Supreme Alchemist

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Supreme Alchemist

By: Know Micro OngoingFantasy

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🏆["Silver Medal" in System Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"]🏆 Goldearth--A bizarre planet! Goldearth boasts numerous lofty ranges and towering mountains, where precious stone, exotic flowers, and rare herbs are secretly hidden. Human beings there, living in the midst of air, all want to discover and use them as ingredients to refine pills that can enhance their cultivation. Their greatest dream is to become the strongest alchemists, able to lift themselves out of the revolving wheel of rebirth and finally ride on the ship of immortality. It is not an easy task, however, for those precious ingredients are usually guarded by a wide variety of powerful magical beasts, from bears that can fly in the sky and escape through the ground, turtles of absorbing natural energy, to lions of swallowing heaven and earth. Struggles, fights and battles are inevitable. Tolly McCoy , a gold miner who lost his life in the collapse of a cave, where lost treasures were deeply buried by Medieval pirates or kings , reincarnates to this world, a world where everyone works hard to be an alchemist. Can he fit in and rise to be a successful one? Follow him along his journey, from zero to hero, from child to Supreme Alchemist. Come witness the legend of Tolly McCoy in the making!

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  • SaintBBQ


    Fantastic start! Keep going author.

    2022-06-16 14:17:12
  • Grump Py


    any updates?

    2022-06-30 12:04:14
  • Peerless


    who locks a book at chapter 8...‍♂️...‍♂️...‍♂️

    2022-06-27 14:34:43
  • Robert


    Very good book, but almost 2 months with no updates, very bad!!!!

