Chapter 168 - The containing milk and cheese

Chapter 168 - The containing milk and cheese

The cows, who have been busy picking up grass every time they set foot, now look like they have to chew energy as if they will never stop moving their mouths. They returned after doing their respective tasks.

Karta spread out the mats, and they gathered for breakfast. They had prepared their own lunch and then showed everyone what food they had brought today. Of all the food served there, only Krisna got a lot of sweets to give.

While others brought leftovers from last night's festival, some brought new food. But that is not an obstacle when all the dishes served can still be swallowed by the mouth and stomach.

He gave candied candy to Alex, who didn't really like this kind of dish and couldn't refuse, let alone the other children seemed to wait for a response from him. Finally, he accepted the gift and ate it.

Even though Alex really wanted to eat a dish containing milk and cheese from another child. Since it was
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