Skeletal Dragon Avatar

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Skeletal Dragon Avatar

By: zad1333 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Matt was just the average University student, one day he got transferred to another world where he quickly discovers that death is no long an option for him, thus he begins his journey towards becoming an all mighty Skeletal dragon

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52 chapters
Death is no longer an option
Matt woke up, he had just had a nightmare it was still ever so fresh in his mind, yet so blurry at the same time, he had been a great dragon soaring the skies and brining pestilence and death wherever he went, he was so forced on trying to remember his nightmare that once he snapped out of it he realized that he had missed the bus “Shit…” Matt snapped out of his state of dream remembrance and hurriedly got dressed before stuffing some slightly stale toast down his throat, entirely without butter, then he rushed out of his small apartment and almost forgot to shut the door after himself before he jumped down the stairs, soon he reached the street, busy as always, then he remembered to pace himself as he began jogging towards the bus stop In the nothingness, something stirred After Matt got seated on the bus, he breathed a sigh of relief and tried to calm his breathing as he glanced around to check if anyone was looking at him funny, midway he locked eyes with a dog that was neatly
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Level 0
Matt stood and watched the river flow for a bit before he walked back into the forest, as he walked he looked up trying to spot some fruits hanging in the trees above, as well as that he was alert for the surrounding sounds, he could hear birds singing and animals letting out calls in the distance, the forest wasn’t quiet at all, then soon he spotted some fruit, however he had to climb a bit up a tree for them, Matt felt his rumbling stomach and eventually decided to climb the tree. The fruits tasted quite sweet, Matt ate a quite a few before he walked back to the river and decided to follow it down stream, a few days passed like this, other than being mauled by a large primate with 4 arms which smashed his body into mush, Matt was doing great, he lived off river water that had jet to give him any problems and eating fruits from the forest ‘Good thing there are fruits around… Or I would probably have starved to death…’ The night of the 4th day soon approached, Matt found a tree and
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Level 1
Matt’s breathing gradually stabilized as he calmed himself down, then he grabbed the torn off limb from the bear and tore off a claw from it before he walked over to the carcass of the bear and grabbed its remaining front limb before he pulled it to the left rolling the bear over on its back, then he grabbed the tron off claw and used it to cut open the bear’s chest, as he tore into the skin of the bear the smell of blood and raw meat became overwhelming, still Matt continued cutting until he found it, a small monster core in situated just before he reached its heart, he grabbed it and pulled it out, then he tossed the claw aside and walked over to the river and washed the blood off his body, when he touched his chest he was surprised and muttered“...Well, would you look at that”The 4 long cuts on his chest had already closed and had stopped bleeding, Matt speculated that it would take no longer than a few days before they were completely healed, then he looked at the core in his ha
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First contact
Matt waited for the next arrow for a few moments before a thought popped into his head‘Maybe this little one wasn’t meant for me..?’’Matt walked over and pulled the arrow out of the boulder before he inspected it, it was made entirely from metal but besides that there were no markings on it or anything else to identify it, Matt shrugged before he looked into the forest, then he sighed and decided to give it a go“I wonder how they will react once a naked person comes running out from the forest with their arrow..?”Matt was of course wearing clothes when he arrived in this world, though it didn’t last long and was soon torn to shreds, so he was, as he said: Butt nakedMatt kicked off the ground and leaped onto a branch before he kicked off it and jumped to the next one, he moved in the direction where the arrow had come from for about a minute before he heard the sounds of metal meeting metal, the sound of battle, and soon the people fighting came into view, it was a particularly na
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Interrogation and Negotiation
“Well first off, this little one got to go…”Matt looked down at the arrow that was still firmly planted in his stomach and sticking out on the other side on his back, grabbed the arrow head on his back and pulled the arrow out rather easy, the fact that it is a slim arrowhead specialized in penetration powers helpful when one needed to remove the arrows‘Not that any normal person would ever need to remove the arrow willy-nilly like me…’Matt looked at the arrow in his hand for a bit, then he shrugged and threw it aside before he walked over to the corpse of the swordsman, then he removed the metal paw that had flattened his chest before he tore through the skin and found exactly was he expected, the organs of the swordsman had turned to mush, but besides that there was a clear core in the middle of his chest“Guess if this is a monster core…”Matt gazed at the monster core in his right hand before he looked at the smaller core he had just tron out from a corpse“Then this is a peopl
