Chapter 129 - The storm that unites

Chapter 129 - The storm that unites

"Come in." Asked Alex. The squeaking sound of the wheels finally stopped when it reached its destination. It turned out that the serving hood hid the small roasted meat, and many did not forget that Archimedes also provided them with hot drinks.

The fun conversation started again. Even this time, Archimedes brought a notebook and writing utensil whenever Alex spoke. Now they take turns telling what each individual knows.

He doesn't explain how things in the future can function as usual, and Alex isn't too deep into its elements, either. But that was enough for Archimedes to make further discoveries.

Page after page until maybe their conversation can produce dozens of printed books about science and discoveries in the future. Having finished with the conversation, Archimedes excused himself for Alex to go rest.

He even prepared another dish for Mala and Sia so they could eat the same food. Archimedes took the trolley that a
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