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Rob is a young man who works in the entertainment department. It is in his power to arrange ratings and admit new games to the market of the America Federation. A new game, nothing unusual, a hundred times run-in pattern of behavior - launch, study, understand, rate.

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I don't remember why I went to the Far Search - it was too long ago. Probably just didn't want to end up under a fence like my father, or on a black organ dealer's desk like my sister. The state gave you a chance, paid for your education and maintenance until the end of your days, even paid your salary. In return, you had to serve - again, until the end of your days.We are marauders, rats, thieves looking for fresh solutions to save the state rushing into the abyss with a roar. We just do what we're paid to do. And certainly not going to save some kind of world out there. Rather, from the point of view of some, it is time to save the world from us. All worlds, including those where we have not yet stuck our curious nose - hello to Conquista. Rob, are you ready? Fay called from the remote control. I nodded and pulled on my helmet. He ran, accelerating, towards the flaring blue-white glow. Black box III link Ogre DP. 16.VI.30 Commander Rob A. entry 1/6Again the taste of blood in
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The Interworld Conquista is an association of worlds of a medium-low level of development under the leadership of the church of the great Xolotl, which the Far Search encountered in its very first Breakouts. In the event of a collision, it is recommended to maintain a distance without entering into fire contact. Despite their technological backwardness, the Conquista fighters showed extremely high efficiency in trapping, searching for and destroying Long-Range Search operatives.From the Charter of the Far Search.There are more, there have always been more. Oh, my head ... How do they manage to constantly figure us out? They are bare-assed savages, howling against us with our own weapons! How? Mystery.Mixed in with the hangover feeling was a vaguely familiar sensation that I would have been hard pressed to pinpoint. Everything ached - my head, my eyes, my teeth... Having searched a bit in my memory, I revived a very similar feeling that happens once a year, when operatives are given
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Frost was right. With our own hands we handed over the keys to victory to Conquista. They lay on their belly and spread their legs. Although it didn’t happen before that Conquista caught us immediately at the exit point, but I suppose this is not the last such case, because ...I angrily squeezed, crushed the ill-fated cube between my fingers. Idiots, what idiots we are. We run, puff, try something, and then a well-wisher comes with rationalization proposals!I didn’t even want to think about the fact that it could be a targeted sabotage, sponsored by someone - it became completely sickening. But - and-people capable of solving just such problems - and only I guessed?I wonder at what rate these thirty pieces of silver were paid?“Fey, after returning to the base, you will hand over your weapons and official equipment. I was surprised to hear my cracked voice. “You are withdrawing from operations.- There is. the Vietnamese woman said coldly.“Do you have anything else we should know
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Top secret.Black box III link Ogre DP. 16.VI.30 Commander Rob A. entry 4/6— Hello, commander. - Suddenly heard on the command frequency. - You're good to run.- Who is it?— Conquista. Faye whispered. Rob, don't answer!"Familiar voice, who is it?""Don't you recognize me?"— Commander! Frost's tense voice was heard. “I see their captain-general!”— Distance to the target?- A mile and a half.So shoot, why are you delaying?- I don't…"What's wrong with all of you!" Fey, on the perimeter.I climbed a tree with the desire to tell Fros everything I think about him. For once, we are in a better position, we can no longer play the exchange, but snap their fighters from a distance! Return home winners!The words stood in my throat like a stake when I took the shooting complex from Froze, crouched down on the scope and saw a familiar face at maximum magnification. He looked strange in antediluvian camouflage with a primitive "Kalash" on his shoulder, but there could be no mistake. - D
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— Bitch Hyde! I yelled, pulling off my headset. Outside the windows, dawn was already painting the dull gray buildings of our department with a soft pink color. I was left alone in the office again, the last one again. Or the first, depending on how you look.From the accompanying screen, the bastard general Hyde was grinning at me, frozen. Embracing my fighters by the shoulders, enjoying their unconditional trust. And the credits slid up across the black field. Somewhere I screwed up, somewhere I missed something. According to persistent rumors on the net, the third episode of "Search" could be completed by returning to the base. True, the lucky ones who received this particular ending stubbornly kept silent, posting only the final shots with burning installations and a bottomless muzzle looking between the eyes of the protagonist.Solid terra incognita. The stubborn silence of the lucky ones gave rise to a second wave of rumors - they say, they will have to pay not with a minted co
