Lady Agatha had decided to lay low for a while, but the anonymous caller had lifted the dejected woman's mood.

Perhaps all is not lost, and there is a way of saving El Ramon from the hand of that witch lady.

Though she knew she will be taking a great risk by putting her faith in a stranger, knew that the best thing to do in this situation is to remain still and pray for the best. However, the risk of not having another chance to fight for her love made her throw caution into the wind.

The cautious may not make mistakes but they never get things done. Because of this, lady Agatha knew she must be ready to take her fate into her hand. Or else, she must be prepared to say bye to El Ramon and everything that he stood for.

Perhaps she had been lenient in her dealing with her. Since she had now proved that only death can separate her from El Ramon, and because that was her wish, lady Agatha had vowed to grant it to her.

"What if you fail to eradicate her?" Her subconscious asked in a shr
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