The Hero of Vengeance

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The Hero of Vengeance

By: DovahKean OngoingFantasy

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"Kill them all...Burn it down..." Those are the words I heard echoing in my head ever since the day I woke up in Lorelei. The voice sounds familiar. I've heard it before. But would it be crazy if I said it sounded like me? Would it be crazy...if I said i remembered dying? Utterly rediculous. To repeat the same thing over and over, expecting a different result while changing absolutely nothing. I was the son of a Duke and a commoner in a foreign land. Through pain and suffering, I somehow managed to marry a beautiful Princess of that land. You know...after my father got eaten by a dragon. And after being locked in a dungeon and tortured by her insane sister... But none of that matters now. Because my world lies in ruins. Everyone I've ever known is dead. All except my beloved, who stands to protect me with her shield. But I don't mean to say that things have been destroyed... What I mean, is much simpler. Avernia is gone. Gone forever. Lost to the plague I called 'The Black Ooze'. But I'll avenge it. I'll kill the one responsibke for massacring my family and destroying my world. They'll regret having made an enemy out of me. Because the sword I wield is called Vengeance. The Overseer sword. The Omni-Weapon. No matter the cost...I will have vengeance. I'll kill them all. I'll burn everything down. Author's note: I sincerely hope you enjoy my work, but keep in mind that I am my own editor and I don't see everything. there might still be a few errors. Sorry! This is an original work.

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  • Maxwell Bakpa


    A really nice story, if you want I could help you proofread and co-edit. let me know if you're interested

    2023-08-16 01:36:51
  • Saacid Arap


    جيت من رياض مرحبا ...

