Solo Role Playing: I Can See The Plot

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Solo Role Playing: I Can See The Plot

By: yohananmikhael OngoingGames

Language: English

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Raymond's got his second life, he's the main character and has to follow a certain plot. Now, he's able to play with his fate, but the information he could learn about the future was limited to the coverage of each chapter of the plot. How could he survice the challenge thrown at him?

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Raymond was an orphan, disconnected from society. He was part of it, actually, but he chose not to interact with them. His parents died when he was ten years old, and since that day, he had changed. He became lifeless and just listened to everyone and did everything that they expected. Truth be told, it wasn't hard to live up to their expectations. Well, it was because their expectations were so low that they had nothing grand to expect from him. He was an uncommon child. He didn't socialize with others. What could they expect from him? Raymond was just like a dot in a masterpiece. He wasn't emphasized, but even with it, he was part of that masterpiece. But even though he was like that, he was the most intelligent of his age. Despite being only ten years old, he already knew how to be mature and think rationally. If not, how could he remain like that lifeless kid with no expression painted on his face? It was impossible as he came from a warm family. That was a change in his per
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Raymond's Memories
The memories of the previous owner of the body merge with the memories Raymond had. They were rushing like water in a river stream, with Raymond at the end of the river, as if he was a vast wide ocean.Coincidentally, Raymond had the same name as the previous owner of the body, who was also Raymond. Raymond could only be jealous as he read through the memories.And slowly, as those memories rushed back to him, eventually becoming his, he lost the jealousy he was feeling. It all diminished as the memories became his, and there, he concluded.What if he was reincarnated and retained his previous life's memory? Now that this had occurred, the absurd things he had imagined were becoming a reality.Reincarnation? Now that he has experienced it, he should not dismiss an idea more fantasy-like like this. There were plenty of things that weren't impossible now, as more memories and information reached his system.In this world, he lived with a warm family, just like before his tenth birthday
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Role Play System
Suddenly, a system window appeared before Raymond. He was so surprised that he wasn't able to gather the first words. But just when the window stayed in his field of vision, he mumbled. "What is this?" Raymond contemplated what was in front of him. It was azure blue and transparent. The font was also dark with white borders, and the corners of the window had some artistic curling designs like a Greek pillar. Raymond decided to keep an eye on it and assess its concept. He read all the way through the description before jumping to a conclusion. --- Name: Raymond (Commoner) Lv: Unawakened (Commoner) Stats: Locked (Commoner) Talent: Unawakened (Commoner) Skill: Unwakened (Commoner) --- It was the status, but supposedly, he should not be able to see it, as to see the status, a card was required. And also, it was a profile of a person, so it wouldn't be able to check it easily. There was a rule behind these profiles, and so, since it was common sense for everyone, Raymond could
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Injecting the Plot
Information rushed to Raymond's head as soon as he clicked the word "Inject." It was the button for him to have the plot and learn what the destined incident was supposed to happen. And as it rushed to his mind, he was calm, sitting on his bed with no particular expression.It was as if he was listening to music that brought a few colors to his eyes. Even with his eyes closed, he still saw plenty of dashing colors in a form called memory.The information became part of his memory, and that made Raymond accustomed to what would happen in the future. There were plenty of unwanted and crucial moments before the Awakening Ceremony, and in this chapter one covered his whole one-year training after the Awakening Ceremony as well.There was plenty of information ranging from the easiness of it all, to loving moments, problems, etc. But what was crucial was the information about things around him that he was supposed to not know before.In the political affairs that brought him difficulties,
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Chapter One: Awakening Ceremony
Raymond browsed once more through the system window. Apparently, it can be called. After plenty of attempts to summon it, it can be called "System." Crazy, but Raymond's guesses were inspired by the books he had read.Finally, Raymond was reading all the way through the description of Chapter One. The requirements that he had read before, and the previous description were only a summary. Raymond should understand more of them first.---Chapter One: Awakening CeremonyAfter awakening a # Grade Talent, you will receive your first skill from the same ceremony. You will be tasked with improving your grasp of the Talent you have and will come to the academy after a month.The month will decide if the student is qualified to be supported by the village. If the student couldn't grasp more of their Talent, the village would put them on the waiting list where their studies would be extended for two years for them to learn more about it.---Raymond nodded as he tried to understand every word
