Manufacture God's Puppet!

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Manufacture God's Puppet!

By: KMyay CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Bridget Arnold, he was born into a family with his father, passed on his unique skill to make puppets. But unfortunately, he experienced life during the war, leading to death. She has encountered a lot of heartbreaking events. He also had a chance to change his life. With the blood of a powerful ancestor in the family, he was brought back to life again. In exchange for this, he has gold hands and guidance systems. From there, the protagonist opens up an incredible development for the future. The main character is not a fanatic or a fan of the harem surrounding him. But his puppets... who would have guessed? Bridget Arnold likes to be a puppet. He likes to see all the warm and warm emotions in the world. The protagonist changes the world step by step. He has made puppets, and he has developed extensively throughout the five continents. Meet a man who hits a man, meet a demon, fear nothing!

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  • Donna


    It's quite impressive. I really like this world theme ...

    2022-06-01 13:09:06
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262 chapters
Chapter 1: Fate To Choose
In one country near the Black Sea border of Bosporus, there was a war between the two major countries to occupy and harvest two gold mines near the edge of the Black Sea, my village in Istanbul, where I was born and raised. Nice and beautiful land, but now what? The war destroyed everything.And I'm dead. On this land.My soul floats in the air, taking the sight of a third man watching the battlefield. The smoke was hazy, surrounded by dead arms, broken legs, incomplete body fragments, and resentment everywhere.The leader's shouts of cheerleaders, the sweet temptation of fantasy: promotion, rise to rank, money calculated according to the odds of killing the enemy, when killing, cut off the enemy's left ear to win the gold prize…It's crazy, how can they be so scary? They're a bunch of demons, demons, looking at human lives like garbage. I even want to make more money. They even went into the homes of innocent people, slaughtered, and cut off the left ear of good men. And mothers, dau
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Chapter 2: Produce A God!
When I came to my senses, I found myself lying in a small, dark space. My head was dizzy, there seemed to be more than a few things I didn't even know. About a freak named Bridget Arnold. A noble. It's like a movie about this person's life from birth to war. It makes me feel like I'm that Bridget, not me in the present. Because he and I have the same name. Let's put aside the groundless doubt, first I have to think about how to get out of here and then go on.Using all my strength, I poked a little bit of what was covering my body with my fingernails. It's soft, but it's very strong, without light or air. But I'm sure I can still live without them, isn't it? The more I check and review, the more I have nothing to say. I think I'm in a giant cocoon. Or maybe I'm getting smaller myself.The more I think about it, the more I trust my judgment. I turned into an insect. But that's not true. If I'm dead, I'd say I'm an insect.I sighed for a moment… My numbers are miserable.Let's see if
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Chapter 3: Making A God Puppet!
"I don't want to be a god, because I want to create a god!""It's easy to say, but can you do that?" The system was so quiet, so shy and angry. Makeup one's mind shouted in a scolding voice, I could at last only try to delay:"You don't understand... I don't want to be stronger... or stronger. Fighting to gain strength... that's not what I want."Remember the sequence of events that happened, and where I came from. Everywhere you go, it's a trauma. Maybe it's because of two memories, two fish. I and two different situations created what I am now. I love simplicity and simplicity. My inner self is now both deep and hard to detect."Where am I? You won't need me anymore?" Aren't we partners?" - The voice system is choking and crying.“Don't cry, don't cry. I didn't say I'd quit. I'm thinking about giving you a proper name. I both on our way." - I quickly calmed down the system. I'm trying to avoid my ears."Really..." "It's more real than gold!" - I patted my chest affirmatively."Wha
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Chapter 4: Forget It...
Looking at the items that I just filmed, I was very lucky. Yin Yang's eye is a very good thing. It's not wrong.In the past, when I was a puppet, I always felt bad. No matter how much I do, I feel like I'm missing something. I've come to understand, but… Both my father and I made it very beautiful, very sophisticated. But it's incomplete, it's lifeless, it's soulless and it's empty.Maybe Yin Yang's Eye will be a breakthrough in the process of making a puppet that I secretly wanted."Use Yin Yang's Eye." - I close my eyes. Think quietly in your head and give orders.My eyes feel cool very quickly. Suddenly, my head went dark. The headache came unannounced, and the pain felt as if it were penetrating. Oh, my God. Something hard put in, and a lot of strange news came into my head.Eye Yin Ying: To be a Yin Ying master, the first step must be to open eye Yin Yang and see things that ordinary people don't like. I can see it. The Yin Yang master are not always the same, and the power will
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Chapter 5: Three The World!
