Chapter 250 - The backed away

Chapter 250 - The backed away

She warns Alex against dealing with the fox. Kitsune is far more dangerous than his sister's strength. She can change the destiny given by the gods and spoil life more easily. Alex couldn't do much. To unite them was unstoppable.

He saw Nana in a position that was just as familiar with events as he was now. Alex tries to get Nana to side with him. As the leader in this mission, Alex must take actions and steps that can unite them.

Nana asks Alex what to do, and seeing as Sanao is on alert, she prefers to obey Alex's wishes. He asked Nana to step back with him, and slowly she moved on command.

Sanao glanced at her partner and ensured there was no sudden attack from Kitsune. Alex told the fox to lower her fan and reminded her she had signed a contract as a loyal follower. If it weren't for there already being a contractor and receiver relationship, Kitsune wouldn't hesitate to attack regardless of Alex.

Sanao still gripped her swo
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