Life In Another World

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Life In Another World

By: Vincente Paul OngoingGames

Language: English

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I love games because they are better than reality. Fejize loves video games. He always wanted to experience a fantasy world, he always wish to experience magic. One day after playing level up his wish came true he was teleported into the game. Instead of an exciting and new adventure he saw how hard it was and realized he need to keep moving forward to survive in this world. Along with his friends Rem and Sussy together they fight for survival.

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17 chapters
Level Up
"Where am I?" I was spacing out, all I saw was nothing. It was pure white, silent, and warm. Where I was is like an isolated place outside the universe with literally no time and space. "What" I was baffled I couldn't act or think clearly, I saw myself in a city, whenever I tried thinking back, I developed a serious headache it hurts a lot but I do remember I was in my room playing a video game, "Come to think of it, this is a fantasy world. based on how I dress it's just like in a fantasy game.I felt butterflies in my stomach when the idea crossed my mind that I might have teleported into a game just like those isekai anime I watched. There are close to or more than 300 people here. I wonder if we can communicate. I walked straight to an average guy.  Read more
Chapter Two
Into the woods The first scenario started, everyone was running heading straight into the forest, run run run that was the message.  I finally made it, breathing heavily. I checked my HP at 70 percent, I lost 30 percent when fighting those lv 1 monsters, but I made 165 coins, time to put my efforts into use. When I open my system I locate and click on the store . I smirked when I saw it, back in the real world playing level up you need a map to easily navigate through the forest.  This is bad, looking at the items. The map I actually wanted is gold, GoldenMap and it was 1500 coins to purchase it, the other map goes for 145 coins. biting my lip.  This is bad because the ordinary map shows just the landmarks of the forest, b
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Chapter Three
Fejize, Sussy, Rem and Julie walked into a cave where the dragons are. Julie summoned the courage to join us. When we went deep inside we saw crystal all over the place. It was beautiful.  "I don't see any sign of people around, are you sure your friends are here?" I asked Julie. "Yes," Julie replied, her hands on her chest she was trembling.  "Does it mean that the dragon has power to make someone disappear," said Rem. "I doubt," I walked straight to a crystal I touched and inspected  it, I said, "dragon can only breathe out fire, we can't fight it head on we need a plan, Julie, your magic ability is charming what does it do?""I can create an illusion," Julie replied. "That's perfect, her powe
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Chapter Four
The World[ MAGIC RING AVAILABLE 150 ]  Things weren't looking good, players in the scenario became more anxious there were more battles. We were still inside the dragon cave. I said,  " are you guys seeing this, the total ring was 300 but now 150."  "I am too exhausted to use my future sight, someone must have hacked into the system," said Rem. "I thought they changed the rules of the game," I said.  "What Rem said was right, someone hacked into the game, you can't just change the rule when an event is ongoing," said Sussy. "Then we can't just sit here, we need to start going," Read more
Chapter Five
 "I can feel his magic energy, he's the one who cast a spell on Rem,". Said Sussy.  Surely they are not ordinary people, what do they want?  "We are here for you," said Hacker. "Drop the girl and come with us," said cracker. "Should I drop Rem?" I asked.  I thought about it, is it me they want then, why did they cast a spell on Rem I was curious, I asked, "What did you do to Rem?"  I was showing a little bit of courage, since they want something with me I have the feeling they won't kill me. That gave me some spirit to chat with them.  "Oh is that the girl I used my power on, that's really bad for her," said Hacker.&nbs
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Chapter Six
Survival. Why am I weak, I can't do a single thing, why does it always have to be Rem, my knees on the floor. I was in a lot of tears feeling regret. Ever since I saw her she has been in one problem. "Sussy," I started calling on Sussy, I saw her lying down and I rushed to her.  "Sussy, Sussy," I continued calling her, she had passed out, "this isn't safe I need to get into town, the next scenario is survival. I need to stop acting as if everything was going exactly according to the game I played a lot. In the game Suho always travels with Rem. She never falls into any deep sleep. This is a life in another world, a world I wish for. I guess one should be careful of what he wishes for. Read more
Chapter Seven
The corpse collectorSussy fell asleep, I left the room, walking around the places, there were some who came prepared they came in with foodstuffs. I saw Marco with his guild members drinking. I went straight into an abandoned area. It was dark, dusting and looking so I looked around then saw that it's the same just like in the game.  So I found the place which would take me underneath the house. It was dark and cold, I kept on moving forward, then I sensed Mana. I know what's guarding this place. [ LV EIGHT MONSTER BLACK HALO ]  Black halo guard this area, they are rats having a white long tail. I said, "I just pray the magic item is here." I walked further into a light, I saw the black halo, the halo strikes, he shoots bolts of lightning from the tip of his tail I evaded it usin
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Chapter Eight
 Landlord I was going insane, I realized I was in an extremely annoying bad status being a version of confusion. My HP is decreasing, this is an attack of the corpse collector.  I quickly brought out my health recovery item which I bought after killing the black halo. I was glad I saved it for later, when I used the recovery health things became normal it neutralised the despair magic.  To my surprise I didn't expect it to save me from despair. I jumped out from hiding using a combo skill. I combined both my magic arrow and dragon breathing fire. I shot the collector and the arrow exploded inside the collector, but still no damage.  The collector attacked, I jumped out of the building while in mid air I sh
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Chapter Nine
Altair vs hacker Someone screams the third day is already upon us.  [ THE VARMILION BEAST ] these beast were everywhere in the safe house they don't have any magic ability and that's the only good part, but they are powerful and strong, one of varmilion bite can tear the human being. Fighting the beast was hard, since we all have one common enemy we fought together but no matter how many times we kill them they keep on coming. We have to keep on fighting and surviving till the scenario ends.  Suho can kill them in one hit, using his vector ability also with his lightning strike. I wasn't fighting in close range. Having the magic arrow is a blessing. I just kept on firing.  <
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Chapter ten
Gina's House Hacker smash Altair on the ground " you need more power to break my defense " said Altair. Using the astral smite on Altair wasn't enough to break through Altair armor as Altair armor remained unscratched even after the heavy attack. Altair was still on the ground and Hacker swung his astral smite to attack Altair. Altair increased his gravity; he made it twenty times astronger. " The gravity became heavier, " said hacker. Hacker was baffled, " how can someone have that much power," said hacker. It was terrific, hacker couldn't move Altair spined and kicked him on his leg, Hacker lost balance and landed on the ground. Altair raised his hammer up and was about to smash Hacker on the ground,
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