The Invincible Ron Benedict

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The Invincible Ron Benedict

By: Olivia C. Onoh OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ron used to be the leader of the most powerful secret group in the country, but when he’s betrayed by someone next to him, his close comrade ends up gravely injured. On Sai’s deathbed, he asks Ron for a favour. “Swear to me that you will take care of my family like they are yours.” “I swear.” Years later, Ron is now married to the hotshot CEO Bella Humphrey. He cooks for her and cleans their house while still looking after her younger sister. Others mock and underrate him for being a dutiful househusband, but no one knows what Ron’s true identity is, and they will never know…

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Chapter 1: Mistaken Identity
Ron entered his home that evening. He took off his shoes and went straight for the kitchen, whistling a melody. On his way, he heard the shower running. He had thought he was alone. Bella wasn’t supposed to be back home until seven. "Ha! The office must have let her off early," Ron muttered to himself, fighting a smile. He rubbed his palms together, licking his lips and making a beeline for the bathroom. Imagining Bella with her clothes off made him thirsty. His wife was a hot woman. She had the most luscious curves he had ever seen. And he always wanted a taste. "Bella," he called, but there was no way she would hear him while the shower was running. Ron hastily wiggled out of his shorts and tossed his tee shirt behind him as he entered the bathroom. Her perky butt was all he could see through the glass. He hugged her, grabbing her big breasts from behind. "Ahhh!" The woman screamed and kicked Ron in the shin. When she faced him, he realised he had just made a fatal mis
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Chapter 2: Do You Have What It Takes?
Ron stared at the flyer and went silent for a long minute. "If it's what you want, Bella, I can't refuse you. I will apply for a job at the company tomorrow morning." He wouldn't mind being a janitor,as long as it satisfied his wife. Bella had expected him to prove difficult, but Ron was always subservient towards her. She eyed her husband one last time and went to their bedroom. Although she was the CEO of the successful company she started, their home had a minimalist touch to it. The next morning, the two sisters were staring at the empty dining table with their mouth's agape. Ron surfaced from their bedroom and kissed his wife on the cheek, grabbing an apple from the fridge next. "Good morning, my sweet wife. Sena, how did you sleep?" "Where’s breakfast for crying out loud?" A confused Sena narrowed her eyes at him. "You can whip up a bowl of cereal for yourself before school. I have a job interview to get to." Sena's jaw dropped further. Her sister was sti
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Chapter 3: The Outstanding Candidate
Ron sat down at the middle corner of the hall. Victoria Park began sharing the scripts for the job application test. The other applicants still gossiped about him and his clothes. They mocked him, betting that he would get the lowest score on the test.But Ron just folded his arms across his chest, waiting in silence for his paper so he could get this over with."No cheating, Ron!" Obnoxious Henry called out from across the grand hall. "And try not to wet your pants too much!"He laughed with the group around him until Ms. Victoria hushed them up. When she finished sharing the scripts, the grumblings increased."What the hell is this?!""I didn't sign up for a statistical math job. This is just crazy.""I got the best grades in an Ivy League college. How are my answers not in the options?!"It had only been just a minute, and so many of the applicants had sweat pouring from their faces. The room was tense.Only Ron looked calm and composed amongst the fifty of them. His hand hadn't s
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Chapter 4: Saviour Ron, The Maintenance Guy
Victoria Park ran through the halls of Fashion Factor in a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. Something unbelievable had just happened in the history of their company. She slowed at the President’s office, knocking and tugging her short, short skirt down as she entered it. The director of the Public Relations Department was here as well.“Ma’am, you need to see this!” she panted, holding Ron’s test paper over Bella Humphrey’s desk. “What’s this about, Victoria?” Adina, the tall, inquisitive director of the PR department with an endowed backside, butted in and peered into the sheet meant for her boss.“A candidate just scored full marks in the job application test!”“That’s impossible,” Bella scoffed, placing her elbows casually on her desk, “We’ve made the questions extra difficult for even high-IQ persons. No one should be able to get a full score.”“How are you so sure that this miracle candidate didn’t cheat?”Bella collected the test paper as Victoria replied in awe, “I watched him like
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Chapter 5: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Ron went agape. The woman standing at the door was tall and had a pear shaped body and a golden skin tone. Her cheeks flushed. Her eyes darted to the desk computer and back to him. “I asked you a question!” She growled.He immediately recalled her voice. It sounded exactly like the voice he heard screaming on the petite woman’s phone. “Where on earth did you run off to, ma’am?” Ron placed his hands on his waist, facing away and taunting her, “You even carelessly left your door open.”She winced fatally. “Bathroom break—Hey, I’m the one asking the questions here!”“Yes, ma’am.” Ron raised his hands in surrender. “I stumbled upon your office. No harm intended.”He clasped his hands in front of him, hiding the big problem on his lower body as he turned to her again. The star’s moans could still be heard in the background. The woman marched over and slapped the screen shut, ending the awkward moment. Mortified, she raked a hand through her hair, shutting her eyes.He bit back a laugh,
