Lady Agatha had waited for hours in expectation of Odell's call. And when her patience reached the extreme, the anxious woman damned all consequences and stepped out of the palace to meet him.

Dressed in similar attire like the first time she will be stepping into that ignoble Inn, lady Agatha looked like a commoner as she walked towards Johji Inn.

Minutes later, she appeared in front of the tall wall of the Inn, paused, looked at her back for any suspicious onlookers, then stepped inside and quickly intermixed with the teaming crowds.

Her destination is the director's office and she soon arrived at the door, knocked, and stepped inside when she was asked to.

Three men were having a discussion, and they quickly halt their speech, peeked at the newcomer, then wobble out, after.

"Please seat down. You came at the right time, I was discussing you with those men that just left."

"So what's the update? I have been waiting beside my telephone in expectation of your call."

"So sorry for ke
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