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Free dinner
Matt’s smile widened slightly before he nodded, then he spoke“Great, looking forward to working with you, Felicia…”Felicia nodded before she swung her long spear over her shoulders and walked over to Matt, when she reached him she clapped him on the shoulder and asked“Could you take me and a small group to where you killed the metal panther?”Matt nodded before he added“As long as I approve of the members of this small group, some of your people don’t look to take kindly to my presence”Felicia nodded before she showed a thin smile and turned her head to the side and called out“Jo, Bella, Ike! Get your tools, we have ourselves a free dinner to partake in!”3 people quickly grabbed their weapons from the camp before they jogged over to Matt and Felicia, Matt glanced at them, 2 were women and one was a man, they all seemed older than the other bunch. Matt didn’t detect any killing intent from them so he turned around and walked into the forest, when they were a little away from the
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The nun from the Right's temple
Matt returned the knife to Felicia and kept the cores in his pocket before he asked“Are we done here?”Felicia called out to Ike“Ike, how much longer?”“I’m done, let’s get out of here before some nastier things show up”Matt looked over and saw that Ike had bundled up the armor pieces with some robe, he handed the bundles to the others before he also handed a bundle to Matt, only Matt’s bundle was significantly bigger than the rest, Matt was confused for a moment before he figured it out and thanked Ike“Thanks Ike”Ike showed a toothy grin and nodded before he spoke“It is as it should be, now let’s get back to camp”Matt began leading the way back to the camp, they arrived without issue, Matt stopped at the edge of the clearing and sat down on the ground, Jo asked him with a teasing smile on her face“What? You won’t come join our happy group, Matt?”Matt sighed before he asked“And get shanked in the back? No, thanks, not in the mood to get stabbed today”“Not today, eh?”“Yeah…
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Matt watched the show with an interested look on his face, the fact that the nun from the Right’s temple had stabbed a fellow member of their own temple seemed to carry a whole lot more weight that the actual stab, it seemed to be an expulsion from the temple, and a rather nasty one at that, if the recruits face was anything to go by, that is… But the nun was clearly not done yet and spoke“As for the rest of you—”Felicia hurriedly spoke up“I think an example has been made, as for the others, what do you say we leave their punishment till we return safely?”Felicia spoke to both the nun and Matt, Matt waited a bit, clearly thinking it over before he appeared to reluctantly agree“Alright, fine…”Felicia appeared clearly relieved and let out a sigh before she looked sternly at the other recruits that had attempted to seal Matt’s kills before she spoke“Alright, back to camp! We need to pack up and be out of here by midday!”Matt quickly called out to Felicia“Felicia, mind if I borro
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The city of Tevil
Matt looked at the guards that readied their weapons and sighed before he spoke“Obviously I didn’t kill him, come you guys, never heard of the saying ‘don’t kill the messenger’?”The female guard captain narrowed her eyes as if trying to see through Matt, a few seconds later her eyes flashed with a blue light before she spoke“How are you only level 1 while you give off such a power rating!? Men, it’s a humanoid monster!”“I am not! For fuck's sake! Bring someone from the Right’s temple here, they can see through lies, right?”The female guard’s captain gritted her teeth before she sent one of her subordinates off“Go get a priest!”“Yes, Ma’am!”Meanwhile, the rest of the guards encircled Matt while the tension rose, that is for anyone other than Matt, he stood there totally relaxed and waited for the priest to arrive, he even let out a yawn which almost drove the guards to attack him if not for the guard captain’s timely reminder“He’s clearly only level 1, but the rating he gives
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Matt wasted no time or coin, he went and accepted the request to guard the merchant caravan, then he went out and brought some basic supplies and a proper backpack along with a few coils of robe, oh and a woven cloth shirt too, all this set him back about 1 and a half gold coin, leaving him with 22 gold coins all before he met with the people from the merchant caravan, they had been caring ingots and salt to Tevil and were now bringing monster loot and cores back towards the capital and the mountain forges in the west, speaking of Tevil from what Matt learned it was located on the eastern frontier of the republic of Kel.Matt met up with the merchant caravan, he recognized some adventures in the caravan from last night of drinking, and they naturally recognized him and greeted him warmly, one of them called out when he saw Matt“Hey it’s Matt!”Matt showed a smile and greeted the man back“Hey Seb”The bear of a man was named Sebastian, though he was Seb to his friends and after a nig
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