Chapter 271 - The other passengers

Chapter 271 - The other passengers

The captain wanted the fear tried to get on his ship reduced, seeing the wonders of the inhabitants. Coral reefs and small fish become something interesting to show. Mala was so enthusiastic about listening to what the person had to say.

She is not fun in this world. Some people have ideas for future humans. It had been a long time since she had seen the beauty in the ocean since the last time aliens colonized humans.

They walked closer to the ship's engine, which aims to connect the ship's floor to be attracted and open. Vessels covered in special glass have been shown several times but could not open as usual lately.

They wandered around, looking at a series of connected machines. Nana finally found the main reason the engine could not be moved. There were many wrinkles and small holes, so water entered the machine, causing the iron to rust.

Also, garbage is dumped in the same place, which hinders the movement of the gear
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