Chapter 187

Rohan suddenly received a parcel at his house. They can't be certain who it came from because nothing says who the sender is. He just laid it down on the dining table while they wondered what it really inside of it.

Meanwhile, Rohan opened the box and saw an envelope inside.

He glanced at Versa for a moment as well as at Patrice who was beside him. When he opened the black envelope, they found a peace of ring.

“Whose is this?” confused, he said.

“What do you mean? doesn't your wife own that ring?” at the same time, Versa points to the ring on his palm.

“This ring doesn't belong to her. It's not the wedding ring my wife and i have, either.” He replied with a look of astonishment on his face.

They all seemed shocked and confused by what was happening.

“Then whose ring is that?” the detective took the ring that was in Rohan's hand, and he examined it closely.

It shines beautifully as there are engraved on it's side with the letters ‘D & J’.

"D and J?” astonished said of the old detecti
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