The Garden of Sinners

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The Garden of Sinners

By: Crimsade OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Kazer is a young man suffering from amnesia who was scouted out by the Commander of the Martian Confederacy. After being treated like trash for his whole life, he accepts the chance to make a name for himself without realizing the true details of his mission. While out on his first mission to scout out Earth, a planet lost to time, Kazer gets hit with the hard truth that everyone around him hates him. Left for dead, Kazer now roams the forgotten planet in an attempt to recollect his memories and to hunt down the ones who betrayed him.

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Second Chance
“Huff…huff…huff…”The sound of a single person’s panicked breathing echoed through a long, ruined hallway of a ruined office building. He swiftly navigated through the rubble to escape an unknown threat that gave chase from behind. His panicked steps we overshadowed by the roaring stomps of an enormous beast that growled from the shadows. In front of the man were seven others, all dressed in the same attire; a dark blue, skin-tight suit with plated joints and red accents that glowed softly. They had helmets that resembled that of a spacesuit, however; they were not so bulky. A heavily tinted visor that prevented those from the outside from seeing their face while giving them maximum protection against the violent UV rays covered the font of the helmets. The area was illuminated a light brown as the fractured moon above served as their only source of light during the chase. “!!!” The panicked man who was lagging behind the rest let out a pained sound as he tripped on a
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Barren Planet
Kazer walked down the barren path deprived of life and color. Along the lifeless path were mass grave sites, ruined buildings, deteriorated vehicles, skeletal remains of humans and animals, and withered trees. The only sound was his own steps crunching the dry, cracked road below him. As he approached a large cluster of buildings, more military vehicles populated the area. Beside some of the vehicles were the remains of soldiers and human-shaped robots. The motionless corpses of both were stripped of their gear. The only thing left behind were cracked helmets with a flag on them. However, the was flag sun-bleached, which made it hard for Kazer to make out what country the soldier had once belonged to. Kazer pulled out his map once again to reconfirm where he was.“So if the Alpha zone is here…” He paused for a moment and looked at the helmet once again. He inspected the faded flag and found a hint of red and blue bands.*BANG*Kazer jumped as
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Fleshy Machines
“USER: KAZER GLENN.” The machine’s voice filled Kazer with joy as his weary eyes failed to stay open. The morning sun peeked over the dust-covered wasteland, reminding Kazer that he needed to get some rest. During the night, Kazer reprogrammed the broken-down machine and modified the existing parts on it, as well as adding his own improvements. He had replaced the broken arm and gave a new one that was brown and had a small knife attached to the underside acting as a hidden blade. There was a thin metal plate that covered all the joints of the machine and the bullet-proof vest was reinforced with a thick place of steel that was ripped straight off the tank. The original arm cannon was left untouched, as Kazer had no experience working with firearms. “Salvage 001,” Kazer yawned, “Defend the area.” “AFFIRMATIVE.” The robot brought its newly fixed arm to its head and gave Kazer a salute. Kazer then walked over towards the now ever more destroyed tank and walked
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——“Annnnd done!” A cheerful voice called out from behind Kazer. He felt a soft push on his back as he stood up. His torso was wrapped in a thick, white cloth that was moistened with a clear disinfectant. His blue suit rested around his waist. Kazer examined his body, then turned and faced the girl behind him with a smile. She was about his height, with long brown hair that reached her waist. The tips of her hair had jade green highlights that matched her eyes. Her eyes smiled back at him as he averted his gaze. “You should really be more careful. I get Lloyd is rough with you, but you don’t need to push yourself to become something you are not. Some dreams aren’t meant to come true, you know.” She spun around Kazer and place a finger on his nose. “You understand, right?” She spoke to him in an overly friendly way.Kazer’s face turned beet red as he quickly turned around in a panic and placed his suit back on. W
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*Cling*“Your wide open!”“Whoa-oof!” Within a barren desert were the sounds of clashing steel mixed with the voices of two people. A scorching brown sun bathed the area with an unforgiving heat. Sand and dust danced in the air around the battlefield decorated with rusty boats and large rocks. “Stop rushing without a plan!” A calm yet harsh feminine voice ranged out towards a poor young man who constantly getting thrown around. The man’s back collided with a small, rusty fishing boat. He quickly got back onto his feet as if nothing had happened. His gray cloak, stained with blood and sand, covered his dark blue suit. A large rusty blade, covered in dents, rested in his only hand. He took a deep breath and rushed towards a woman with dark hair, dressed in the same cloak. She wielded a large blade with claw-like thorns near the base of the blade. Watching the man run towards her, she dug her feet into the sand and brought her blade behind her. Once the man was wi
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The Living Maze
“So here we are." As the morning sun lazily shined through the thick clouds above, Laetitia and Kazer stood at the entrance of the mist-covered city. They stood in the remains of a dried-up river bed that has not seen water for thousands of years. The orange mist was dense, and it spun clockwise around the city as if something was keeping it contained. The unusual barrier made no sound. Laetitia stood in front of Kazer with her blade drawn and at her side. She reached her right hand into her cloak and pulled out her mask. It was a dull leather mask with a torn front. After putting it on, she looked at the ground and noticed something familiar embedded in the gravel. She went to pick it up. “Umm… Cassius?” She turned to face him with a confused look while hiding the object she found. “Have you been here before?” “No, this is my first time being here.” Laetitia’s stare did not stop. “Look, I’m serious, when I came too for the first time, I was in those ruins back there. I show
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Blood Lust
Metal shavings danced in the gentle wind accompanying the howling screeches of the saw blade grinding its sharp teeth against the steel gate that stood firmly in place for thousands of years. Kazer, with his only hand, was crouched near the ground, cutting out a final line that would allow them access into the old clinic. With worry painted clearly on her face, Laetitia paced frantically back and forth behind him. Kazer glanced back every now and then with a creepy grin. “Annnnnd done.” A large, crooked, rectangular chunk of metal fell onto the ground with a hefty thump. Kazer’s saw hissed as a stale wind blow out of the clinic. A strong odor stopped Kazer for a few seconds before he placed his mask back on. Kazer placed his tool on the metal chunk and walked in. The inside of the clinic was covered in dust and mold. A gentle white light shined from a dozen brass-coated, hanging ceiling lights. Two skeletal remains of humans sitting at a desk with their heads resting on the
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