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The department woke up, came to life - people, normal people, not maniacs like me, sitting at a toy until dawn, slowly took their places. They are not my colleagues, they do not like adrenaline, the race from danger or for the victim, they are shy of emotions and therefore they never start games with a romantic line. No one has ever seen them cry heartily or laugh out loud. Homo robotics. And why did they survive in the Last War, and not personalities like noisy Edik? Silly providence.No, of course, I did not have the abilities of Rob from "Search", I never shone with intuition, but a month of work in the department taught me to turn off my head while working on reports. And thoughts inevitably start in an empty head. Including those for which the state security may well attract for treason. It’s good, after all, that the space of thoughts has been equated with private life!The adjacent tables were already empty by the time I finished my report. Four hundred test questions, more li
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— You know, I believe analysts, I believe! - He said, looking somewhere past me. “We don’t learn anything, we keep running somewhere, in an eternal fever we absorb information, process it and add our own psychos to what we bring to others - and this chain is endless. It seems to us that the nightmare in our head is a mental activity, because it is so scary to admit that you are no better than others! Everything is on the move, on the run, monumental, really important things like principles disappear from consciousness, now opinion is more important. Have you heard the phrase "I have an opinion - you can argue with hell"? Here, we are talking about him! There are only flat one-dimensional opinions around, people do not see how they are rolling with a roar into the abyss! And all around "I", "I", "I",- Hush, hush, Edik, what are you up to? I tried to calm the chief, but it was like getting in the way of an avalanche.- You know, when I saw what game you were writing a report on, I clim
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Probably, Edik still took pity on me - in the morning, seeing my cloudy eyes and wrinkled face, first of all he took me to the office, got me a citramone pill from a safe with another poster of some incomprehensible hero of another computer toy and forced me to drink.He ordered me to hide in the Wirth and not to appear before his eyes again. To a reasonable question about the product from Aydab, he looked at me like I was crazy, and after half an hour he dropped a link to the desktop with the caption: "If anything, I warned you!"And once again, Commander Rob is back in the world of "Far Search". I warned you, Ed.I sighed and shifted my gaze from another poster demanding good food to the dark glass, behind which, in the darkness, the strands of cables rushing back were guessed. And there was another Rob - indifferent, thin and stooped, not standing out among the crowds like him. In a half-empty subway car, the observer's gaze would hardly have lingered on this figure for more than
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The midshipman turned over his right shoulder and, without looking back, hurried somewhere deep into the port, past the creaking beams of supporting structures where automatic loaders were working. And they say that people used to do a lot here, with their hands. To be honest, it didn’t fit in my head how a person could do at least something with a five-ton container. But perhaps they managed somehow?— We to "Flying"? - I asked the broad back, covered in black cloth.Without turning around, he shook his head and turned a few times. It seemed that he was either winding, covering his tracks, or…It finally arrived. Cameras! Well, of course. If you work here long enough, you will learn both the location of the surveillance devices and their sectors of view. And if you wish...As if guessing my thoughts, the midshipman chuckled approvingly and quickened his pace, sped up. “Keep up, boy.And he jumped out through the half-open gate at the checkpoint. The attendant, as if by magic, was no
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Household, household. The most terrible delusion of any person is the belief in the temporality of something. Even from the very moment when my parents left me to be devoured by the system and monsters in the dark, existence was overgrown with dust, became cloudy and became less and less clean. Dust creaks on the teeth, gets into the eyes, ears, nerves. It should be a temporary solution, but it became life.And you tell yourself that a little more, you just need to be patient - and everything will definitely work out, change for the better! It won't get better and it won't change. Any temporary part-time job threatens to become employment for life, because there is nothing more permanent than temporary. And then - as usual: you do not have time to wake up at the age of eighteen, and the anniversary is already looming on the horizon. Honor and praise to you, if by this age you have not lost the remnants of passionarity, even if periodically wiping your perception is not tea with lemon
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