"Slap, clap, clap, clap…”Every echo has the orchestra taking place in a room with a small fireplace. I'm working hard, surrounded by woodwork that's done with the molding. I'm gently stretching. Who, give me a yawn. A small body, in the hands of the wooden puppet I'm making. And he took it up to the broom, started cleaning, and the wooden items were all over the place. On the floor. Yesterday, I studied. There are quite a few foreign languages: English, Japanese, and Chinese. Fortunately, the system left a computer in the arcade. This can help me there. It's good to hear and pronounce foreign languages.I don't have a date. A specific time or time, but according to my calculations. I've been in this space for over a year. And we've created six puppets, systematically reaching zero. That's right.Maybe it's because of Va's constitution. It makes me feel no fatigue or pain in my shoulders or back. Every day's work can be done very quickly and accurately. My head is better, too. All r
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Chapter 6: Persistent Sapphire!
Japan, in a relatively remote area in a small alley, in a Tokyo apartment complex. I looked around, and no one noticed me coming out of the dead end. "Isn't our store system a little empty? Why don't we choose a place close to the mall or not far from the school?" - I said with a questioning system."That's not necessary. Our store is a special place that no one can enter. Only those who have a connection with our puppet can find a store. Now, if you're free, go to the side store and pack some stuff, and then distribute flyers and posters on the street." The system is whining and complaining. The layout is a lot of work for me."Okay, okay. Come on! It's not a good thing, it's not going to come out for a while. It's evil." - I'm complaining quietly."Huh? What are you talking about?" - The laughing hazard system."Haha." - I laughed for two hours and ran into the store.I opened the door and entered the store. There's no one around in this alley.If there's someone nearby who's payi
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Chapter 7: Come Back To Life!
"What are you going to do? Stop! Your current rank can only be very reluctant to make a Man-level puppet. This is a Legendary artifact. You can make a Sky-level puppet! If the puppet you make is a Man-level puppet, and you put an object that can make a Man-level puppet... It's quiet. Don't move!" - The system regained consciousness. Earlier, when I saw this guy coming out of the Legendary level, the system temporarily shut down because of the shock. What am I doing now, the system wants a riot! It's just loud in my ear, screaming.*Double division level: Low-level puppet, Man level puppet, Earth level puppet, Sky level puppet, Goddess puppet, the highest level puppet. God's level puppet."No time! It's already the final stage." - I started wrapping the red silk around Gwen's puppet."Flapping" - A small crack that occurs."It's not okay! It's only half a roll, but it's already starting to crack." - I'm still light-handed, rolling the red silk around Gwen's doll."Come on, hang in the
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Chapter 8: Play Chess.
The car stops in front of a Go Hall where the fairy named Oralie John plays chess or plays chess again. The outside of the hall is quite small, but it's very clean, and it's very different from the outside. This place has a space for smokers and a private room where many visitors can hold a flag debate. "Do you want something to drink?" - Oralie the Elder took off her coat and put it aside. "A hot, low-sugar Oolong tea." - I don't refuse the kindness of Elder Oralie, but a cup of tea won't ruin this man. I rearranged the chessboard and checked each chess box to see if there were any other colors in it. Elder Oralie looked at me as if she regretted not wanting to fight anymore. Maybe it's because I'm still a kid. All of a sudden Oralie asked me: "Didn't you call your parents that you were coming home late at night?" I paused for a moment and continued to check the chess box as if it was the same. "I have no parents." The immature, calm voice of someone else, not my own. Or maybe
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Chapter 9: Little's Girl.
Pay attention to the new customer's store. A little girl, about seven or eight years old, with shoulder-length brown hair. Normal clothes have faded, but they are also relatively clean and easy to see. Her face was a little pale and there was no expression of emotion on that immature face, especially in her eyes, which seemed very distant and vague.I just found out, her eyes... She doesn't have light. The little girl... I can't see anything but dark black.If I had known this, I wouldn't have been able to find out more about the cause. I went to a glass cage, caressed it a little, and considered it a farewell to my child. Wonder why I don't have to open Yin Yang's eyes to see what kind of puppet this little girl's fate fits?Because... As soon as they entered the store, all the puppets were sitting on chairs in glass cages, with only one standing, both arms touching the glass cages. Eyes, towards the girl sitting... quietly looking, without a sound.When I opened the glass cage, I
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Chapter 10: The Story Of The Litter Girl.
I was about six years old, sitting behind a window near the teacher's lounge. Since then, I know my heart is getting colder.In my heart, I always feel like I'm a burden to my mother. Looking at my friends around, I know they have more people who suffer than themselves. But what can I do, I'm not God, the less capable I will be of changing fate, I'm determined to try to help my mother partly, sweep the house, clean the house, fold the clothes... which we... can do.Maybe it's because I always pray to the gods on the high ground every night, hoping my mother will be promoted to a higher rank and that I won't suffer anymore.I can't see what the world is like, what the color of the sky is like. If one thing is lost, God will give me another. I can smell the air, the scent of leaves, flowers, and old pages. I can hear the sound of the wind blowing.Yes, I was given a strange gift by God.That's, "The Ears of the Wind," just as long as there's no wind, I can hear everything around the ci
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