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Chapter 6: The Number One Fan
The director's chest heaved, making her breasts swell. They were so big and full. Ron forced his eyes on her angry face. “Do you mean that, Ms. Adina?”“I'm not used to bluffing. Mark my words.” She glanced at the company's security guards, who were recovering from Ron’s tactics.A useless bunch. They couldn't even get one man thrown out on her orders. And Ron hadn’t even used his muscle against them.“I didn’t mean to offend you,” Ron said, knowing this job was important and that he couldn't disappoint Bella.“Too late. I'm highly offended already,” she opened her office door wider, “Get out and never set foot in this building again.”Ron panicked. “But Ms. Adina, I'm sorry. All of this wasn't my fault.”“You've bested my guards. I want you to leave on your own before I call the damned cops on you.”Kate spared Ron a pity look, but she was helpless at the moment. She mouthed quickly, “Sorry. Thank you for saving my life, a.k.a the printer.”Ron sighed and left the director's office
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Chapter 7: As Your Husband, I Refuse!
Her Vanilla scent intoxicated him. Ron felt her breasts pressed up against his chest. Her warm soft lips made his body heat with desire. “Ahh!” A red-faced Adina shoved Ron away and he fell back on his seat from the force. “How dare you touch me?!”Ron blinked at her in shock. His body didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. He could still smell her sweet scent.“Ms. Adina, calm down. Your blood pressure might go up,” Victoria Park stuttered, in shock of the erotic moment she had just witnessed.Adina took in deep breaths, causing her breast to swell right in front of Ron. He gulped. He rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth and mumbled, “Is this lipstick?”“Victoria, show him his space and how things are done around here,” the director said in an embarrassed voice and fled the conference room after seeing her red lipstick stain on Ron’s mouth.Victoria handed Ron a tissue from the box on the table. “Thank me later.”An hour later, Ron had been oriented perfectly. He kne
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Chapter 8: Who Will Win Her Over?
Ron stared at his wife in shock. He glimpsed the smug look on Jonas’ face and scowled.“Bella—”She removed her hand with force, glaring at him like he was the one who had just picked his ex over his life partner.“He's so pathetic. I can bet he chased another man's woman all the way here,” a voice said behind and Ron glanced at the two girls in fancy dresses leaving the restaurant.“Thank God she dumped him for the wealthy one.” Ron looked the other way as another mumble came. “Look at his cheap shoes. He can't even afford a meal here, I bet.”“Did you get a perfect shot? My blog needs stories like these.”The back of Ron's neck burned. He cleared his throat. If only they knew he wasn't the one that had been dumped by Bella.Jonas pulled Bella into the restaurant and Ron followed because he could never leave his wife alone with such a man. “I reserved a table for two. Not three.” Jonas placed a hand on his chest to stop him from entering.“I'm here to make sure my wife is safe.”“Wa
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Chapter 9: Million Dollar Wine
“Self taught indeed,” Ron muttered and Bella immediately pinched his arm, but he ignored her, “Jonas. I don't think you're telling the truth.”“Ignorant people like you shouldn’t have to think.”“But seven figures? How is that possible with a government job?”“It's too good to be true for you, isn't it?” Jonas chuckled darkly while typing furiously on his phone, keeping up with his plot. “All your life earnings are a morsel compared to what I see in a month. You have your wife to leech off, Ron.”“Good thing you have cleared the air on that. She's my wife, not yours and I'm extremely proud of her.”The waiter suddenly appeared again and Jonas beckoned her over to their table in French. He took out the wine menu, avoiding giving Ron a response.“Can you bring the Chateau wine I pre-ordered.”“Yes, I can. I'll be right back, sir,” the French waitress replied in her language and left again.Bella was still in awe of both of them and how they conversed in another language. But Ron already
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Chapter 10: Five Seconds of Fame
The waitress blinked in awe. She was starstruck at his good command of the language.“You’re awesome, sir!”Ron smiled. “It’s nothing. I self taught myself a few years back. Your French is good as well.”“Can you sign my apron?” the waitress pulled it over her head before he could even respond.Ron felt uneasy under the spotlight, but he took her pen and signed his initials on the cloth. She bowed repeatedly in gratitude.He returned back to his seat on their table and the scowl on Jonas’s face had him stifling a laugh. “Did you learn a thing or two?”“I don’t know what I’m supposed to pick out from a wannabe trying to enjoy his five seconds of fame.”“And that is why you’ll keep going around telling people a lie—““Ron, that’s enough. We’ll talk more about this when we get home, let Jonas be.” She grabbed his arm, holding his shirt tight that the seams could tear. He said nothing again because he knew his wife would want answers about when he had developed an interest in French and
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