Welcome back Transmigrator

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Welcome back Transmigrator

By: MaryahLu CompletedFantasy

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A transmigrator successfully returned to his previous world, but he is no longer welcome on earth. Purgers appear to exterminate all returnees! The hard work of those who sought a peaceful life in return was rewarded by being hunted upon their return to Earth! Gaige Feryuson, however, not only endured the fate of being hunted but also ultimately turned into a purger who will purge the returnees—his friends. Ding! [System transfer complete!] Ding! [Bullet extraction complete!] Ding! [Regeneration complete!] Ding! [System Requirement: Eat transmigrators' souls (5/5)] [System bound!] [Congratulations! New host of the Purger system!] [Welcome back to Earth! Your journey to purging begins!] "I… I ate my friends?" Will transmigrators be able to live the peaceful life they deserve?

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  • Lapilus


    good system... ... I feel like I'm reading an easter fantasy...

    2023-01-24 20:18:13
  • Airen Mae


    very good story! well written plot and conflict! Its entertaining &&original.

    2022-12-23 00:21:16
  • Shjaj_Shop


    I like it ... so interesting story ...

    2023-01-18 12:51:58
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256 chapters
Chapter One: The Unwelcome Return
"I pronounce you husband and wife." The priest's voice echoed through the grand church, marking a momentous occasion that would forever alter Gaige Feryuson's life. Gaige, a knight with a formidable build, found himself wiping his eyes that had grown emotional as he watched the main characters exchange their vows. It was a wedding that had happened much earlier than the original plot dictated. "You may now kiss the bride!" The priest's proclamation was met with cheers and applause from the gathered guests. Gaige's ears rang from the sheer volume of the celebratory crowd. He couldn't help but feel a sense of triumph mixed with nostalgia. This marriage marked the conclusion of the novel he had been transmigrated into. None of this would have been possible if he and his group hadn't protected the couple from the chaos and monsters that threatened to disrupt the ceremony. Yet, as the priest's words of blessing hung in the air, chaos erupted. Beasts and monsters crashed through the chur
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Chapter Two: The Return
"I need a phone! I need the internet!" Gaige's voice burst with urgency as he scanned the unfamiliar surroundings. He struggled to his feet, determined to seek help from passersby, but an eerie phenomenon unfolded: people actively avoided him. Puzzled, Gaige questioned, "Why are they avoiding me?" His confusion deepened as he realized he was unarmed, having relinquished his sword while sprinting toward Bettine. Yet, the people around him eyed him with a strange mix of caution and suspicion. It wasn't until Gaige glanced down at his attire that he discovered the source of their apprehension. He was still clad in his battle-worn armor, stained with green and red blood that emitted a pungent odor. It was a scent he had grown accustomed to, a daily reminder of the countless lives he had taken in the novel world. But to the people in this world, it was undoubtedly repulsive. "Why am I back in my armor? Did the warp malfunction, causing this error?" Gaige pondered aloud, his brow furrowin
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Chapter Three: A Mysterious Homecoming
"There's a light. Why?" Gaige approached his front door cautiously, his senses and abilities still intact, allowing him to listen to what transpired within his small apartment. Despite the oddity of the situation, mundane sounds emanated from within, including the drone of a television and the clinking of dishes. Gaige was puzzled by the apparent normalcy within. "Hmm? I can hear someone watching TV. I can hear someone washing dishes too. What's going on?" He stepped back momentarily to recheck the apartment number and the surroundings. He descended the stairs and perused the mailbox, searching for a clue to confirm the passage of time. "I've been gone for a year?" Gaige exclaimed, double-checking the dates on the mail to verify that he hadn't been absent for the same duration as his time in the novel world. "But why is my house occupied by someone else?" The building belonged to his parents, and he had lived alone there. His parents seldom checked on him, making it all the more baff
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Chapter Four: A Startling Revelation
"What! I died?" Gaige bellowed in utter shock. His voice resonated loudly, echoing his disbelief. While he had contemplated his own death during his interdimensional journey, hearing the news of his own demise still jolted him. Mrs. Jean blinked several times before chuckling at Gaige's reaction, tapping his shoulder with the assumption that he had misunderstood her. "Silly, what I mean is the owner's son died a year ago. Lauren dislikes talking about her son, so I don't know his name. Oh, poor Lauren, his son died so young." "You know – reason - his - death?" Gaige inquired, searching for more details. "Hmm? I can't tell what's true because Lauren refused to talk about it, but rumor has it that the kid died because he was pressured in his studies." Gaige cringed inwardly. While Kim Nery's death might sound dramatic – perishing while studying for an exam – Gaige knew the reality was far less noble. He placed his hand on his forehead, feeling a pang of embarrassment. "Shit, what sh
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Chapter Five: A New Reality
