Trilok - wait what! should we killl them and bring it back and why dont Astron tried to get that pieces in those years ????

Alex - Good question .. To get pieces he should kill them but he tried many times but they didnt let him to take and they got weaken now i said to bring them

As the plan they started to their destinations . When Himakar and Dhanush entered in to Zando's planet they were shocked because it was awesome to see .There houses are on clouds and only in evening they will come down . Suddenly Dhanush and Himakar felt unconscious .

After evening all people came from the clouds and doing their works and going their home but without stepping down on land .Then a old lady wake up them and asked...

Lady - Who are you both ? i didnt seen you anywhere before and what happened to you , why you slept here ?

Himakar - I think we are new to this atmosphere .By the way we are not slept , we felt unconscious.

Lady - Ok then I will take you both for my house in u
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