    2023-01-12 06:08:40
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159 chapters
Chapter 1 Beginning
"Come on, buddies! Dig it out and we'll all be millionaires!" A jubilant voice came from one corner of a huge cave, which hollowed itself out of the mountainside of Westfort. At the time, the boundless sky was cloudless. There was nothing in sight but a burning sun, which was beating down relentlessly, sapping everything of its major energy. The hot sun cast its dazzling light over the majestic Mountain Westfort, turning it mysteriously golden. The silence was broken both by the passionate rush past rocks from the swift stream, a mountain torrent that tumbled itself like rolling melons and also by sharp clunks of machines inside the cave. There was a stirring of excitement inside it. It was Tolly McCoy’s voice just now. He, as a veteran gold miner, had spent many years toiling in dim dank gold mines in hopes of getting rich and leading a decent life one day. He had planned to settle down in a peaceful and quiet place, perhaps somewhere in Eastern China, basking in warm sunshine
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Chapter 2 Transmigration
“Wake up! Wake up, Tolly…” There was a faint cry in his ear. He saw nothing before him but darkness. He lay on the ground, unable to lift his heavy eyelids to see. “Wake up, Tolly! I won’t allow you to die…” A few hot tears dropped onto his angular face and streamed their way to his mouth. The salty taste made him cough violently. “Pfft…Pfft…cough…” “Oh, my god, thank goodness. You’ve finally woken up!” When Tolly gradually opened his eyes, what came into his sight first was a young girl crouching beside him with some tears still hanging on her two beautiful big round eyes. Rather dazed, who was she? Tolly wondered. He coughed a few more times, and his head still hurt. However, all of a sudden, tens of thousands of strange images, flashing like a movie, appeared in his mind. Odd enough, some memories that did not belong to him whatsoever flooded into his mind. He took a long, deep breath before casting a look straight up into the sky. In the distance stood lofty mountains
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Chapter 3 The First Test Results
“Sword Swan is a swan with two sharp swords hidden under its wings. It is said that a Sword Swan can send its swords flying back and forth to slash off everything to pieces in ordinary hunting grounds except for Stone Turtles, which have the hardest shells on Goldearth. As the old saying goes, don’t trouble a Sword Swan until a Sword Swan troubles you, so Kevin must be wild crazy to invite trouble.” His head tilted up high, Kevin looked proud and seemingly did not care about the praises from others. Instead, he cast a dirty look at Tolly, with glimmers of contempt in his eyes. “Sally Addison, as an ordinary alchemist of the sixth rank, caught a top-grade Axe Arm Mantis.” The master alchemist Ms. Harmsworth said in a loud voice. When the result was reported, everyone widened their eyes in disbelief. “W-w-what? She’s caught an Axe Arm Mantis? It’s unbelievable! You know, Axe Arm Mantises are also known as the Mantises of Death. It is much more powerful than a Sword Swan when it comes
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Chapter 4 Back to Wesilver Village
The elegant and slender woman, Ms. Harmsworth, was a master alchemist who taught at the school in the village of Wesilver and also worked as a supervisor in ordinary hunting grounds. The one Tolly had been dragged off to before was the only ordinary hunting ground in Wesilver Village, which was the least dangerous, but even if it was so, people died there almost every day. Not only did hunting grounds mean opportunities, but risks and dangers as well. Even in the ordinary hunting grounds, there were countless species of strange creatures, most of which were gifted with unusual abilities to fight. Some could spurt a stream of fire out of their mouths to burn anything to ashes in a second. And some could emit special liquids that drown or poison their opponents in a flash. Each of the creatures had its own way to fight. Of course, they also had their own special weapons to fight. For instance, a Fushi was able to fight with his long pointy beak to pierce through the body of its ene
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Chapter 5 Red Energy Pills
A red glow on the horizon. With the dreamlike and breath-taking scenery before him, Tolly felt it had brought a healthy glow to his cheeks. He was completely baffled by the fact that such a nice place, with a splendid view in front and a magnificent sight of the steep cliff behind, was considered to be the worst location on Fanta Mountain only because it was just a little further away from the very heart of the village. Perhaps the people here in Wesilver Village, though not having any experience of an advanced industrial society, would instinctively see whether or not there was more economic potential in their houses. However, Sally did not think as much as others, for she had already been accustomed to everything here. Despite the particular humble nature of the hovel, she liked it very much. At the little door stood a huge, glazed brown porcelain pot. When Tolly touched it, he felt an amazing chill in his hand. No doubt it served as an icebox to store extra food. Tolly also n
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Chapter 6 Golden Dragon Gang
Taking a few Red Energy Pills from the wok, Sally quickly put them in her mouth. The little pills melted instantly, transforming themselves into a stream of vital energy, which swiftly circulated inside her body.She closed her eyes, feeling it flow through her every meridian and channel in her body. All of a sudden, she felt refreshed and reinvigorated.Then she slowly opened her eyes and said to Tolly gently,“You can also take one and check if the pills I’ve made are good or not.”Tolly nodded his head, quickly picking up one of the pills in the wok with his hand. When it came into his mouth, it also melted in his mouth right away.Tolly felt it was sweet. Soon, he also felt both of his nostrils were filled with a wisp of vital energy. it did go inside his body, but it didn’t circulate. Tolly could feel a sort of unknown power accumulate in his body, but it didn’t last long before it disappeared.“You need to keep working hard on your training so that the energy contained in the Re
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Chapter 7 Universe Golden Cauldron
Chapter 7 Universe Golden Cauldron "W-w-wait, wait a sec! " Tolly said with a nervous look on his face. But the scar-faced man did not stop. Instead, he lunged at Tolly as if he was going to tear him apart. “You are cruising for a bruising, little bastard. I’m going to skin you alive!” the man roared. Fortunately, Tolly was in a small frame so he was nimble enough to dodge his attack. Tolly managed to escape just in time. However, all of his men were also coming toward him. Hence, Tolly was cornered to the place in his yard near the cliff. “There’s no way for you to escape now, you little brat!” the scar-faced man laughed triumphantly. “Hey, buddy, I know you want money, but not my life. But to tell you the truth, I’m not a liar at all. I’ve got no money. You know, I’ve been just transmigrated to this new world. Everything here is new to me.” Tolly could do nothing but wear a smile on his face. “Transmigrated? What the hell is that? Are you taking me as a fool? You’re courtin
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Chapter 8 Bineonate
There was no response from Ding-ding, so Tolly was so disappointed by it. He had no idea what to do next. He looked around and finally fixed his eyes on the new three-legged cauldron tattoo on his wrist, which was flickering golden light. Suddenly, his eyelids fluttered. Astounded, Tolly felt like his whole body froze, for a data screen appeared right before his eyes. [Name: Universe Golden Cauldron] [Owner: Tolly McCoy] [Level: 1 as an ordinary alchemist] [Vital Energy: 56] [Spirit Heritage: level one but upgradeable] [ Main Art: Energy Absorption, but incomplete] Tolly gasped at it, his eyes bulging a lot. “Amazing! It’s real or just a hallucination?” Tolly wondered. Making sure his eyes were not blurry, he then rubbed his eyes a few times, but the data was still there. “Wow!” Tolly murmured, “Is it my new ability? Interesting!” He found out that it was pretty like those oldie-goodie games he had used to play back on Earth. Tolly took a deep breath. He was excited about
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Chapter 9 the Sun Inside
‘Oh no, I can see nothing!” Tolly whispered in a weak voice. He felt he was going to lose consciousness soon. Upon arriving in the stomach of the two-headed snake, a stream of sticky, gooey liquid, which turned into the shape of a small Bineonate, came to wrap around him tightly. “I’m going to absorb all your vital energy and then rot your body away. Hahaha…” the terrifying voice came back to Tolly’s ears. Tolly felt it difficult to breathe in the air. He struggled desperately but to no avail. The more efforts he made to free himself from it, the tighter the Bineonate-shaped fluid wrapped him. it seemed Tolly was about to perish in a minute. However, the Universe Golden Cauldron tattoo on his wrist suddenly began to emit a dazzling golden light, shining through the darkness in the stomach of the two-headed snake. “Oh, no”, Bineonate shrieked in terror, “Impossible! You ate the fruit of the Golden Cauldron Tree, didn’t you? How could it be possible that you were able to see its fr
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Chapter 10 A breakthrough
A new notification message appeared on the status screen in Tolly’s mind. [Name: Dead Bineonate] [Quality: Ordinary] [Level: 4] [Vital Energy: 916 points] [Note: Absorbable] ‘Oh, nice!’ Tolly thought to himself gladly, ‘Why not absorb its vital energy now?’ As he wished, his Universe Golden Cauldron begin its absorbing work. Tolly felt it shaking violently again, and consequently, the vital energy of the dead Bineonate was drawn into his body through the tattoo on his wrist. If any seasoned practitioners witnessed his practicing like this, they would consider it funny and crazy, for normally, people would not dare to absorb the vital energy directly from others in case they would be caught by Ki deviation and have to succumb to their Internal Demons. However, Tolly did not feel anything bad about himself. On the contrary, he felt like he was recharging his own batteries. He had never been so relaxed before. Actually, he felt as if his whole body was bathed in a warm glow. It
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