====== Article 1: "Who is the famous author KimNery?" KimNery, the author of the light novel The Seventh Oath, was like any other young author who dreams of having their books published and becoming a well-known novel loved by the masses. This dream actually came true, but not when he was still alive… Article 2: KimNery died at the young age of seventeen. He was a hard-working student and an author, full of passion. Before he died, he posted a five hundred and ninety-nine-chapter long novel online, and it became famous overnight. However, KimNery never sees his success as he never wakes up from exhaustion and dehydration… Article 3: KimNery's royalties brought millions of dollars to his parents' account! It is the gift of the son who left earlier than his loving parents... Article 4: The Seventh Oath by KimNery is a story that tells the adventure of a teenage boy from low status who paved his own path to becoming a knight commander. He persisted in the extremely bleak and drea
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Chapter Six: Magic Unveiled
Gaige pondered a perplexing question as he stood in this unfamiliar world: Where had Earth's magic gone? While many believed magic was confined to fiction, it had always existed on Earth, lurking in the shadows, unseen and unexplored. Although humans had established their dominance on this planet due to their intelligence, adaptability, and resourcefulness, they lacked extraordinary powers or supernatural abilities. Magic remained an untapped resource for most people, as their technological advancements rendered it unnecessary. Furthermore, their understanding of life and death as single-life beings with finite souls discouraged them from engaging in perilous activities. Despite their ignorance about what lay beyond death, only a few were risk-takers. Most humans embraced peaceful, uneventful lives. Gaige felt relatively safe, believing no one in this world could match his strength. However, his sense of security crumbled when a potential adversary approached. He mumbled, "Do Ninjas
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Chapter Seven: Taking Charge
In a world where each individual had only a single life, destiny and fate rested solely in their own hands. They possessed complete control over how they chose to spend the precious, singular existence granted to them. Even gods and higher beings could not dictate the course of their lives. Earth had been meticulously crafted by divine design, rendering it the ultimate habitat, safe from peril and danger. If individuals waged war and perished, it was their own doing. If they marred Earth's pristine environment and met their end in natural calamities, it was their own doing.If they embraced hate instead of love, if they failed to lead fulfilling lives, if they left behind a trail of regrets, or if they succumbed to evil and twisted paths that prematurely ended their single-life span—it was all their own doing. Yet, despite this inherent responsibility, many remained oblivious to these principles, some driven by sheer stupidity. Gaige observed the weak gang members before him, brandi
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Chapter Eight: Unexpected Connections
Gaige sat back, massaging his temples, as he observed his newfound underlings diligently arranging his makeshift bedding. The crimson fur coat still clung to his shoulders, courtesy of their insistence. It was bizarre, but he had no inclination to shoo them away; the less he spoke, the better. He had no desire to endure the embarrassment of his peculiar speech patterns. "Andy," Gaige called, addressing the massive figure who had momentarily abandoned the couch he was attempting to assemble. Andy scurried over in response. "Who's the real boss here?" "Y-you?" Gaige shot Andy an annoyed glare for not grasping his few words right away. Discontent was etched across his face, fueled by his aversion to seeing such a colossal man cower, and his growing frustration with Andy for not standing up for himself and utilizing his strength. "What a waste of strength and physique," Gaige thought, shaking his head. He continued to lock eyes with Andy, who fiddled nervously with his shirt. "Did y
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Chapter Nine: Unlikely Help
Gaige Ferguson, a knight commander, possessed the rare ability to harness both auras and divinity. He was renowned for his aura manipulation skills, yet he kept his divine powers a well-guarded secret. He had no desire to attract the church's unwelcome attention, firmly believing that a knight's strength surpassed that of a priest. The allure of aura lay in its inherent coolness, a power that Gaige could proudly display on the battlefield. It enveloped him in a protective aura or infused his weapons with formidable might, rendering him nearly invincible. Aura granted him enhanced physical prowess: speed, strength, and durability—a trifecta that divinity could also provide. However, he harbored an aversion to the latter due to the tedious prayer rituals required to invoke its spells. Aura was, in his view, the superior choice, both taunting and undeniably cooler in combat and beyond. "What power do you have, sir?" Andy's earnest question unsettled Gaige. The answer was obvious, but he
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Chapter Ten: Angelic Intervention
Angels, ethereal beings present in all worlds, held the role of overseers created by the gods to watch over their creations. While they observed, angels seldom interfered, making them the least sought-after spirits for those who wielded divinity. This reluctance stemmed from the angels' peculiar personalities. Although angels possessed the capacity to experience emotions, they preferred to remain emotionless, eschewing feelings altogether. They lacked free will, perpetually following the directives of their superiors. Among angels, emotions were seen as a weakness. Gaige couldn't help but be wary of the potential differences between the angels in his world and those on Earth. He pondered if the resemblance between their outward appearances masked fundamental disparities in their principles. With his hands clasped in prayer, Gaige gazed up at the angel, glowing brilliantly against the night sky. Earthly depictions of angels often depicted them as fair-skinned beings perched on clouds
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