Chapter 168

Sporadically we create walls around ourselves, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.


Mara's POV

When Mara returned to their house, she found that their belongings were scattered everywhere. Clothes were hanging on the electric fan, socks scattered on the floor, a pair of shoes behind the door as well as under the table, books lying on the table and washable dishes waiting to be washed in the sink.

She was almost exhaled by a deep breath and once she put down her belongings to the chair. Then she put away their scattered belongings one by one. She also swept and wiped the table. She arranged and returned Andrew's books to their original place, as well as the trash had not yet thrown away that she had just finished outside.

When she had tidied up and cleaned the living room, she went to the kitchen. To wash the glasses and plates, they used this morning. When she finished washing, she looked for a moment at their wall clock in the living room and no
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