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Quantum technologies are like taking resources from another dimension. This comparison was considered more of a metaphor by everyone, exactly before in 2066 a gap formed in the digital quantum network into another world, similar to MMORPG. Only unlike the game, it was real and the resources that were taken out of it materialized in our world. But the pioneers, who rushed into the rift in the thirst to get rich easily and quickly, were in for an unpleasant surprise. Death in this world led to death in the real world. A guy named Tim, who lost his job, due to circumstances decides to become a "player" - a tunneler in the rift. He was waiting for the fate of an ordinary monster killer or miner, giving most of his earnings to corporate workers, if at one point a mysterious Artifact did not fall into his hands.

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A huge game complex-bar floated by. Here you can have a drink, and a striptease watch, and there is a game room, both with gambling and with old billiards. It's the day, so it's closed for now. The residential mega complex has moved, overhanging: huge, mighty, reaching to the lead clouds that block the light of the sun, lowering a shadow on the city, turning the surrounding space into a picture drawn with a simple pencil. Only neon signs of various establishments, clubs, tattoo parlors, small implant clinics and small shops dilute this gray picture with paints. The door opened with a hiss, letting us into the spacious hall. Ahead you can see the stairs leading to the next floor, on the right there are dozens of elevators. In this residential mega complex there are a thousand floors and each has a hundred apartments. In fact, a small town located in one building. The most interesting thing is that the entrance to it is not only on the first floor. There is an exit from higher transpo
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Realizing that I could not turn away, that if I did not answer now, then in a couple of minutes a couple of muzzles would break into the apartment, and then really would not be well, I accepted the call, transferring it directly to the projector, which immediately changed the image of the studio from the announcer continuing to tarator to a dark room. Most of the screen was occupied by a dark face with clearly Mexican features, with a black oblong mustache and a smoothly shaven chin. He has long black hair gathered on the back of his head in a ponytail, an elongated dark face covered with scars and wrinkles. Dark as a pair of olives, the eyes looked out from under the thick eyebrows that converged over the bridge of the nose."Well, hello, Tim," the man said in a hoarse voice as he leaned back in his chair.He is dressed in a white plaid shirt, the unbuttoned top of which exposes the chest and neck, covered with tattoos.- Hello Yuji.The man stared for a few moments, pursing his lips
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- Yes. Not without it, Alex agreed with his lips pursed. - But think about it. If luck smiles, then in one raid, albeit through the checkpoints of the corporation, you can earn up to forty thousand credits.I froze when I heard this amount. Forty thousand credits. Quite a lot. Twelve such raids and, consider it, a debt as never before. Just to fit in the allotted two weeks.I felt the warmth spilling in my chest. My situation doesn't seem to be entirely hopeless"That's if I'm lucky," Alex added, seeing the fire of excitement in my eyes. - Usually they get two or three thousand for a raid - but also not bad, albeit at the risk of life.Two or three thousand? Little. And yet better than nothing. In general, even if you receive so much, then in a couple of weeks you can give part of the money to Yuji and try to convince him to increase the term. Of course, in this case, he will put me on the counter, and I will have to pay not only the amount of debt, but also interest, but this is bett
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So. So what to choose? More logical than a healer - he stands behind his backs, heels, buffaets and does not fight monsters. The lightness of being, as they say. Only here is a strong dependence on allies. I will not be able to extract anything myself in solo, and I will receive production on a residual basis, because others are at risk, and I am just support. If it weren't for the limited time and huge debt, I probably would still choose a healer, but for some reason I have to take a battle mage.Make sure you select correctly, distribute the characteristics, enter a name, and confirm Battle Mage:Life points – 100Mana points – 20Physique – 1Agility – 1Spiritual Power – 1Skills: None.Magic Damage Modifier – 0.Physical damage modifier – 0.Magic Protection Modifier – 0.Evasion modifier – 0.The chance of a critical attack is 0.Experience up to the next level of 0 out of 200.Available points features: 1So, then you can throw one point of the characteristic. Since I'm a magi
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The manual was really small. While I was wandering along the road to the Launch, or rather to the place where the weakest monsters should be, I managed to read it several times.First, the characteristics:Physique – responsible for the number of life points, for your physical parameters, such as endurance or strength, which is responsible for the damage of melee weapons.Agility – for the speed of movement, as well as reaction and accuracy. As it turns out, this parameter is important not only for "archers", but also for "killers", who may wield daggers, but speed and evasion are important to them.Spiritual Power – Responsible for the power of spells, for protection from magic, the speed of spell creation, and is also required to study higher levels of spells.Other than that, I have a small magic vault. Let things in it fold into a certain space, but its weight is reflected in me. Simply put, if I put an anvil weighing under 70 kg in a magical space, then I will simply be crushed t