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Three Months Later...
Is it best to feel the warmth of being alive? This was the experience Raymond always wanted to treasure and might be the most beautiful thing that ever existed in his life. His life on Earth stopped when he was 12, but another life continued at 12 as well. Even if there were problems presented to him in the future, he at least had some clues on how to fix and overcome them. What Raymond needed to learn now was how to use mana. Indeed, even though he was still unawakened, he had a chance to feel the mana. In the past, there were cases where unawakened people were able to feel the mana. They were called prodigies, not only because of their ability to feel the mana but because they were also able to open a status card without being awakened. What was it? Well, it was only a normal status card. It shows people's progress and what would appear there if an unawakened person were able to open it. Well, only their stats. People with these kinds of abilities are always one step ahead of o
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Hidden Stats
"So I only progressed this much? It isn't that disappointing. I still have more time to come. The more energy I get, the more immersed I am in it." Raymond mumbled while in his meditation. After a while, Raymond decided to stop meditating for a few hours and went to the living room of their house. He then met his younger sister, Lilia, there. "Big Brother! Can you help me with this, please? I accidentally pulled the curtain earlier." Lilia asked, with the teary eyes of a child. Raymond snickered, then nodded. He approached his sister and helped her with the fixing of the curtain. After that, his sister thanked him. "No problem," Raymond said, then left her. Apart from preparing for his MP, Raymond had to think about his physical strength. With constant practice, strength rises. So, he might be thinking of exercising. However, of course, he should not exert himself too much on it. He was still 12 years old, and his bones were still weak at that age. He still needs more improvemen
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Practice Hunting [1]
"Hunting? Why would we go hunting? I am still not at the right age." Raymond replied to his father, who was preparing some materials.His father looked at him from top to bottom, then went back to his face. His father smirked, then went back to preparing."Look at your body. It is forming well, but it would be wasted if you didn't practice hunting. After all, your age would be the best age to practice hunting." His father said.Raymond was left wondering. It was not because of why he should practice, but how his father thought of it. From his memories, his father never asked him to practice hunting. This just made him curious about the change.Was it perhaps that he was training? But even with it, his father was not the type of person that would ask him to go hunting since his father was one of those overprotective parents.Raymond was left with no choice. He then searched for his mother and looked at her. His mother only snickered at him, knowing that he was looking for an ally. But
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Practice Hunting [2]
"Vertical Slash..." Raymond mumbled on his position as he looked at how greatly his father finished the monster. It was too easy, perhaps because it was only level one.Knowing that the mother was already dead, so Raymond moved and approached his father since he had some questions in his mind. As he approached him, he noticed that his father was flawlessly cleaning the blood from his sword.'What an amazing father...' Raymond thought."Father, at what level can you survive? I heard some voices calling 'levels,' then I thought there was a power range standard in this venue."His father was dumbfounded for a second as his son mentioned it to him. Then, later on, he smiled and patted Raymond's head. He brushed the hair strands and then complied with his question."You really are a genius, Raymond. But to answer your question, I can only take level three, and you must be curious about how I can easily kill that, huh. Was that the reason you asked me?"Raymond nodded to his father's questi
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A Maggot [1]
Raymond was only waiting a few months until his 14th birthday. His family held a small celebration with his friends and some close neighbors. He was happy about it and enjoyed his birthday, as it only comes once a year.He truly loves this life. It was as if his wishes from the past were now fulfilled. Well, indeed, this life was already fulfilled since his family and friends were around him.He was never hungry for love. He was full of it and received much more than he wanted. But there was still one thing that he was happy about. This year, his stairs would be formed.He was afraid and angry because his memories showed that this family was trampled by someone who had a position in the village. However, as he had come prepared, he was dedicated to taking revenge, or it would be appropriate to call it a play.Revenge would not be funny if the other party didn't know their mistakes. And so, it would be a play since it was fated that their family was already corrupted.He didn't hate th
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