They both huged and trilokesh introduced him to Kwen and Magic girl , they all are talking with each other . Astron with his soliders entered into his planet , but it was full of fire and it was clumsy there, because heroes are destroying his planet for Trilokesh , one by fourth of his army and planet was destroyed by heroes . Astron shouted loudly from his space ship and said stop destroying my planet.Who the hell are you Natural Heroes ?

Maniking - Then release my friend , i will leave you and your planet .

Astron - Hahaha .. I am happy today that i got you and i will take your powers and take revenge for my brothers death. All my enemies are at one place together. The universe has forgetting the power of Astron.Now I will remember. Come!

Then suddenly a blast happen in his space ship . It was made by Himakar and his team . Then war begins and the three by fourth of his army started fighting and Mr.O's soliders also started fighting and this ia big war ever no one is stepping back .
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