Chapter 137 - The God of Death from Egypt

Chapter 137 - The God of Death from Egypt

"Anubis." shrieked Mala.

"Is she a monster?" Alex asked curiously. Because this is the first time I have seen a figure similar to a human, I can really feel the pressure of the power it has. Alex felt his figure was a power derived from a magic man, more or less like Kitsune.

Mala's eyes bulged, listening to Alex's little words. After that, she realized that this man was not wrong just because he didn't know the origin of the figure who was now standing on the horse carriage.

She realized that all her subordinates were definitely not human masks. They also covered their faces, and something wrapped most of their bodies in wrapped bandages.

After a while, the system provides information about the creature.

[Anubis is the Egyptian god of Death. He was wolf-headed, tall, and mighty. Despite his sinister appearance, God Anubis is unselfish. He serves as a judge of the souls of the dead with success. In the frame, th
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