Chapter 280 - The accomplices

Chapter 280- The accomplices

His only job was to keep watch on their meaning, and Alex guaranteed whatever Admiral Yi had ordered them, including telling General Kim what had happened. People who are now listening to Alex's message do not know the news of Yi Sun-shin's arrest, perhaps because one of the factors is that the access to the city is quite far from the pier and ships and the people returned, according to the schedule that was set so that such important news did not reach. Them and General Kim.

Sanao speculates it happened because General Kim would have rejected Won Gyun's decision to take over the ship's dispatch if he found out Yi Sun-shin was arrested. After all, they are partners who work well together, so General Kim respects Yi Sun-shin more than Won. Gyun.

The success of his warships and docks is thanks to Yi Sun-shin, who is agile and always brings victory to Joseon from the enemy who wants to attack the city from various directions. Even if only bri
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