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When two identical but rival twins fight for a crown, fell in love with the same woman, and hate each other with passion, the expected conflicts burst out in the peaceful town of Greenwich, after the murder of the mafia king. El Capone believed in his father's decree and was ready to uphold his legacy. El Ramon hates his twin brother with passion, fell in love with his wife, and wants sole control of the largest island in Asia, along with the respect and wealth attached. The priest is the leader of the merchant from country P, and they all came in search of opium, found it in large quantities, and decided to reside in Greenwich because of its surplus supply of it. Humans' wants, as we know are unlimited, the more we have, the more we want. Priest desire the throne of the mafia king, and nothing can stand in his way. Except for the ghost of the mafia king himself.

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  • Dadalifted


    this is the writer here, thank you all for reading the whispers in my head.

    2022-08-17 20:39:20
  • Peter Ezema


    Good caption.

    2022-08-01 17:35:08
  • Eusebio Jr Palagan


    worth trying

    2022-08-01 13:12:22
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236 chapters
El guje was seen in a spacious parlour befitting a mafia king. Golds festoon all the furniture and on the walls were different jewels and ornaments. Two huge ancestry wall-clock were hung on the doorpost in and out of the magnificent building. El Guje lives in luxury, which can be seen flat from his royal look. Average in size with a flabby nose and appropriate mouth and a pot belly that must have resulted from excessive consumption of beers. El Guje rules his franchise with ruthlessness and rigidity expected of a Mafia king. He was seen emerging from the bathroom where he had been bathed and dressed by his palace bath maids. Wearing green regalia decorated with shining gold buttons, white baggy trousers, and a matching crocodile skin ankle shoe. On his short left hand is a big diamond and a gold chain with ruby stone adorns his thick neck. Despite the opulent look of El Guje, he gawks forlorn in deep thought. "You looked bothered." Lady Cinder said. She looked young and beauti
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El Guje sat inside his new Volkswagen beetle along with his wife, lady Cinder, driving by his personal and most trusted driver. He looked at the vast land in the western and southern regions of the island. As far as his eyes can see, and beyond, this is a legacy left to him to be bestowed upon his children. The land, the castle, the opium, and the people in it. Before all gods, he had vowed to pass this on. All the wealth accumulated so far is more than enough for the unborn generation. He looked lovingly at his beautiful wife who had stuck with him through thick and thin, always obedient and never for once challenged his decision. Their life together had been of roses and little thorns. Together they increased the wealth of the family and secured the future of their twins. His being the foreman and his wife is his most trusted and dependable assistant. Suddenly the car swerve to the left of the freeway, loud noises of iron grinding on gravel were heard, and the two front tires
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Breeze they say spreads bad news faster than good ones. Town people had already gathered around the burnt car and the corpses interred inside. The fire had been quenched and those inside are unrecognizably burnt. The teeming crowd partway for El Capone and his gang to get closer to the burnt car. El Capone strode closer and looked grimly. No doubt, it belongs to his royal majesty. He bought it a few days ago. A minute later, one of his gang members rolled two tires that had flown out when the bolts were off the rims. "Someone must have removed the bolt that held the two front tires" El Capone murmured in a whisper. Andrea nodded in agreement, realizing the tight situation this calamity has thrown the royal household. Any news of saboteurs will reduce the inflatability of the ruling mafia family. This is better to remain an accident as far as the ordinary citizens are concerned. Dirty underwear is not washed in public but in private. Shortly later, the gang members who are all
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El Ramon was seen pacing up and down. The humiliation of today's confrontation had been nothing but a show of his weakness. Since childhood, El Capone whom he refused to accept as his elder had proved to be better than him in everything. Starting from childbirth when he had been the one to be removed first from their mother's womb, he had surpassed him in every competition and condition, even after. Of course, El Ramon could vividly remember how he had been subjected to humiliation and shame the day he was beaten flawlessly by his twin brother. It was the yearly competition, the one that change everything. He was only eight years old and had qualified along with his twin brother in the yearly teen strongest upcoming Mafia. He fought bravery until finally when he has to confront his brother to win the gold. It was a moment he will never forget and for a brief moment, El Ramon is eight years old. "Remember the rules, the fair man announced." He is the one to determine the outcome of