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The locals, neatly dressed, squint at me with suspicion, but no one shows open hostility. It's understandable, I have zero reputation in the city. Of course, you can make a negative one, but it is better to raise it to a good one. With a good reputation, discounts in stores will be available to you and people will be more welcoming. At least that was the case in a lion.I went to the town hall, but they wouldn't let me in. I was climbing the stairs when a guard standing still stepped to the side, blocking the entrance to the building.- Stop! Where do you go? He said without malice, but there were clearly notes of wariness and mistrust in his voice."I'm going to the head of the city," I said.- Any beggars are not allowed to disturb Mr. Walf.I froze. In a lion, the dialogues took place automatically, or some with pop-up answers. Here, as expected, there is nothing of the sort. Well, let's try to improvise. Of course, I don't remember the dialogue in the game when visiting the town h
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Yes, there are game laws, but this world is real. This is really some kind of parallel reality, the passage to which has opened up in a quantum network. To be honest, it looks like some kind of surrealism, but in fact, ore, rare metals, gold and other valuables are mined from here, which are already in short supply, in our world, which has depleted the resources of the planet due to a policy of unrestrained and endless increase in consumption."Well done," he wheezed. - Looks like you can really help me.Quest: kill two slimes, bring Alast 2 pieces of remains.Solved.Award received: : 40 experience points. 2 small mana potions.Thin, wrinkled skin-covered fingers, like a chicken's foot, quickly pushed back the latch, the loops creaked obnoxiously.- Let's put the remains here.I handed them to the alchemist."Take it, since you're a magician, you must have spent mana," he said, holding out 2 small glass bubbles filled with a blue ink-like liquid in response.As soon as I picked them
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Goosebumps ran down my back and arms. Wow. Why am I so excited? Where does this excitement come from? I'm scared and curious at the same time! So, then, what is the romance of adventure. This is how travelers felt in the past, discovering uncharted lands, finding new animals and other civilizations. Breathing in full, I continued on my way. I came to the habitat of the mucus half an hour later. Mana has already been regenerated, but I am in no hurry to kill simple mucus - it is not enough how much it will take for a large one. All that's left is to find it. Belatedly, I realized that I should have asked Alasta what kind of hunters ran into a huge slime, and then they would find out the most specific place where they saw it. It is too late to return, and laziness, but for the future it is necessary to take as a rule better to learn the details of the task. In general, you need to learn at least from your mistakes. I moved across the fields, carefully going around the slime. They do
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Congratulations, You killed the slime boss.Gained experience points – 200 + 20 for killing a monster a level higher than yoursGot a new level.1 feature point is available.Rewards received; 500 Zen. Chest of the boss of slimes. Remain of the boss of smiles-1pc.In connection with the receipt of the level, all the mana instantly recovered. I exhaled, looking at the bonuses I had received.Tim Battle Mage 2lvlLife points – 130 Mana points –22Physique -2 Agility – 2 Spiritual power – 3 Skills. Small fire strike (10 damage, 5 mana)Magic damage modifier – 0Physical damage modifier – 0 Magic Protection modifier – 0 Evasion modifier – 0 The chance of a critical attack is 0 Experience to the next level; 92 out of 450 Not such a big increase. The strange thing is that the spiritual power should increase the magical damage, but I show that the modifier is zero. Looking at the manual left by Alex, I saw that the threshold of change is overcome every 5 characteristics. Simply put,
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For a few moments, I stared at the second sentence as it slowly disappeared. Why the message was duplicated did not reach me immediately. And as soon as I realized, my heart fell into my heels. The second message, if I may say so, is systemic. There was a trick in Alion Online that if any player found or created a very rare item, it was reported throughout the server. And you could choose the setting: leave it incognito or allow the name of the "lucky one" to be announced. I quickly opened the inventory. The revival stone is suspended on a thin golden chain. He himself is black, processed and looks like some kind of jewel, in the depths, if you look closely, you can see a moving pattern similar to the image of a galaxy. I opened the description of the item. The stone of revival. The object of rarity is “artifact”. Properties of the item When the bearer dies, a minute later revives him at the place of death. Roll back 5 days. +600 points life points. +600 mana points. +100% to th
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