersonation For The Perverted Dispomaniac
10:15 pmNovember and Macey stopped in front of a cramped looking apart in a screeching halt. The street was dead quiet and three stray cats hovering around the building screamed with wide eyes, before running off. They were frightened at the humans' arrival upon a gale."Are you sure this is a good idea?" November stood aback as he shoved his fists in his pockets and kicked a piece of pebble."Just relax," Macey assured him before ringing the doorbell.There's a screeching noise when the door gets opened by a woman."Macey?" She blinked, uncertain."In the flesh,""Oh my god.." she barely finished exclaiming before Macey pulled her into a bone-crushing hug.November just stood in the entranceway and stared at the females hugging. He didn't care, he just wanted to get done with Macey's silly idea so they could go ahead with their plan. Stacey Calhoun needed to be found before dawn."I sort of missed yah, you know,""Me too, Gyda, me too.""And I've got a baby,""Oh.""Hooked up with a
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010: The Truth About Mrs. Thompson
"What the heck! How did I get here?" Ivar asked, looking around the dead street. He had no idea on how he got there and was beginning to think his electrokinesis quirk pulled him out until he saw November and Macey whom he recognized as the girls from the club. "We'll be needing your help." November took slow casual strides and stood in front of his confused bully, towering over the boy's 5'9 with just two inches. "Wait, aren't you two those girls from the club?" Ivar narrowed his eyes as he stared at November's taper fade. "So you had a wig on earlier? You're a guy?" He blinked in unbelief as his gaze lowered to November's masculine tight and he scoffed with his hand against his mouth. "You've got to be shitting me. And Chase couldn't stop talking about how sexy you looked the whole time."Macey scoffed while November just rolled his eyes."Listen, Ivar. I'll be needing your help with this guy over here." He pointed at an asleep Charlie Wang-Holder who was still tied to the chair,
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