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As the adage goes, the house belongs to the rats when the cat is gone. This had been the state of Greenwich island, after the death of the mafia king. The foreign opium planters who had been doing their planting in secret have suddenly grown wings, start clearing all available lands, and set up factories for heroin. El Capon ignored them through the twenty-one days of mourning and prayer for the departing soul of the mafia king. Today was the final rites which were witnessed by all the mafias far and near and all the islands Inhabitants as a whole. During the rites, El Capone had ignored his brother, who use every available opportunity to smirk and taunt him. According to tradition, all the family of the late king must spend twenty-one days of mourning and prayer for the departing soul The curfew will be declared on the whole island, everybody must be indoors or at the palace where foods and drinks are always in surplus. But the foreigners knowingly or unknowingly had disobeyed
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Lady Agatha was dressed in a pink flowing frock that matched her white socks, and her pink high heels enhances her beauty as she walked gracefully towards El Ramon's room. Today, the young master had summoned her to his palace to spend the night. She climbed the step towards his room and the sound of her shoe heel echoed in the silent palace. Calling lady Agatha beautiful is an understatement, she is a typical example of a perfect creation. With a round face, sexy and appealing eyes, and round full lips that begged to be kissed. With her fair skin, well-shaped hips, curves, and contours, she is sought by all men on the island, but she only loves a man. After much persuasion from her parent who believed that it was dishonourable for a woman to remain in her father's house, Lady Agatha got married to a rich business tycoon, but the union soon collapsed within a few years. Leaving her richer but broken, and she vowed never to marry anyone else except El Ramon.Tonight, she will be sp
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Some men sneaked close to a warehouse that is constructed in the middle of a big farm of opium, and their speech was halted by their leader. "Shh, " the voice of El Capone was heard, as he stepped in front of the sneaking men. He halted his movement, veered back, and whispered to the men at his back. "It's dead of the night, your voice is too loud." "Those weaklings are sleeping by now." Another voice let out. "We need to suddenly plunge into them," El Capone whispered back. "Our strength lies in our sudden attack." In truth, their strength lies in the sudden assault, as they were only twenty in number, and are about to attack an illegal opium warehouse, that is probably guarded by fifty or more men. The warehouse is big and rectangular, with two doors at the entrance and the rear, along with several glass panel windows. And it's always guarded twenty-four hours by menacingly looking men from El Ramon's gang. A few miles off, two guards were seen lolling their bodies on the
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El Ramon was seen seated on one of the white, gold-festooned cushion chairs in his room. Beside him was his favourite white wolf, and the obedient pet licked its master's feet, as he smoke his cigar. The young master looked forlornly and soliloquize alone. "As indispensable as El Capone's death is, it must not be traced to me." Of course, people will talk. Not that El Ramon is afraid of people's gossip, they will talk anyway. But being a leader and an ancestor to be, his story must be made to be full of love and compassion for his people, and not for conspiracy and treachery. His hand must be clean, or at least, appear to the public to be! A knocking on the door soon brought the lost man out of his reverie, and he instantly yelled at the one at the door to enter or get lost. "I'm busy and have no time for palace gossip and chit-chat." A second later, a cowering man walked inside and promptly kneeled in front of the man on the seat."So sorry my lord, I want a few minutes wit
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El Capone was seen in the parlour of his royal palace, and beside him, his red wolf. Dressed in a cowboy cap, a white T-shirt with open buttons, and blue jeans. The young prince looked like a Hollywood actor as his gold medal swayed on his airy chest. Despite his grand look, El Capone wasn't cheerful, and this can be seen from his disgusted frown. Minutes later, his wife strode into his presence, kissed him on the left cheek, and smiled to ease his scowling face. "We will be attacking the foreigner's factory tonight," El Capone smiled and let out. "Yes, I was aware, and I have to confess that I had a bad premonition about this." "You know I have no time for woman intuition and soothsaying." The young prince answered back, stood from his chair, and raised his arms to button his shirt. "I don't want you to go tonight, and I will be happy if your second-in-command will also stay at the palace with us," the beautiful lady in a pink flowing gown and matching white slippers let out
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True to Andrea's expectations, El Capone is as furious as a wounded bull in an arena, when he was told of his men's death. He glared at his wife and then asked. "Are you satisfied that the mission failed and my men were slaughtered?" "Dear husband, you should be grateful for my premonition, as am sure I would have been a widow now," Andrea muttered back with a sly grin. "Maybe I could have saved them." "You can't, they were attacked suddenly and your presence won't have made any difference." El Capone looked at his wife with anger for a while, then stormed out of her presence, and was seen shouting orders at his men. Andrea smiled as he stepped out, and was soon lost in thought. "The fish has taken the bait, now I need to plan on how to make use of this." She muttered to herself, and soon stepped after her husband, and saw him discussing with Banjo. "How can they know of our coming, I suspect there is a spy among us!" Banjo exclaimed. "Yes, my men were killed without firi
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