    2022-12-09 15:19:49
  • David


    Good novel so far

    2024-01-22 00:40:32
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261 chapters
Prologue: A Great Disaster
"I can already feel it. It's here.""Mizik!" A familiar voice shouted from behind.I turned to see one of my comrades. One of the protectors of this world that I've come to know as home."What is it, Carlos? Can you feel its presence?" I asked.He nodded with a grim expression."Tell me, Mizik. Can we win this battle?" Carlos asked.I gave him a weak smile."Leiso, Michael, and Dante are all dead. That just leaves me, you, and-""Can you kill the one controlling it? That's what I want to know," Carlos said."What do you think? That plague destroyed my home. It killed my fiance, my family, and all my friends. It devoured everyone I knew. I was powerless to stop it. I might be stronger now, but look at what he did to our world. We've lost, Carlos. Torantis is the last stronghold we have.""At least promise that you'll give it everything you have. For her..." Carlos said."Which one? My dead fiance or Leiso? You know I loved them both.""It doesn't matter, does it? Whatever motivates you
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Chapter 1: Quiet Before the Storm
I felt like I was falling as I slept.Many images and feelings swirled around within my dreams.Finally...I hit something soft. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling in my toom.It seems like I overslept again. I could swear I had the strangest dream...Usually, my father would wake me up in time for morning exercises.It had become a routine to train for the two of us ever since I was young.My father was actually a Duke.However...that was his official title and status in another country.Here in Albatross, I was just another commoner...Well, worse than that, actually.I was part of a noble family called the 'Iratus' family.We were supposedly a clan of warriors blessed with martial superiority. Our trademark was in our eyes.They were the color of emeralds. Different from green, as well. They gleamed like gemstones and radiated a very faint light. Even in the darkness, one could usually see the fierce gaze of an I was told, anyway. I never met any of my other f
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Chapter 2: The Mines
I followed my father to the edge of town towards the entrance to the mines. He was wearing his full arcane silver plate armor with the family crest emblazoned on the front. Two crossed swords with an emerald flame in the center. He had his longsword sheathed at his side with a kite shield hooked on his left arm. I was wearing light chainmail with a steel plate over my chest. I had a pair of plated leather chaps and steel boots. On my head was a helmet that covered all but my face. I had a small buckler shield on my arm and a shortsword at my side. My father had taught me enough about combat to where I could fight fairly well with a sword and shield. I was barely strong enough to kill a goblin, however. I was only thirteen, after all, and level 10.He had also taught me a few basic spells I could learn at my level. Many years ago, the concept of converting strength into a numerical system would have seemed completely insane, but some crazy court wizard in the north made it happen. H
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Chapter 3: Legacy
As we moved further and further into the mines, I felt pleasantly surprised at the lack of living things down here. My father seemed to be somewhat on edge, however. I wasn't sure how to feel. Should I have been happy that nothing was jumping out at us? Or should I have been worried about that, instead?The mine was in a state of eerie silence. I couldn't hear anything besides the sound of our footsteps and the low clanking of our armor.Suddenly, my father stopped dead in his tracks and stared further on. There had been torches lighting the way on the walls so far, but up ahead there weren't any at all. "These tunnels have been explored extensively. What happened to the lights?" My father said.I couldn't speak. I honestly didn't know what to think. I began to feel that same sinister feeling of being watched creep up on me once more. It felt like we were in danger..."Does it feel like we're being watched?" I asked."Yeah. I thought I was going nuts, but it's not just me it seems,"
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Chapter 4: Survival
I burst through the open entrance to the mines and collapsed on the ground.Some of the guards and miners were looking at me. There was a half-circle of magicians wearing long armored robes standing in front and chanting. The magicians stopped chanting as I fell and stared at me. I slowly stood up while panting harder than ever. My tears wouldn't stop flowing. "Well look at that. You saw something horrible, didn't you, kid? I told you that he-""SHUT UP, YOU ROTTEN BASTARD!" I screamed at the knight captain. "He was still alive! The dragon had retreated temporarily but my father lost one of his legs! He would have lived if you had just helped!!"The knight captain looked genuinely surprised to hear this. But not enough to show that he cared about my father's fate.He sighed. "Just get out of here. Go home. We have work to do," he spoke casually.The mages had resumed chanting and I was definitely standing in their line of fire. I walked between them to the lift that had originally
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Chapter 5: Insult to Injury
I got out of bed this morning and did a few stretches.I kept my important possessions in bed with me at all times and checked them to make sure nothing was missing.Good, nobody broke in.I hadn't taken the time to examine the sword, yet, but I figured now was the time.I held the sword in my hand and pulled up my status menu. {Add item to inventory?}A message suddenly appeared in front of my vision.For a moment I felt like the dumbest guy in the world. I had spent an entire week and a half holding onto my items by hand and protecting them without remembering that I had an inventory function!I was terrified that someone planned to steal from me at any moment! Almost reflexively, I grabbed all of my valuables and placed them in my inventory. The satchel in its entirety, my coin pouch, even my armor and weapons.I made a mental note to store various things around the house before going out today. Anything valuable. Anything that could be useful in any way! Items stay frozen in s
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Chapter 6: Birth of a Warrior
While I slept, I dreamt of that same scenario in the mines again. Fighting as hard as I could only to be eaten or stomped on as if I were little more than an insect.Other times, I saw myself being killed by the knight captain, too.Both he and that dragon were far stronger than I was.I slowly opened my eyes and rolled out of bed. Today, I decided not to bother with a morning workout or stretches. I have something important to take care of.After getting my armor on, strapping my sword to my side, and fastening my shield to my arm, I was ready to make my way to the adventurers guild.I made sure to lock the door behind me on my way out and walked through the main cafeteria of the inn.Before I even made it halfway to the door, I heard a cheerful voice behind me."Mizik! Good morning! Did you sleep well?"It was my newly discovered Aunt Aria. When I thought about it, my mother was named Karia. It seemed like grandpa Maul didn't have a very creative naming sense."Hey Aunt Aria, I sl
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Chapter 7: Rage Of Iratus
I had begun to get used to the smell down here so far, but I hadn't seen any goblins.My lantern was also fastened to my belt to allow hands-free lighting.I regulated my breathing just like Dad taught me and stood at the ready.Among the sound of running water, I heard the sound of something scampering about nearby.Suddenly, a three-foot-tall green fellow in a loincloth rushed at me with a rock.Immediately I felt a surge of my stored rage burst forth as I blocked the attack and bashed it with my shield.The goblin fell on the ground, then got back up and ran straight at me.I swung my sword in a diagonal crescent and chopped its head off. Blood spewed out from the wound as the goblin fell to the ground.That felt good. Satisfying. {Exp gained: 35}This was easy... All I needed to do was keep going and the numbers would rise.I only walked for a few more steps when three goblins came at me from the side. I jumped back and stabbed one of them through its neck and slammed another wi
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Chapter 8: Guerilla Warfare
A few hours (and a few dozen goblin corpses) after leaving the huge cistern, I managed to find a much smaller cistern tucked away behind several pipes and supporting pillars. I made myself a small base camp here and sorted through my inventory.I had picked up many random items dropped by the dead goblins and decided to make use of them. Many of them were small stone tools such as shivs and axes. There were a few metal daggers, a couple of spears, the crossbow with bolts, and several scraps of armor with leather.Among these things were several sinewy strings used for tying things together.Goblins were dumb. Like really dumb.But even they had craftsmen, I guess.A goblin, as stupid as it may be, was still slightly more intelligent than a dog. As such, they had likely no concept of tactics other than 'rush the enemy and overwhelm them with numbers'.I wanted to put together several tools and traps for executing goblins even when I'm not around.And while my traps are in effect, I
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Chapter 9: You or Me
I could feel my strength returning to me as I walked around in the cistern. Upon seeing the carnage I left behind, I pulled up my status menu and checked my level.{Enemies eliminated using unconventional methods and advanced tactics: 116}{Collect reward?}Hell yes! {Exp gained: 8,120}{Level up! Level up! Level up!}{3 skill points gained!}I opened the skill table to upgrade my skills. I saw several useful skills but chose to upgrade one of my other abilities first.{Skill(s) upgraded: Lightning Bolt LV.1 > Chain Lightning LV.1!}{Skill(s) gained: Piercing Shot LV.1}I opted for a skill that could be used with a crossbow this time. The one I found hadn't seen any use yet and that bothered me. My mp was doing fine, but I didn't want to overdo it if I was in real danger.Actually, that last fight only brought me down to half.I closed my status screen and started looking around the cistern for anything of value. The goblin leader had an interesting scepter; it was undamaged, so I p
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